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Dyer’s Ten Years of Terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes (editor [at]
Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:21 PM
A Noontime vigil was held today (August 1, 2011) at the Fresno Police Department headquarters, marking the ten year anniversary of Jerry Dyer being the chief of police. Participants protested the 50+ people who have died under Dyer’s administration and demanded that Dyer leave office immediately. All photos by Simone Whalen-Rhodes.
In a statement sent to the media before the event, organizers wrote:

Supporters and families of the victims will be present to demand that Dyer leave now. The taxpayers are paying for four deputy chiefs of police. Its impossible to believe that not one of them could be appointed as interim as the nationwide search is undertaken by the City Manager and Mayor. With lawsuits pending against Dyer from within his administration and department, it would be best for him to leave now.

For a complete list of the victims go to Fresno Stolen lives report. Please take notice the names of the police officer's who shot the victims. Please note that 28 of them are repeat shooters who carry a badge to kill over and over again. Please note that over 50% of the stolen lives are Latinos.

For more information please contact Juan Avitia at 977-4247 or Gloria Hernandez at 268-2261


At the event, a flier was distributed that said:

Dyer’s Ten Years of terror

Fifty one (51) dead under his administration and those are the ones that we know of. Since obtaining info through the Public Records Act we have learned of more than we initially had information about.

Discrimination lawsuits on race, gender, age and disability have been ongoing against the City of Fresno and the Fresno Police Department because of Dyer. A leader is someone who mentors others and trusts that others will carry on his work. Dyer is too paranoid to allow others to lead, hence his hesitancy to leave the office and save the taxpayers more money.

Dyer declared a war on gangs but instead increased gang involvement in Fresno. Dyer seems to think each Latino is a bulldog member and has refused to provide cultural and sensitivity training for his officers. He failed to provide crisis intervention training to deal with the mentally ill until the county dept of bx health paid for the training.

Dyer has allowed 28 repeat shooters to remain on the force.

Dyer pushed for the four million dollars police regional training center without taking it to the voters to decide if taxpayers would fund it.

Dyer relies on grant money to do the grantor’s work instead of what is needed to bring the crime rate down.

Dyer promised to work with the immigrant communities, instead he pushed to get tow trucks to pay referral fees (bribes) which allows the profiling of immigrants by impounding their cars by holding drunk driving check points in immigrant neighborhoods, which are less effective than targeting bars. Even after creating a policy that would allow people to call a licensed driver, his own officers would not obey his orders, so he pulled the field order. Indicating a lack of leadership over the ranks.

Dyer pushed his foundation to hold a Christian concert and lost money on it.

When Dyer was installed as California Chief of Police he was able to raised $65,000 using uniformed police officers to fundraise to throw a big party, instead of using the money to help the department’s needs.

Dyer has pushed the Department for CALEA accreditation each time costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars so that Dyer can look good.

"Accreditation will allow the Department to demonstrate the professionalism of the department and our dedication to providing the highest level of public safety services to the community through adherence to international standards of excellence."

And here the taxpayers thought the police department was already support to be doing this. Even the Police Union is against CALEA Accreditation because of the costs involved.

Dyer allows nepotism on the force. His sister who can’t even tell when her son is doing and selling drugs out of her house is out there pretending to know the above and harassing youth of color.

Dyer pulls facts out of the air accusing the stolen lives prior to the actual investigation as to whether in fact a shooting is justified more than often jumping to conclusions and assumptions.

Dyer spent millions of dollars on video policing (which is not being used for jack of budget and manpower and does not allow public to review the tapes) and red light policing another costly failure.

Dyer has his own personal bodyguards, not trusting his own officers to protect him. Could it be that the Spirit of Lte. Jose Moralez lives on in the Latino Community?

