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RELATOS ZAPATISTAS RADIO SHOW:Interviews on Prison Strike and Gang InjunctionS:OCT 2, 2011
by Relatos Zapatistas
Monday Oct 3rd, 2011 6:21 PM
In this show we interview a members of Stop the Injunction Coalition and Critical Resistance to discuss the current Prisoner Hunger Strike that is taking place across California as well as the proposed expansion of gang injunction in Oakland. We also have updates to the decision of the civil case between Martin Cotton the 2nd and Eureka Police Department. Also included is an announcement/interview from a member of CAD (Community Action Defense) who are mobilizing against the lobby group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) who are responsible for creating such xenophobic laws as Arizona's SB1070 (2hr)
Four audio files are available here: 1) the full show; 2) interview by CAD (Community Action Defense) and mobilizations around ALEC; 10 min 3) Interview with Kamau from Stop the Injunctions Coalition about Proposed expansion of gang injunction in West Oakland (10 min); 4) Interview with Molly from Critical Resistance about current Prison Hunger Strike (25 min).

The following websites were mentioned in the show
ALEC mobilization

Expansion of Gang Injunctions

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

This show aired on October 3, 2011 during Relatos Zapatistas, which broadcasts the first Sunday of every month on Berkeley Liberation Radio (104.1 fm).
§Interview: CAD (Community Action Defense) ALEC mobilizatoin (10 min)
by Relatos Zapatistas Monday Oct 3rd, 2011 6:21 PM
by Relatos Zapatistas
by Relatos Zapatistas
§Interview:Molly about Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike
by Relatos Zapatistas Monday Oct 3rd, 2011 6:21 PM
by Relatos Zapatistas

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by Glenn Langohr
(rollcallthebook [at] Friday Oct 7th, 2011 4:34 PM
California's prison system is run by tough on crime platforms that forgot about redemption. The prison union pushes terror on the public over lies. Prison guards can create hazard pay by promoting race riots and then get paid time and a half. After the riot they label you a gangster then it is SHU time. I spent 10 years in California prisons on drug charges and witnessed prison guards staging wars to get paid time and a half while on lockdown so now I write novels about it and get prison art for book covers! It's time to open eyes to injustice within our system! Can you put a link up for my novels? I get prison art for book covers and am an activist for redemption! 949 354 7176 Glenn Langohr God bless