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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Dolores Park, 19th and Dolores, San Francisco

On Saturday the SFPD shot a 19 year old man 10 times after he ran to avoid paying the MUNI fare. Now the pigs have claimed the deceased instigated the shoot out despite dozens of witnesses saying otherwise. Thousands of us refuse to pay MUNI every year but rarely do we assume the refusal will lead to our murder by ten police bullets.

Saturday saw two spontaneous demonstrations of rage and resistance in Bayview and the Mission. As this is being written San Francisco Police are attacking a speak out in Bayview.

If you have ever jumped the turn style, walked on the back of the bus, or tossed fifty cents into the coin slot meet us in the streets. The poor, the pissed must stick together. Once again San Francisco has imposed a death sentence on the poor. This time we will not allow the murderous swine to get away with it.

Tuesday. 5pm. Dolores Park. The Mission District. San Francisco. Snake March.
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by sega.
palo alto cops on the same night were stopping african people. demo needed in palo alto!
by ya know
Even if it is true that this guy shot at the police before they shot and killed him, we should still go out and protest. Because the cops aren't just shooting armed suspects, they are murdering the innocent. Don't believe me, then look at Oscar Grant. And look how even despite his murder being videotaped and broadcast to the world, Mesherle still was only given a slap on the wrist conviction and sentence, and is now free and basically gotten away with murder . Well fuck this shit, it is time to protest! We should be in constant protest mode over this injustice and take every opportunity to go out in the streets, underground at the BART stations and were ever and however we can to resist and fight back. That is why I encourage people to come out to the protest on Tuesday and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
I'll be making flyers and passin em out everywhjere
by melissa
The Mission? Dolores Park? What am I missing?
by ......
It's already been decided where to start. People are getting ready. Go to to the meeting tomorrow and show up for the march DAY AFTER TO MORROW.
Witnesses say he waS unarmed and if he did have a gun it really don't matter because you don;t have to be armed to get murderd by cops and they always lie for one another. The justice system will give them a pat on the wrist. just like they gave Mehsele.

There's no hope.
See above . It's essential .
by O.
My understanding of why people were out in the mission that night, as opposed to The Bayview, are that it was an easier place for people to get to and meet within a reasonable amount of time. Also, there was concern that pretty much no one there was from The Bayview neighborhood and so felt concerned about bring a bunch of ruckus there. And on that note, it was my understanding that it was sort of a way to show that other neighborhoods in the bay were showing solidarity and outrage with The Bayview.
But I could be way off base..
by Konsider
Okay, first of all I've yet to hear your claim about how the man was wanted for a murder committed in Seattle. My understanding was that he was running from the cops because of being caught not paying bus fare. I am going to look into it after I've finished writing this comment.

Let's say you're right that the guy was wanted for murder: is it proven before any kind of trial that a person is guilty of a crime, and can thus be shot by the police? Further, it would make people appear to be "scumbags" to hold police accountable for such predetermined slaughter?
by Frank Francois
Where is the major news coverage...Where is president Obama,,where is the govenor of california,where is the mayor of sanfrancisco,where is Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton,where is oprah Winfrey,,where are all the rappers, basketball players and football players....All justice loving people everywhere should be outraged and stand up....We should have buses from every city coverging on san francisco demanding change demanding that these police be held accountable..They need to suspended with out pay..We have to insure that the police will be terrified to ever do this again..Let this be the last time
by JustFacts
It turns out the guy was a pimp out on parole in Washington State. He legally could not leave that state but instead was in SF. The gun that a fake "by-standard" has been found and it will shortly be matched to the latest crime he committed. Maybe its time to slow things down and wait for the facts to come out before looking for an excuse to protest and destroy property.
by duuuuude
oscar grant was murdered by the state. so was hill. it is everones civic duty rto hold the murderers accountable. in these cases, it is the police who are the murderers.
by Awoken
You know the system is corrupt and we don't have a future. Stop making excuses for the police when this is not an isolated incident and they are biggest bullies and gang in the world. Who the fuck wants to be a cop or a marine these days unless they have no problem having blood on their hands?


by Vinni
I've only read one article about this shooting ( According to this one article, the man police shot had a gun, had recently been in prison, and was being sought by police for questioning about the murder of a 19 year old woman. It's only one article, but it's a hell of a lot more information than what I'm reading here. The things people are saying in this forum make it seem like this man was shot for jumping a turnstile. That seems like a wildly unjustified claim.

Shouldn't we care about what really happened? Reading these comments makes me feel like I'm watching Fox News: completely one-sided, ideologically polarized hate-mongering.
by (A)
So what if he did kill or rape someone? Does that give the police the right to EXECUTE HIM IN THE STREET??? It's like because he was ACCUSED of a crime, it is FINE with everyone that the cops SHOOT HIM IN THE STREET!

All those who profess to love "democracy" and our legal system show themselves to be utter hypocrites by using any crime he may/may not have committed to JUSTIFY the actions of the MURDEROUS police.

This time it was someone with a record and a warrant, next time it will be someone without one. The Cops didn't know whether he was wanted or not! And Who Gave Them The Right To Become Executioners For The State???