Dyer’s famous one liners are against people of color, aged and handicapped. Enough is enough. Dyer has got to go.
§Dyer’s Ten Years of terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:22 PM
§Dyer’s Ten Years of terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:22 PM
§Dyer’s Ten Years of terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:22 PM
§Dyer’s Ten Years of terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:22 PM
§Dyer’s Ten Years of terror
by Posted by Mike Rhodes Monday Aug 1st, 2011 2:22 PM

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by Georgia Williams
(georgiam [at] Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2011 1:06 PM
Thank you for this account of the rally and the photos that depict the it so pointedly. In addition to reporting the facts, it raises the question of what will happen given Dyer's elusive status and influence. So much work still to be done.
by Dan Waterhouse
Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2011 7:24 PM
The OIR is dead. My opinion is, informed by my service on the grand jury this last term, that independent police review is a dead issue in Fresno, unless local politics dramatically change. The grand jury concluded that, unless a reviewer is given real powers, there is no point in having the position. And, there's no political will to do that. What we had was the best the Mayor knew she could get begrudgingly through City Council. Anything more than that was a sure-fire failure.

As for yesterday's shooting, while some people in Tower have concerns about how things happened, many aren't. They're hoping this incident will essentially force Fresno PD to clean out two groups of "troublemakers" who hang out in the area where the shooting occurred and at the community garden behind the Brass Unicorn.

This is a posting from the Stop Crime in Tower Facebook page, posted yesterday shortly after the shooting: "It 'was' a matter of time before something tragic happened, whether this guy was a killer or was killed. From the report, this happened behind the house that used to belong to Dr Pepper, where that pack of kids and not-so-kids have been hanging out for the last several weeks, fighting, harrassing neighbors and trespassing on the new owners driveway and back steps facing the alley. Yes, I agree, they need care and supervision. And they could avail themselves of country (sic) services, MISP program, meds, etc. But they're neither cared for nor supervised and have been a source of concern for this community since early spring. I guess the cops will be breaking up the pack now. And it is unfortunate that a life was lost before anyone paid a damn bit of attention. But I'm sorry if I can't get on the glitter unicorn after reading account after account of vandalism, violence, my friends being mugged, bikes being stolen, windows broken, etc etc etc and think it wasn't inevitable that violence would one day beget violence in our hood."

The protest at Dyer's press conference was not greeted with approval from some of the Tower residents. One posted this morning: "So what next? Is there going to be another march and protest by criminals and gang members because a 'homie' got shot?"

Given this climate (which exists in the area surrounding Fresno State now too), selling the idea of someone looking over the cops' shoulders is gonna be really, really hard.
by Fresnan
Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2011 11:04 PM
The violence begeting violence quote is one the police should remember also. with over 50 murders by Fresno PD since Dyer took office it is only a matter of time when enough people get tired of it and fight back against the police either through riots are flat out shooting back at killer cops.
by Dan
Wednesday Aug 3rd, 2011 5:07 PM
Fresnan, obviously you haven't lived in Fresno all that long.

You think Dyer is the fount of all FPD officer-involved shootings? He isn't.

As an interested observer of the Fresno crime scene since the mid-1960s, I suggest you do some historical research before making such a claim. Fresno PD was averaging three to four fatal shootings per year in the 1960s, in a community half the size it is now. Granted, the majority involved members of robbery stake-out teams engaging armed robbers interrupted in the act. Patrol officers rarely were involved in shootings, but it did happen occasionally. Such a shooting resulted in the death of a police sergeant and the perp in 1973, and led to the creation of the SWAT team.

Mark Arax, in his book In My Father's Name, talks about one officer who routinely administered street justice, sometimes with fatal results, with his night stick over in Southwest Fresno. Add graft and corruption to the mix, and that was the old FPD under Hank Morton and Hal Britton.

Fresno had a frontier ethos in those days, and Fresnans had no issues with the cops "taking the trash out" as one oldtimer put it to me several years ago. This community almost saw a lynching in the mid-1960s, so we weren't that far removed from the days when there were shootouts in Courthouse Park.

I agree there are highly questionable shootings--there always have been. But as long as California allows the use of deadly force whenever someone fears for his life or the life of another, this will continue.

