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Netanyahu admits pressurinig Greek PM on Gaza Freedom Flotilla
by haaretz
Thursday Jun 30th, 2011 5:08 PM
Posted at 17:36 30/06/11 - 18:52 30/06/11 Last update - 18:52 30/06/11
By Barak Ravid

Netanyahu: Israel has the right to resist attempts to train the arms smuggling

In his speech at the end of flying course, Netanyahu acknowledged leaders working against the "flotilla provocation" and specifically noted the prime minister of Greece
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted tonight (Thursday) foreign leaders to help the Israeli effort to prevent the International flotilla to Gaza. In his speech at the end of flying course at the base of premises in the south, Netanyahu stressed that Israel has the right to defend itself against the smuggling of weapons training to Gaza, saying it was "a Hamas terrorist enclave".

"Israel is facing many challenges, and you are at the army's strength was held against these rise up against us," said Netanyahu. "Threats changing shape and again takes shape. There are attempts to constant challenge for our very existence and the integrity of our borders, yet the IDF and other security forces respond to this challenge and develop consistently and methodically - and I add, often ingeniously - the defense capability of our ranges we did not know. The balance of the total, rising power of State of Israel steadily and we are correct and can take on any challenge."

According to Netanyahu, "The ability to protect ourselves is the foundation obtained the necessary peace and peace will be achieved with our neighbors, but sometimes we must not only fend off physical attacks of our enemies, but also the attack on our right to defend ourselves."

The Prime Minister thanked world leaders were working against the "flotilla provocation", led by leaders of the United States and Europe, UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon and Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou. Remember, ships are held out from Greece.

Netanyahu declared that "Israel has every right to act against smuggling we tried to prepare the missiles, rockets and other weapons of Hamas terrorist enclave. Hamas is a brutal enemy, it hits our cities and our children is holding Gilad Shalit in five years."

The Prime Minister added that "a united international community demanded that Hamas immediately release Gilad and first of all to allow Red Cross to visit him. State of Israel is committed to free Gilad and for his return home safely."