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Arrested at Second #OpBART Protest, Jevon Cochran Committed to Fight Against Police Violence
by dave id
Monday Aug 29th, 2011 10:47 AM
Jevon Cochran was arrested at the second #OpBART protest for exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against police violence. After BART police had told demonstrators that raising their voices on the platform of the Civic Center station was an arrestable offense, Jevon led a chant of "No justice, no peace, disband the BART police." He was promptly arrested, removed from the station by BART riot police, and charged with trespassing. Two days later, in the video here, Jevon was interviewed outside of the Oakland Unified School District administration building, as community members were protesting the promotion of Barhin Bhatt to interim chief of OUSD police. Bhatt shot and killed twenty-year-old Raheim Brown in January 2011. Not intimidated by his free speech arrest at #OpBART 2, Jevon Cochran will continue to fight for justice.
(video 3:01)

BART Hates Free Speech, Anonymous #OpBART Protest, Civic Center station, 8/22/11: video

Raheim Brown Supporters Protest Barhin Bhatt as Chief at OUSD Meeting, 8/24/11: audio & photos

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by None
(none [at] Monday Aug 29th, 2011 12:24 PM
The Christofascist pigs are shitting themselves in fear knowing that American citizens are eventually going to rise up and start exterminating the rich elite oppressor traitors, just like in Egypt. They see it coming. They know it will happen here as it has been happening in Greece, U. K., London, Egypt, Lybia and other places.
by scaree
Monday Aug 29th, 2011 3:43 PM
that is what they can be called. we know a person who is one of these fake christian types who works for police. this person truly believes you need ''jesus'' even if you need to be drugged or die top get there!!
by David Gurney
Monday Aug 29th, 2011 9:42 PM
The Constitution says nothing about "raising your voice" in respectable protest against blind brutality!

Impassioned speech often comes at a slightly higher volume.

What's next? Are they going to tell us to turn our iPhone/cell headphones - down, for BART sanctioned freedom of speech only, and, oh yeah - for selected listeners only.... ??? nauseum....

Meanwhile....You are a hero dude, and your moral compass is correct!

I hope you can find an honest lawyer, who will represent you in a major lawsuit - to hit these a-holes where it hurts them most - in their pocketbooks!

Keep it up, and have a friend keep watchin' your back.

Truth and light shall prevail!