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Wall Street Occupation update Tuesday PM
by Rubble
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2011 9:50 PM
The occupation picks up in intensity Tuesday PM. Activists are actively engaged in planning and carrying out a continuous stream of events to keep the occupation high in the public eye. Enthusiam remains high.
A noon-time speak out picked up more participants, while clearly grabbing attention from lunchtime workers in the busy business district. A planning council followed in the open plaza. Anong many issues discussed were future actions to keep things revved up and vital. Concern about waning media attention and links with community organizations were high on the priority list, along with complex issues of internal security.

Another big march next weekend is on the planning agenda. Joining an upcoming city-wide, union-endorsed student walkout was discussed, with an SEIU worker speaking. By mid-afternoon the park was packed. A large contingent set off to march down the city sidewalks late afternoon just before rush hour.

This included a contingent marching to join a rally at a nearby Post Office. According to a labor spokesperson, postal workers - said to be the largest group of unionized workers in the country if I heard right - are rallying at locations in every locality across the country today. Major postal service cuts are planned which include shutdowns of a large number of post offices nationwide; maybe also including eliminating Saturday services all together. Once again, what poses for managing an economy by this current corporate-driven government. The number of actions mentioned around the city gives the impression that a really lot of people and groups are standing up for needed change despite difficulty in attaining overall results.

Marchers lined the sidewalk and left chanting loudly "Banks get bailed out, we get sold out!", in what could be an Obama administration re- election slogen if the administration wanted to be honest. Police marched alongside on the side of the road, keeping activists to the sidewalks. Sizeable numbers of media people and equipment of all kinds were present.

Things were orderly and peaceful throughout the late PM, at least from what I observed. the occupiers have a 30-day permit so hope to keep things going for at least about another 20 days
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