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Breaking: Canadian Boat to Gaza leaves port, seized by Greek Coast Guard
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Monday Jul 4th, 2011 12:01 PM
It all happened very fast. Late afternoon in Greece, the Canadian Boat to Gaza - Tahrir - left port and attempted to sail to Gaza. Tweets from Canadians on board tell of the boat making it to nearly four miles from the international boundary before the Greek Coast Guard was able to stop it. Activists in kayaks apparently attempted to stop the Coast Guard from boarding the Tahrir. The Coast Guard apparently used water cannons to seize the boat and carried M16s on to ship in order commandeer the steering. Tahir participansts resisted non-violently.
The ship has been turned back to port and as of 6:52PM local time, is in Greek custody. Check back here and follow @CanadaBoatGaza on Twitter for more updates.

In a 4 July statement (reproduced in full below), Canadian Boat to Gaza declared, “With the support of Greek civil society and people from all around the world the Tahrir is casting off from Greece today.” Here is the full statement:

The Canadian Boat to Gaza (CBG), the Tahrir, to set sail today as part of Freedom Flotilla II

Agios Nikolaos, Greece - With the support of Greek civil society and people from all around the world the Tahrir is casting off from Greece today.

"The Tahrir is leaving port in Crete, and we are breaking through Israel's Gaza blockade which now extends to Greek ports," said David Heap from aboard the Tahrir. "Israel's expansion of the Gaza blockade to Greece is just the latest example of how the blockade of Gaza is about attacking freedom, not increasing security."

Article 13.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "Everyone has the right to leave any country". Preventing flotilla ships from leaving Greek ports is a clear violation of this human right.

"Greece has no right to detain foreign-flagged ships in its ports other than for purposes of assuring seaworthiness via timely inspection. And they cannot interfere with 'innocent passage' through their territorial waters, and this passage is definitely innocent," said Richard Falk, American professor of international law and an appointee to two United Nations positions on the Palestinian territories.

"Greece's position is disturbing but this should not divert our attention from Israel and its illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza. Israel is the source of the problem and it will be held accountable by the international community -- sooner or later," said Sandra Ruch, from the Tahrir steering committee.

Support actions have been and continue to be held at Greek consulates all over Canada (as well as in cities all over the world) calling on the Greek government to end its support of the Israeli blockade of Gaza and immediately lift the blockade it is imposing on the Flotilla boats from Greece's ports.

The Canadian Boat to Gaza has sent letter to all Greek MPs asking them to let the flotilla boats go:

Here is the story in tweets:

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

Contact Cdn MPs to tell them to support the Cdn citizens on the Tahrir - tell Greek govt to let them sail, let them go http://www.parl.gc.ca/MembersOfParliament/MainMPsCompleteList.aspx

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

No one from the Tahrir has been arrested yet. But Greek police are here and no one is able to leave the boat. #flotilla2

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

We left port without a captain. We released captain and crew from contract and sailed under control of international volunteers. #flotilla2

jesse rosenfeld @kissmykishkas jesse rosenfeld

Police are now lining the port while a large tugboat blocks the #tahrir at the doc

2 minutes ago via web

jesse rosenfeld @kissmykishkas jesse rosenfeld

Coast guard again "I'm only folowing orders," Heap responds again "That's what German soldiers said in 1945" #freedomflotilla2, Tahrir

5 minutes ago via web

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

Contact Greek Embassy in Canada - Protest Greek govt enforcing Israeli policy (613) 238-6271 / embassy[at]greekembassy[dot]ca #Canada4Gaza

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

We got about 5km away from shore. Greek authorities have taken over the boat and appear to be heading back to port.

1 hour ago via web

Dylan Penner @DylanPenner Dylan Penner

We still have control of the Tahrir, but Greek coast guard is trying to take control. We're resisting nonviolently. This is our boat!

1 hour ago via web

jesse rosenfeld @kissmykishkas jesse rosenfeld

Coast guard used water cannons then borded the #tahrir with m16's and took the wheel room from the driver at gun point

28 minutes ago via web

Canada Boat to Gaza @CanadaBoatGaza Canada Boat to Gaza

Kayakers were able to block Greek coast guard briefly when we left port. #canada4gaza #flotilla2

Dylan Penner

@DylanPenner Dylan Penner

The Tahrir has left port and is sailing. Greek coast Guard nearby. Stay tuned. #flotilla2 #canada4gaza @CanadaBoatGaza #p2ca #cdnpoli

1 hour ago via web


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