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BART's disgusting spin on their latest crime
by Kim Rohrbach
Monday Jul 4th, 2011 11:26 PM
A friend called the below BART propaganda to my attention. BART is more concerned with an officer's "cuts" and "bruises" than it is with the fact that an allegedly inebriated, hence significantly impaired, man was shot dead by BART police. Particularly revolting is BART's statement that the suspect CAUSED BART police to shoot and kill him. No allegations have been made, to my knowledge, that the victim was harming anybody prior to his summary execution.
BART officer suffers cuts, bruises following officer involved shooting

A BART police officer is suffering from cuts and bruises on his arm this morning as investigators try to determine why a suspect reportedly armed with a knife caused police to shoot and kill him on the platform of the Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station.