As for the shooting in the Tower, I suggest you save your complaints for shootings involving people who weren't armed, weren't threatening anyone or had a cell phone in their hand. This guy was armed with a knife, and he came at the officer with it (according to civilian witnesses). I personally have no problem with an officer, in those circumstances, using deadly force.

by Mike Rhodes
(editor [at] Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 4:29 PM
Hey Dan:

I have to disagree with you here. I think it is worth looking into the circumstances of Carl Maggiorini, who was shot in the Tower District of Fresno on Monday. OK, obviously someone chasing another person down the street with a knife is a recipe for a disaster. And, of course, many people will justify the shooting by saying that Maggiorini was aggressively coming after the officer with a large knife.

The problem with making this too black and white is that it fails to explore all of the available options. First of all, it is criminal how so many people in this community are refused the mental health services they so desperately need. But, lets not make the awful choices about financial priorities be the essence of this argument. It is a given that this economic/political system does not put enough resources into meeting peoples needs. So, given that situation, how might have this situation turned out differently.

1. Instead of sending only a police officer to respond to this situation, they could have sent someone with some experience working with people who have mental health issues.
2. The officer could have been prepared to confront the situation with less than lethal force. They have bean bag shotguns, tazers, etc. I’m not a big fan of those “tools,” but it is better than killing the guy.
3. I have no idea what motivated Maggiorini, but killing him does not solve the problem.

The people that I talk to are really tired of all the police shootings and use of excessive force. Because we have NO process for independent investigations of FPD officers actions, I think you might see some blow back from the gangs. Bulldog gang members are being targeted for vigilante street justice by the police. They’re not stupid and they are not going to just watch as one after another of their friends get shot in the back, mauled by police dogs, and have their heads slammed into the cement. Without a relief valve, which is really what an Independent Police Auditor is, there might be an explosion of anger and violence that spirals out of control.

I think we need to have civilian control of the police department and that Officer Involved Shootings (OIS) and allegations of excessive force should all be independently investigated by a trusted member (or organization) in this community. In the meantime, here is something that people can do to express their concern about the latest OIS:

There will be a candlelight vigil for Carl


Friday, August 5  8:00pm - 11:00pm


Circle K
247 E Olive Ave
Fresno, California

More Info
This is a night of remembrance of a special man. The last five years of
his life he spent helping others in whatever way he could, and always
worried about what he can do for you before he even though about himself.
He left our world but will always be remembered with a smile by all of
those who loved him.

A number of candles will be provided but you're also encouraged to bring
your own candle if you would like. We will be accepting donations to help
his struggling family with his funeral costs. Come out and show your love
for this man.

by Dan
Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 6:00 PM
...I agree with you about the need for independent oversight. As you know, I served on the county grand jury last term when the jury looked into the DA's decision not to review OISs and the usefulness of the OIR as put in place by the City. Unfortunately, due to the oath grand jurors take to preserve the confidentiality of what goes on in the grand jury room, I can not discuss the specifics of what we were told beyond what is in the public reports. However, what we learned deeply concerned us.

The 2006/2007 grand jury endorsed the idea of an independent auditor who had teeth. What the City Council was willing to put in place didn't come anywhere near that. As this year's grand jury concluded, the current OIR was pointless unless he had investigatory powers. Fresno will never agree to handing a civilian that kind of authority. And, there are serious legal questions about the viability of civilian police oversight or review in California in light of the Copley Press decision by the state Supreme Court several years ago.

You talk about possible blow back from the gangs. That would be the biggest mistake they could make. Fresno PD would like nothing more than to have a legitimate excuse to have open season on the Bulldogs, et al. The gangs start shooting at the cops? First of all, the cops will shoot back. Then they'll go looking for gang members and simply blow them away. The legal burden for use of deadly force is so slight in California and I don't see a Fresno Superior Court jury convicting cops for killing gang members, even in cold blood.

In closing, I agree that someone trained in mental health issues probably could've made a difference in the Tower incident. However, the County of Fresno has gutted mental health services--there is no one to respond to these sorts of incidents. The county is hard-pressed to deal with the problems of 5150s in local emergency rooms.

