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Flotilla Organizers: Participants Have Signed Declarations Of Non-Violence
Tuesday Jun 28th, 2011 2:06 AM
Organisers of the Freedom Flotilla 2 have refuted claims made by the Isralei military on Monday that participants in the flotilla plan to use violence in resisting Israeli military plans to board the vessels. The organisers say that the passengers of the flotilla, due to leave this week, have signed declarations of non violence in advance of the journey, according to Haaretz.
Organisers of the upcoming Freedom Flotilla 2 "Stay Human" have rejected claims made by Israeli military officials on Monday that participants in the flotilla were storing chemical substances such as sulphur in anticipation of violent clashes with the Israeli military. Organisers said that any information the Israeli military had regards individual passengers should be passed on to them.

Israeli military sources claim that members of the Turkish organisation that recently pulled out of the flotilla, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), will instead sail on other participating ships and intend on creating violence.

Nine members of the IHH were killed on board the Mavi Marra during last years Freedom Flotilla when the Israeli military boarded the ship in international waters. The group were pressured to withdraw from this years flotilla by the Turkish government and regional developments linked to events in Syria.

Particpants of the flotilla have come under huge pressure from local governments and Israeli threat in recent days and weeks. Threats issued to participants include a warning against travel to Gaza by sea issued by the US State Department as well as a threat by Israeli officials, recently withdrawn, that Israel would hand down 10 year bans on journalists found participating in the flotilla.

Ships set to participate in the flotilla have been targeted in Greece by local port authorities for investigation following complaints as to their sea worthiness made by a pro Israeli US religious organisation. The Greek/Norwegian/Sweden ship has also had its propeller cut on Monday night in what they claim was an act of deliberate sabotage.

Organisers have not given an exact date for the departure of the flotilla but it is expected it will be in the immediate few days ahead.

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(google translation of Israeli propaganda in hebrew)

Posted at 06:11 06/28/11
IDF: Participants in the flotilla planning violent resistance and wanted to kill soldiers
By Amos Harel, Barak Ravid and Jonathan Lis
According to sources, were loaded on ships sacks of different chemicals - among other things, sulfur. IDF fears that the intention is to ignite the sulfur in the takeover of the ships

Senior military sources told Haaretz yesterday "that are increasing signs in recent days on the intention of some of the participants in the flotilla of aid to Gaza to initiate a violent confrontation with the navy. According to them, coordination meetings held by some groups active in the flotilla, activists talked about their desire to use violence and even "shed blood of soldiers." Also, although previous estimates, it appears that members of IHH and Arab and Muslim activists will join several ships to go out in the flotilla to Gaza.

The sources were loaded onto ships sacks of different chemicals - among other things, sulfur. IDF fears that the intention is to ignite the sulfur in the takeover of the ships. According to the sources, "a dramatic developments. Paint a picture here that in some of the participants in the flotilla is a clear intention to violent conflict. "They said that contrary to the impression that might be participation in public after the Turkish flotilla off, there can be quite serious violence browsing.

The IDF believes contradict the wind blows from the political leadership in recent days and apparently reflects the assessment that there will be relatively quiet flotilla. Military seems to want to clarify the risks involved in stopping the flotilla - and make sure that this time would not be surprised if things go wrong man. The background, standing on the auditor's report Previous flotilla in May last year, his draft was distributed to those involved in last week. The report further tension between the various levels as to who is responsible for failures in the case of Marmara.

Israel claimed that two activists will participate in the flotilla have ties to Hamas. The first active Amin Abu Rashid is used, according to them, one of the Dutch flotilla organization and was a former head of Hamas charity in the Netherlands. The fund was closed due to the investigation authorities in the Netherlands because of its involvement in terrorist financing. Another activist Muhammad Ahmad Hanun. Israel contends that Hanun is a Hamas activist and heads the Foundation ABSPP involved in transferring money to terrorist.

Yesterday ordered the Cabinet - security army "to take firm action" to enforce the blockade on Gaza and to stop the flotilla to come out the next few days from Greece to the Gaza Strip. A statement issued by the Prime Minister at the end of the meeting stated that the IDF was placed "to avoid possible friction" with the participants of the flotilla, To minimize the number of casualties. Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Greece continue diplomatic efforts to try and prevent the sailing away. Prime Minister also instructed to attach Netanyahu meeting of Israeli and foreign reporters navy ships will participate in the Stop operation.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, also discussed also the flotilla. At a meeting of his faction, "independence", he said: "This unnecessary provocation. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza or the other. We call the flotilla organizers, participants and governments whose harbors outgoing ships to stop this provocation and not give her a hand".

In light of the approaching flotilla to Gaza, Defense Ministry proposes to run a court that would allow to confiscate a vessel to break the blockade. The proposal included a letter sent earlier this month the Minister of Justice Barak, Yaakov Neeman. Barack relies on a proposal formulated by the Attorney General to Defense Attorney Ahaz Ben-Ari. He writes the trustee that the security system considered "illegal practices that will enable participating vessels to boycott flotillas and tried to break the blockade on Gaza, despite warnings given to them."

Security sources told Haaretz "that the respect, if the legal process will boycott a vessel, it is very difficult to pro - Palestinian future rent boats for participation in flotillas. However, This requires the court session, and can be done quickly, so the boycott will have on the current flotilla of ships participating.

PM retreats: foreign journalists will not be deported if the ships

After a day in which there seemed to be a global communications entity that protested the matter, decided last night by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his threat to deal with journalists who will participate in the flotilla Cbmstnnim invalid. Office press release said that, contrary to Netanyahu delivered on Sunday, journalists will cover the flotilla of boats will not deported.

Sunday issued a Government Press Office Director, Oren Helman, a letter signed by a completely different wind warning systems to foreign media and foreign journalists working in Israel. According to the letter, coverage of the flotilla of ships is a violation of Israeli law. Hellman added that anyone caught on ships seeking to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza, and it would be a political activist or a journalist, will be breaking the law and will be treated as such: his passport stamped seal prohibiting entry to Israel for a decade.

The letter caused consternation among the foreign journalists, and yesterday, Netanyahu decided to make the decision: "When this was brought to his attention the prime minister instructed not to use the standard policy adopted towards the infiltrators and those who enter illegally into Israel," said the Prime Minister. Organizing foreign journalists were quick to welcome the change in policy.