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Statement on PD officers home being firebombed
by The resistance
Wednesday Sep 7th, 2011 3:49 AM
We do not claim responsibility for the recent firebombing of a FPD officers home. We are actually somewhat confused and somewhat concerned about this act.
Our group does not feel that things have come to the point where actions which put individuals in harms way are suitable. At the same time, we cannot condemn someone who does feel this way since many feel that we have committed actions which are not suitable. The real question is whether this action was political or not. If this was someone who has answered the call to war then we commend you, but was it? There are too many things that smell funny about this. The news reported that 6 months prior to this the same officer had her car burned up. Maybe an upset ex who came back? Also the house is for sale in a dried up market, fire insurance pays pretty well. Beyond anything it seems that this was the perfect opportunity for Dyer to gain support against those of us who fight back. FPD has been firebombed, now the public has no problem believing it happened again. From the beginning Dyer has focused on there being another woman and 3 children in the house. He is a pro at PR and knows how to get sympathy from the public, particularly harping on the officer being female. We all know Jerry is a sexist pig so I don't think there's any sincerity there, in fact this officer could be one of the officers suing Dyer; Dyer could have thrown the molotovs himself!
Then when the home caught on fire again, Dyer was quick to say that it was intentional while the fire marshall says most likely it was from wiring damaged in the previous fire but it's under investigation. Seriously, KMPH was set up across the street when the second fire started around 9:30pm, it's not a good idea to pull off clandestine actions that early in a residential area at what's already the scene of a crime with news vans across the street!
We're not sure what actually happened but Dyer is making the most of it and will use this to justify any further atrocities from him and his gang of thugs. Everyone needs to be careful out there no matter what level you are at. Watch your backs.
Once again, if this was a political or revolutionary act then we commend whoever did this for their action. But it seems much more complicated than that and people should keep an open mind.
Either way this is only going to fuel more action from more people. The system has failed us and people are thinking of revolution more and more every day.

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by mother jones
Wednesday Sep 7th, 2011 10:50 AM
I wonder if Brandon Darby is working the area.

or maybe it is disgruntled cop turned down by this officer ?
Saturday Sep 24th, 2011 9:15 AM
Check it out, the relevant part starts at 3:55.