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Protest Deficit Reduction Austerity from Obama and Congress
Date Monday August 01
Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location Details
9am - 5pm
Federal Building
1301 Clay Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorSandy Sanders
Emergency Action for the East Bay: Obama and the Dems Have Sold Us Out!

The Prez's speech tonight confirms he has sold us out. Phase Two of the deal puts EVERYTHING on the table. You all know what that means...SS and Medicare cuts, and hands off the rich, the corporate and the military. I live in Oakland CA and will be at our local Federal Building at 1301 Clay St. at 9am Monday Aug 1 and will bring a 40 ft. "TAX THE RICH!" (one side), "GENERAL STRIKE!" (other side) banner... and would appreciate help. Call in sick, bring your handmade placards, bring your voices and lets protest this SELLOUT of our republic! I'm staying until 5pm and will put in a full days work in protest of this Obomination. Rise up folks, the time to speak out has come.
Added to the calendar on Monday Aug 1st, 2011 1:19 AM

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by (-A-)
Monday Aug 1st, 2011 10:57 PM
You sold out the minute you voted. And what did you expect? Everybody who bought the lie sold out to the system whether they knew it or not.. But now that you're awake, maybe you will learn not to repeat the same mistake. Voting again this election will give u more of the same because there is no political solution to this problem.

The system is the problem. Both parties are run by the rich and powerful. That part doesn't change just because a young black man takes office. Presidents don't have the power to stop the rich. Only the power to promote them. When are people gona get it? People have been stressing this for over a decade since the WTO in Seattle but somehow we always forget and fall for one of the government schemes.

Are we ever going to outsmart the system or is this never going to end?

It's amazing how you progressive liberals can be so vocal when the republican party takes over but when the democrats take over, you do nothing but sit back and watch people die in Afghanistan at the hands of the U.S. military and Americans at the hands of U.S. police while watching true and dedicated activists struggle to out number state forces in the streets.

You never gave a fuck about the people which is why you will refuse to rebel with us all the way up to the final hour.


It is good to hear some people have finally woken up. The response is NOT to stay home in 2012, but to vote your conscience, Peace & Freedom Party or Green Party. If enough of us vote for these parties, they win, and they have won local races. If we obtain a large vote for these parties, we are a threat to the twin parties of war and fascism, the Democrat-Republicans, which will force them to respond to our demands. The Democrats only exist to make sure you never vote Red or Green, so they mouth a few halfway decent phrases at election time to get your vote, then once elected, carry out the same capitalist agenda as the Republicans promote, because that is who pays for these 2 parties.

As Martin Luther King said, we do not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. And, no worker has any business voting for any millionaire, which Obama is. We, the 80% of Americans who are the workingclass, sell our labor for less than $77,000 a year, usually much less. We have nothing in common with millionaires. One only becomes rich or a "success" in a capitalist society by exploiting the workingclass or promoting the exploitation of the workingclass, better known as singing the company tune.

Here is former Green Party member, Matt Gonzalez on the truth about Obama: The Obama Craze: Count Me Out, Feb 27-29, 2008:
You knew when Obama was voting for office if you had bothered to read Gonzalez article or anything else on the history of Obama, that his politics were utterly reactionary.
By June 2008, Obama was running to the Zionists for their vote, as all Democrats and Republicans do, by definition. The Zionists are the Jewish fascists who are in fact anti-Semitic, as we are seeing by the current Jewish and Arab workingclass demonstrations in Israel against the Zionist ruling class' economic attack on the workingclass. His appointments from Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff to war criminal Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State, and keeping Republican war secretary Gates, were all reactionary. He has always been the darling of the nuclear power industry. His privatization of the schools, his support of British Petroleum, his anti-gay marriage stance, his support of the death penalty, his support of the border fence at the Mexican border, his support of the profiteering health insurance industry instead of socialized medicine and his pro-war policies all demonstrate he and his party, like the Republicans, are utterly reactionary, and always have been. Do not vote for any Democrat or Republican at any level of office.

DO NOT STAY HOME IN NOVEMBER 2012 OR ANY OTHER ELECTION. Please join us in being a fighting force at the ballot by voting either Peace & Freedom or Green. If they do not have candidates for an office that matters to you, run for office yourself. And always vote on the propositions. See their websites and read their platforms NOW.
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