As for other methods, evidently this motor officer was not carrying a tazer, and beanbag shotguns are too large to carry on a motorcycle. Once the officer made contact with him, events moved too quickly. Carl (if I may use his first name for brevity) was chasing another man, yelling I'm going to kill you, before he started advancing towards the officer. You'll be surprised how quickly someone on foot can cover ground. I don't know if you've ever seen someone stabbed multiple times. I have. A knife can do way more damage to the human body than a gun. Carl also dared the officer to shoot him, according to a civilian witness. That combination was a recipe for tragedy. Most officers I've known over 40+ years truly don't want to use deadly force, but sometimes they're forced to by circumstances. The Tower OIS appears from all accounts to be one of those instances.
I have been told, by friends of Carl Maggiorini, that he was a Native American who participated as a drummer in drum circles. I’m told that he was a regular in the Tower District and that there was a guy that took a disliking to him. This guy gathered some friends together to beat up Carl on the day he was killed by the police. Carl pulled his knife to defend himself and that was why the “guy” was described as running down Maroa avenue yelling help. The “guy” had attacked Carl, who pulled out a knife in self defense. That is when the police officer pulled up, saw Carl with a knife, and fatally shot him. I was told that Carl was trying to explain why he had the knife when he was shot and killed.

So, this Officer Involved Shooting might not be as cut and dried as everyone was first told. I expect to find out more details at the vigil for Carl, which will be held this evening. See the comment above for details.
by Dan
Friday Aug 5th, 2011 1:36 PM
...what you find out, Mike. I think the key question is, regardless of Dancing Phil's involvement, why didn't Carl drop the knife when ordered to by the officer?
by Emma Goldman
Friday Aug 5th, 2011 7:12 PM
If you think legal avenues will stop the FPD from murdering civilians on the street of this city, i dont care how long you've lived in Fresno, you've lost it. I believe you've consumed too much MLK and Gandhi.... FPD, and most other police departments, are not filled with people that are able to be won over to the side of the people (which is the assumption that the strategy of nonviolence rests on). On the other hand, im not saying that if gangs start picking off cops, that the FPD will stop killing people. But i think your dogmatic pacifism is the most unhelpful thing in these times. People are getting killed. And the FPD continues to do kill, no matter how many letters we write or how many pacifist rallies at shaw and blackstone you attend. The FPD expects your rallies, your letters, and your attendance of city council and OIR meetings. Hell, they love all of that. They love your "activism" because it keeps alive the bullshit that "the people can change things if they want" (of course, assuming that they beg their authorities and dont seriously challenge the status quo). It keeps alive the idea that we have a democracy, and that politicians and authorities listen to the people. Well they dont, and i hope you begin to realize that your tactics haven't worked (indeed, you say you've been involved since the 1960's, and the situation today is worse than ever). I dont have a recipe for action that will work, but there is one that has demonstrated that it wont (and that is your dogmatic pacifism).... And dont counter this with arguments about King and Gandhi, because there were militants that took up arms in India against the british empire, and there were violent urban riots alongside King in the Civil rights movement.
by Dan
Friday Aug 5th, 2011 8:22 PM
...You misconstrued my words. I did not say I've been "involved" since the 1960s. I said I've been an observer of the Fresno crime scene since that time. I've been friends with cops, firefighters and paramedics in this town for 45 years. My late husband and I used to joke that we knew the same corrupt Fresno cops. I worked for FPD in the late 1970s, and was an EMT in the early 1980s. I've spent over 1,000 hours riding the front seat of patrol cars and sat in court for several hundred hours listening to criminal cases when I was in high school and college. I've looked down at probably 150 dead bodies, only three of which died of natural causes.

I'm no pacifist, Emma. Politically I'm not liberal except on social issues. I'm a middle-of-the-road moderate who skews somewhat conservative on fiscal issues. I oppose the death penalty, not because I'm opposed to its use, but because it is not used, at least in California, so why have it.

