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SFPD: Don't Even Try To Front
by feminist critique committee
Wednesday Jul 20th, 2011 3:39 PM
During the anti-police demo on 7/19/11 in response to the murder of two men by BART and San Francisco police, we handed out this leaflet to contribute some thoughts on police murders through the lens of some anti-statist, anti-capitalist feminists.

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1. Last Saturday, a man who didn’t pay his MUNI fare ran away from the cops trying to ticket him. The cops took out their guns and shot Kenneth Harding in the back 6 to 10 times in Bayview-Hunters Point. In the aftermath, the police and the media first claimed that he had a gun, then began to expose Harding’s “misogynist past,” downplaying the fact that he was just murdered in cold blood for fare evasion.

The Police and the State consistently justify their systemic racist violence by saying they are protecting women. Patriarchy, the dominance of men over women, happens everywhere in our society, but the state tries to convince us that Black men are the main perpetrators. This racist lie helps the state justify their violent control over “uncontrollable” communities.

Patriarchy is one of the overarching structures of our world and therefore we should not be surprised that any man has a past that includes violence against women. The police’s shooting of Harding is one instance of the way the state terrorizes a community that is a threat to the current social order, that has been historically attacked and barred from access to stable employment, etc...

Its no longer politically correct to lynch Black men, but the police can shoot down Black and Brown people in the street and justify it through demonizing them.

2. Women in poor urban communites are often both breadwinners and housewives. They are the ones left behind in the wake of these murders, beatings, and incarcerations, to hold the funerals, pick up the pieces, and fight the fight against their sons’, husbands’, fathers’ murderers... all while still being subject to patriarchal violence, sexual assault, and the de-funding of social services, the cutting of the public sector particularly where it employs or supports women of color. The police targeting of young men of color is a phenomenon that ripples outward and effects the gendered structure of poor communities, that affects women as well as men, but in a different form.

2. Harding didn’t pay his MUNI fare on the Bayview T line, and was shot up to ten times. Two weeks ago an unarmed homeless man was shot and killed by the Police in the Civic Center Bart station. Two years ago Oscar Grant was shot in the back at the Fruitvale Bart station by a cop who is now in comfy retirement. The severe policing of Bay Area transport and the constant increase in fares shows us that the state wants poor people to stay in their hood and to remain isolated from the rest of society. Perhaps it shows us that mobility is a potential weapon. In every neighborhood in SF and the East Bay, we want a FREE public transit, FREE of PIGS. Until then, jump turnstiles, back door it! and MUNI and BART workers: look the other way, invite people to take the emergency exit, tell people to use the back door of the bus!

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by Popsicle
Thursday Jul 21st, 2011 1:48 AM
Lies. Neither suspect was unarmed. Police did not "first claim" that Harding had a gun. They did not "begin to reveal his misogynist past"; rather, he was was a felon, convicted of raping and pimping an underage girl, illegally in possession of a firearm, and wanted for murder in Seattle. And the week before, Charles Hill was not "unarmed", but in fact was armed with a knife and a bottle, and had attacked and injured one of the officers involved. This kind of pseudo-political drivel ruins the credibility of those with real causes.
by The police really are murdering though
Thursday Jul 21st, 2011 10:34 AM
I somewhat agree with Popsicle, and think that Kenneth Harding shouldn't get all of are support just because he was shot and killed by the police; this is not a case of Oscar Grant. Kenneth was armed and did shoot at the police. That is true and to deny the evidence and say that they shot an unarmed man, and then try to raise hell about it, is basically irresponsible and like Popsicle said: it does ruin the credibility of those with real causes. On the other hand, I don't think that people should stop protesting police violence and killings, because they are not just shooting armed suspects like Kenneth Harding. The innocent and unarmed, like Oscar Grant, are being killed and murdered as well and let's not forget that. Those are the killings we need to protest, as well as the injustice of those murders walkiing free; i.e. Johannes Mesherle. We don't need to be taking sides in violent confrontations between violent people, we need to protest violent people.
by eyes open
Thursday Jul 21st, 2011 12:22 PM
Popsicle: You choose to believe the police narrative. Those of us who have lived through the effects of police lies choose to see past their excuses and media smokescreens to the truth. the pigs killed two men, circumventing their own justice system. clearly you don't have very good reading comprehension. they did, "begin to reveal his misogynist past," by getting their apologists at the chronicle to share the info about his history. this was done as a blatant attempt to justify their actions and make it seem as if they stand on the right side of the murder.

PG: You don't understand what murder means. No one is claiming these were premeditated murders; but that is not the only kind of murder. Don't rant about semantics if you don't understand the concepts.

Solidarity to all victims, survivors and resistors to the police state! Shame on pig apologists!