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Anonymous OpBART-5 Protest, aka The Fitness Program: Video
by dave id
Thursday Sep 15th, 2011 7:41 AM
Rarely would I use humor in video of a demonstration that is confronting the incredibly serious issues of police violence and civil rights violations, but frankly things have been rather fucking surreal lately and perhaps it's time for a dash of comic relief. From BART's shutdown of cell phone service in underground stations throughout the district to astroturf rider rebellions, from declaring that the U.S. Constitution does not apply within BART's paid areas to arresting dozens outside of the fare gates and targeting me for arrest on September 8th, BART seems to have lost its collective mind and is completely unable to deal in a rational fashion with the hornets' nest the agency stirred up when yet another one of its police officers shot dead yet another citizen on July 3rd. Anyway, for a little levity, here's three and a half hours of marching from OpBART-5, aka The Fitness Program, packed into a two and a half minute video. Obviously, I had to leave some stuff out. Hopefully folks who weren't there will still be able to appreciate it. Enjoy.
(video 2:32)

Anonymous OpBART-5 Protest - "The Fitness Program": photos, 1 of 2

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