PEOPLE WHO DISMISS THIS SHOOTING BECAUSE OF HIS BACKGROUND ARE HYPOCRITES! THE PROBLEM WAS THAT THE COPS SHOT HIM INSTEAD OF ARRESTING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And next time it'll probably be another Oscar Grant if we don't stop them!
The mainstream media works for the police and the American military government which is why they always side with them. There is no fairness in the corporate media. That's why we have independent media centers and organizations all around the world working to give you live coverage of the real truth of whats happening on the ground. Police kill every where and get a pat on the wrist all the time where as anyone one else who is not in authority will get 25 years or the death penalty.

Nobody has the right to shoot to kill accept the police and people thinking it's alright is a prime example of empire culture. There is no doubt that we live in a POLICE STATE where the goal of every mainstream news network is to cover up for the police and side with them every time rather than scrutinize them like independent news netwoRks do.

NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC KTVU KRON4 and all the mainstream papers are working ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE POWER in business and government so don't expect them to give you anything worthwhile that you can rely on. Question authority!They all lied about WMD's, Weapons of Mass Destruction to get all those poor people mostly o color to fight their wars which had nothing to do with freedom and saving lives but had everything to do with using the poor to take Iraqi oil. That's why the U.S. will never leave Iraq.

That's why poor people of color don't have many choices in this life but prison, military or death. We're not stupid. We know what's going on and what the system is trying to do to us for its own benefit. It's all about money and power. News reporters on TV are all controlled by the system and lie and cover up and we know it.

The system does not care about you and anyone who fights for the system is a damn fool. There are no bad apples when it comes to the police because they will all lie for each other when one gets in trouble, They all lie on police reports. They all lie in court. They all lie on TV.

It is a culture of conspiracy. The people on TV and in uniform are all servants of power being the most powerful and rich, banks and multinational corporations who fuck us over everyday. This is a plantation and the pigs are here to uphold the social order a new form of slavery called incarceration and worker exploitation. This system cannot win and will be exposed and overthrown.
by outside
a black artist once said that ''my story began before i was here'', meaning before you ''existed'', the black experience was going to affect your present life. the police state america wants to say that ''this black person did that to that black person blah blah therefore they are a criminal'' rather than acknowledge the destruction of blacks from long ago. like some isolated incidents not related in any way to the slave trade and torture. that ''punt and peck'' way of descibing people. slavery has new names these days.
by This is a war on the poor
-because they're feeble little brainwashed minds won't allow them to see that police violence is a systemic problem linked to a much greater agenda. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE! Most of you don't even think we live in a POLICE STATE because you've been programmed to love the police and worship anyone with MATERIAL WEALTH AND AUTHORITY. You all act like scared sheeple. That is why you don't question or resist police repression happening every day. SHEEP! Most of you who think we should NOT protest are either right-wingers, cops, military or capitalist pigs. Everyone else for the most part who's poor HATES YOUR FUCKING GUTS. We don't have a big corporate platform to counter mind-wash the masses because money is not what it's about. We are about getting out the truth and your all about doing what ever it takes to sustain the American empire. We know you cops are tools for the rich and are conducting a war on the poor as always.

Everyone who fits in that category never agreed with anything we demonstrated about in the past whether it was police violence, war, genocide, slavery, exploitation, incarceration, austerity, capitalism, environmentalism, globalization, drug war, healthcare, immigration, labor, racial justice, lgbt etc.

Every time we confront the powers that be, there is always some letherneck asshole running their mouth off about how wrong and backwards we are and how good American imperialism is. Fucking red neck-backwoods- boot-lickers!

You PIGS and the property you protect wouldn't last for a second if this were Athens, Greece.

PIC taken from Athens

by Mother Muckraker
First, he was a convicted pimp. His weapon is his mouth. A pimp would not normally use firearms. Him carrying a gun is unrelated to his pimpin'. He'd carry a gun because he feared for his life.

He was a parolee. Many parolees get out because they were informants in jail. But as the saying goes, "snitches are bitches that end up in ditches." "They" would find out and order a hit on him from inside the jail. He knew he was a snitch and had to carry a gun.

So when he got caught trying to evade paying the fare and the police were onto him, he had nothing to lose. Either try and escape or end up in jail where they would kill him for being a snitch.

I don't know that for a fact, but it happens all too often. Police take shortcuts. Instead of doing good police work, they use snitches. Like at Pelican Bay, the only way you get out is if you're dead or you snitch.

If you're a journalist reading this, you might want to find out if he was a snitch or was ever "debriefed" in jail.

Some of you smart asses would say he could've been more responsible and pay his $2 fare. But who are we to judge? Maybe he didn't have any money. He was a convicted felon and even if he did want to get legit, nobody would hire him. Where would he get money with a felony on his record? Who would hire him? You have to travel places to go to a job or find a job. If you don't have a car, you'd have to take public transportation. There's no need to chase down someone evading a $2 fare.

There should've been some financial support for him to have enough money for bus fare, food and rent so he could go legit. Also, some program to get people like him back to work so he can be self-sufficient and not rely on pimpin'. But we all know how the system works... they just throw him on the streets to let him fend for himself. This system of jailing people without rehabilitation is wrong and is shit!


by freedom fighter
This system says we're innocent until proven guilty. Now this. The guy was shot by police after he didn't pay his fare. We don't know anything about the situation in Seattle, and neither did the police who shot him. We don't know whether he is a murderer, a rapist, a snitch or whatever. We do know he is dead.
And we know who mrudered him.
Fuck the police!!

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