I'm going to bow out of this discussion because of what I feel is a conflict of interest. Mike reported that Carl was Native American and was a drummer in drum circles. Drum circles in the Fresno area are generally connected to recovery (I've been sober for 22 years). My late husband worked with Native Americans in treatment for drugs and alcohol. Drummers honored him at his memorial service earlier this year. For those reasons, plus the likelihood that he dealt with Carl, I need to bow out.

I've posed the key question, after talking with witnesses, people who were there when it happened. Carl may have felt threatened by other street people. But why did he not drop the knife when directed to?
by Fresnan
Tuesday Aug 9th, 2011 10:54 PM
What spark will it take for Fresno To Step up and FIGHT back against Authoritarian Assholes killing innocent folks in Fresno? Lyer Dyer always talks shit about the victims his pigs kill in Fresno. When will they start shooting back? It's only a matter of time Mother fucker.
Fresno Police Lieutenant - Jose Moralez was found dead, on the side of the road, 100 feet from Chief Jerry Dyer's home.

Chief Dyer, who had sex with his underage babysitter (making him a rapist and a pedophile), and who was a best friend of Moralez (they bought a home across the street form each other) - showed Moralez no mercy, when Moralez was alleged to have violated departmental policy. Suspended by Dyer and firearm and badge taken from him, Moralez went to Dyer's home to talk to him after working out in the garage with his 13 year old son, Dustin.

Dustin, nor 14 year old daughter Kaelyn, would ever see their Dad again.

An ANONYMOUS MOTORIST, passing by, saw a body, face down on the side of the road near a truck. The body was that of Jose Moralez, who suffered a fatal gunshot wound - allegedly from his own gun - to his chest (solar plexes), in an alleged suicide. Really?!


Why was the motorist not identified?

Why was the motorists cell phone immediately disconnected thereafter?

Why did the City of Fresno refuse, and sue, to keep Jose Moralez's cell phone records private, when they are a matter of public record?

Jose Moralez, right handed, was found face down with an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound to the his chest, with the GUN IN FRONT OF HIM AND TO THE LEFT SIDE OF HIS BODY!

Autopsy Report was a joke, and less than it would be for a homeless man - razor thin and erroneous in its determination.

Moralez's widow would sue the City and Department, and her attorney (Kevin Little), would fail to show up in Court - not being able to withstand the pressure of the opposition - causing her lawsuit to be dismissed. Moralez's widow would not even find out about the Dismissal from her attorney nor, that he didn't even show up to the Hearing.

Then Captain, and Dyer loyalist and soldier - AL MARONEY, was believed to be there the night Jose went to Jerry's home.

Angry that Jerry was such a HYPOCRITE and couldn't believe he was treating him that way; on the verge of firing him - after all of the FELONIES that Jerry himself had committed, all while Jose (Joe) remained loyal to him, no doubt, Jose Moralez, my Step-Father, went to Dyer's home to have it out with him.

Based upon information and belief, I, and countless others - believe that Jerry Dyer and Al Maroney murdered my Step-Father and that a cover up has ensued. No doubt, JOSE MORALEZ's DEATH WAS IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM - A SUICIDE.

Jerry SUPER CHRISTIAN Dyer - led my Step-Father to Christ (or so he thinks) in prayer, in Joe's living room, not too long before his murder. Jerry, the Christian, was a brawler, a steroid user, a drug user, a wife abuser, a crooked cop, and child rapist yet, he rose to become Chief, having it all swept under the rug and shown mercy from his good old boy club.

Jerry's disciple (so to speak), Jose Moralez, was condemned by the false prophet Dyer, vilified openly within the departmental ranks - cast away as an outsider and led to the slaughter.

Jerry Dyer not only destroyed Jose Moralez, Jerry Dyer destroyed Joe's Widow, my Mother - Yolanda Moralez, also a fellow (former) Fresno Police Detective - once loyal to Dyer. Jerry Dyer destroyed Joe's kids: Leslie, Kaelyn and Dustin.

Message to Jerry Dyer and Al Maroney - and to all others who know what really happened (listen closely Keith Foster):

"What is done in secret, shall be revealed openly...the Truth shall set you free."

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