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"War on the Pigs": a statement from last night's march against the police.
by some Bay Area anarchists
Sunday Jul 17th, 2011 1:54 PM
Yesterday, hundreds of enraged people took to the streets of San Francisco in response to the murder of a 19 year old by SFPD in the Bayview neighborhood. He was killed for running from the police after not paying his MUNI fare. Immediately people in Bayview responded - confronting the police, screaming at the murderers and throwing bottles. At Midnight, another group called for a last minute march against the police. About 100 marchers took the street and attacked ATMs, banks and a cop car.
Whether we like it or not, this city is a fucking war-zone. For the second time in as many weeks, police officers have murdered someone in cold blood. Yesterday, they murdered a 19 year old in the Bayview district. For the crime of not paying his $2 bus fare, he was executed by SFPD; shot ten times in front of a crowd. On July 3rd, BART police responding to a report of a man too drunk to stand, arrived at Civic Center Station and shot Charles Hill within a minute of their arrival, killing him as well. His crime: being broke and homeless in a city that fucking despises us.

And so, within a few hours of hearing word of SFPD's latest atrocity, we called for a march against the police in the Mission District. About 100 of us gathered, donned masks, and marched down Valencia St. toward the Mission Police Station. We attacked the first pig car that approached. We attacked ATMs and a Wells Fargo as well. We upturned newspaper boxes and trash bins, throwing them into the streets at the encroaching riot cops. We screamed in the pigs faces and confronted them at their front door. By 1AM we had dispersed without arrest.

This march comes on the heels of Monday's attack on the BART system in response to the murder of Charles Hill. Again, over 100 of us clogged the BART system, blocking trains, vandalizing machines and bringing the rail system to a grinding halt. For over three hours BART suffered system-wide delays and the BART police were forced to close several stations throughout the city. After being forced out of the system, we took the streets in an impromptu march. Causing havoc and avoiding two attempts by the police to kettle us. The march ended in a heated stand-off with SFPD in front of hundreds of tourists at the Powell St. plaza.

In reporting this we hope to make it obvious: we will no longer allow the police (regardless of what badge they wear) to murder us in the streets. When they kill, we will respond with force. These two marches along with the burgeoning revolt in Bayview are only a beginning. We do not care about their attempts at justifying themselves. In each of these killings they claim that their lives were in danger. We say they lie, but honestly don't care either way. As the State has removed any illusion that it exists to serve or protect people, we can see clearly that it exists only to push us into prisons and to shoot us in cold blood. Two single dollars are worth more to them than our lives. The very existence of the police clearly endangers all of us, and we won't be safe until they are destroyed.


Stay tuned,

some anarchists in the Bay Area

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by plimsoul
Sunday Jul 17th, 2011 2:08 PM
as a multirace person , i am incensed at the apathy of ''american public'' as to the acceptance of hitler germany fascism! i have risked my life for all races only to find that ''police'' are scaring everone into silence. silence is defeat!
by (a)
Sunday Jul 17th, 2011 8:29 PM
by carol harvey
Sunday Jul 17th, 2011 10:58 PM
It's fed-up time. They've got the guns. We've got the numbers.
by (A)
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 12:32 AM
then if we had guns, we'd have the numbers AND the guns
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 12:37 AM
by strategy
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 3:20 AM
in light of the above, i feel you, but one thing to keep in mind is a strategic question of how to maximize our efficacy and creativity however that may manifest itself, while minimizing arrests to our numbers... taking arrest is not revolutionary, it is getting subsumed into the system. maximum hits, minimum arrests!
by Vladnihil
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 11:25 AM
Here's a wider, deeper and sustainable solution developed by some Greek anarks since 2008:

Look especially in the last two chapters.

Revolutionary solidarity, for those who fall from State repression. Attack the world of the pigs... at least that'll teach them the meaning of respect, if not bring'em down.
by EasyToComplain
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 1:20 PM
It turns out the guy was a pimp out on parole in Washington State. He legally could not leave that state but instead was in SF. The gun that a fake "by-standard" has been found and it will shortly be matched to the latest crime he committed. Maybe its time to slow things down and wait for the facts to come out before looking for an excuse to protest and destroy property.
by washoe
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 1:25 PM
they're bringing up this washington stae buisness about his criminal record, but remermber this, in washington state the cops dont go after racist vigilantes even after they know license number of suspects car who beat up black men! in washington state ,you can be harassed or beaten and ''police'' will NOT respond! dont fall for ANYTHING wasnington state or ANY ''police'' say!!
by Anarchist
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 1:42 PM
by you idiot
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 2:50 PM
So what if he did kill or rape someone? Does that give the police the right to EXECUTE HIM IN THE STREET??? It's like because he was ACCUSED of a crime, it is FINE with everyone that the cops SHOOT HIM IN THE STREET!

All those who profess to love "democracy" and our legal system show themselves to be utter hypocrites by using any crime he may/may not have committed to JUSTIFY the actions of the MURDEROUS police.

This time it was someone with a record and a warrant, next time it will be someone without one. The Cops didn't know whether he was wanted or not! And Who Gave Them The Right To Become Executioners For The State???

