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West Coast Solidarity Action - Molotovs thrown into Fresno substation parking lot
by Charles Hill
Thursday Aug 18th, 2011 12:37 AM
In Solidarity with Everyone fighting against police brutality and the police state, molotovs were thrown into the parking lot of the Fresno SW substation where police cars and pig's personal vehicles are parked. At least 2 cars burned.
This action is done in solidarity especially with those in the East Bay standing up against the murderous BART police who most recently executed Charles Hill. BART then used fascist type methods by shutting down all cell phones in stations where they thought protestors might be showing up. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

All police are murderers. FPD recently executed Carl Maggioroni and have a reputation for executing people of color whether they are armed or not. The time to fight back is NOW! We live in a police state, this is all "business as usual" for them. We have to come together and fight back, FUCK THESE PIGS! This is war, play time is over, join the fight.

In solidarity with Oakland, Seattle, Chile, London, Greece...everyone who is fighting back.

See you in the streets.
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