PEOPLE WHO DISMISS THIS SHOOTING BECAUSE OF HIS BACKGROUND ARE HYPOCRITES! THE PROBLEM WAS THAT THE COPS SHOT HIM INSTEAD OF ARRESTING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And next time it'll probably be another Oscar Grant if we don't stop them!
Any lawyer will tell you all these people siding with the cops are disregarding the laws of due process. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law regardless of criminal background. The police did not shoot the man because he had a record or a gun. They shot him because he ran away and didn't pay a $2 fee for muni end of story.
by you're the idiot
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 5:45 PM
You say: "So what if he's accused of raping or killing someone in Seattle." That is the most heartless, crass statement I've ever read someone on the so-called "left" ever make. The victims in those crimes and their families wouldn't say "so what." They'd say the charges against him were serious. While it's tragic a person died in the SF incident, don't try and sugar coat this man. His actions led to this tragic result. Numerous witnesses, not just the police, say he ran from the police instead of just cooperating, and shot at them in a residential neighbourhood. That man showed no regard for the safety of the residents of the area and no regard for the lives of the police who only tried to question him for fair evasion, which, whether you like it or not, is a crime and theft against the taxpayer funded public transit system. What about the residents of the area and their families? Does their safety not count? What about the policemen, who are human beings and have families? Do they not count? You heartless ideologue. Why don't you deal with the facts instead of your half-witted biases?
by and then some
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 5:53 PM
you seem to have already convicted the man

the reports are that he was a person of interest or something, not even labelled a "suspect"

and he most certainly was not charged with the crime

he WAS stopped for jumping muni. those beat cops weren't detectives who had ID'd him as a wanted criminal with CSI police work. he had no muni ticket and hence the police intervention in SF in the first place

it's only after police kill someone that they ALWAYS try to smear the person with anything they can to justify it to lemmings like you who will believe anything they say

talk about biases - you've got plenty as you imply this guy deserved to be shot down by cops who didn't even know who he was for a crime he had never even been charged with
by bay area anarchists
Monday Jul 18th, 2011 7:39 PM
Witnesses say cops were shooting and boy was running. The cops didn't discover that he had a record until after they shot him so don't act like police were doing a noble act by executing another African youth. Besides, even if they did know anything, it still does not give authorities to right to shoot to kill.

Only Nazi a would agree that cops should shoot anyone who runs from them. Cops do it all the time and always say the same line. "HE HAD A GUN" and have planted evidence on people in the past. Do your history. If I had a choice and someone would pay for my ticket, I would fly to Cuba. I'll get free healthcare.
by ntuit
Tuesday Jul 19th, 2011 2:51 PM
Anytime the cops kil someone, their PR machine goes into full spin. Of course we never hear if the cops who killed have record of complaints or abuse. In fact, we can hardly get their names or anything else. Thats because they don't work for the public. They just go after the one they killed with the character assasination and it usually happens fast. It is ugly and insidious - like the cops. Who can like the cops except for the corporate masters to whom they are beholden - not the public.
by you idiot
Tuesday Jul 19th, 2011 3:37 PM
I said "So what?" not because I don't car about the victims of those crimes, but because it is IRRELEVANT to the gunning down of an unarmed black youth while he runs away from the cops for not paying a fucking MUNI fare! I said SO WHAT? to the bringing up of stuff about this guy's background, because NON OF IT JUSTIFIES WHAT THE POLICE DID!

Who that person is has nothing to do with my anger at the cops for thinking they can shoot people down in the streets, without trial, without evidence, without courts, without due process, and THEN circle around him and keep people trying to help him away as he bleeds to death on the sidewalk. Was he still a threat to them as he was gurgling blood and struggling to stay alive? They should have been helping him, but they didn't, because they WANTED him to die. THAT is the problem.

If you want to live in a totalitarian society where police can shoot suspects with impunity in the streets, keep using that lazy pathetic fascist logic, and you'll get the chance!
by just the facts
Tuesday Jul 19th, 2011 7:06 PM
You're exact words were "So what if he killed or raped someone." That's pretty callous. You conveniently ignore that it was this man who started shooting in a residential neighbourhood. Numerous witnesses have attested to this. The police fired because this man was shooting and endangering their lives and the lives of bystanders in the neighborhood. And forget your rhetoric and hyperbole. The real totalitarians are the drug dealing and gang banging scum who terrorize their neighbours and people like you who are their enablers.

And this man's background is entirely relevant because it establishes a pattern of reckless, criminal and dangerous behaviour. Obviously, you're completely ignorant of the law, where past actions serve to demonstrate the criminal character of an individual. It's tragic that a man lost his life, but a person's reckless deeds often have tragic consequences. But you just can't see past your own idiotic biases and look at facts.
by Skip Wilson
Tuesday Jul 19th, 2011 10:15 PM
The guy took a shot at the cops. Unless the witnesses are fake and that fact fabricated, all of this ranting is ridiculous. Even if that is the case, how do you justify lawless behavior (destructive protesting) as a response to lawless behavior by the police? Hypocritical and pragmatically speaking - utterly ineffective. You people are as ignorant and blinded by your own rhetoric as those fools on the right. Different sides of the same stupid coin.