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PROTEST: Stop Bombing Libya!
Date Saturday July 09
Time 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location Details
Powell and Market Sts.
(at Powell St. BART)
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorANSWER Coalition
Emailanswer [at]
AddressANSWER Office: 2969 Mission St. at 26th, SF
Please bring your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers to the San Francisco protest on Saturday July 9, 2011, to demand “Stop the Bombing of Libya!” There will be a joint action that day in Washington, D.C. in front of the White House.

Contrary to the absurd argument that the bombing of Libya does not constitute a “hostility,” this is fierce and illegal war aimed at carrying out regime change in the country that possesses the largest oil reserves in Africa and the ninth largest in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Tripoli on June 17 against the U.S./NATO bombing and the terrible toll it has taken on the people, economy and infrastructure of Libya. Of course, you didn’t see any coverage of this huge demonstration in the corporate media. That massive outpouring of humanity undoubtedly included many people who have grievances against the current Libyan government. But the people of Tripoli, like people everywhere, stand together against bombing by foreign powers in pursuit of an imperial agenda. Libyans want peace and they must be free to determine their own destiny.

The people of the United States are adding their voice of opposition on Saturday, July 9 in San Francisco and at the White House. By a margin of 2-to-1, the American people oppose this illegal and criminal war. There is no such thing as a “humanitarian” cruise missile. The U.S. government is spending $10 million a day bombing Libya while it bombs Afghanistan and still occupies Iraq with 47,000 troops.

In the name of “protecting civilians” NATO is killing civilians—and describing them as “legitimate military targets.”

On June 20, for instance, NATO and the Pentagon pummeled the birthday party of a four-year-old boy with heavy missiles. They killed 16 civilians, including the four-year-old and his mom, as well as other children and their parents. The four-year-old was the grandson of Khweldi el-Hamedi, an associate of Colonel Gaddafi who participated in the 1969 coup that overthrew the old monarchy.

NATO is killing the civilian family members of the Libyan government in an attempt to break the will of those they have targeted for destruction and overthrow. The Pentagon used the same type of tactic in the 1991 Iraq war.

At a time when the U.S. government says that it is broke and that tens of thousands of teachers and nurses and other workers are being fired because of the “budget crisis,” there seems to be limitless funds for war, bombing, invasion and occupation.

Please join us Saturday, July 9!

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by Rosa
Monday Jul 11th, 2011 3:30 PM
The U.S. Judge Jackson who chaired the Nuremburg Trials (1945-46) Wrote into international democratic law that the planning and doing of Aggressive war is the supreme international crime on the planet earth, as it actuates all other crimes big, small, high, and low. He further says it is the Supreme Crime on earth whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it.
This shows that nationally and internationally the U.S. Imperialist government heading the Imperialist Camp, is actively involved in the worlds' worst war crimes.
It further shows that the U.S. Constitution is being broken as it reads that all international treaties signed on to by the U.S. Constitution, such as the Nuremburg Trials, are to be considered the supreme law of the land.

Indeed the African Union, which is the collective agree of all African countries, has said after meeting about Libya, that the correct political way to deal with Libya is to make a ceasefire.

When the French, British, Canadian and American Imperialists heard Gadaffi respond affirmative calling for a ceasefire, they demonized Gadaffi again, and started shooting Cruise and Tomahawk Missles at Libya killing and wounding hundreds and thousands of Libyans (latest estimates 961 killed and 4,076 wounded).

This indeed is the worlds' worst war crimes. In the case of Gadaffi, it must be understood the background to the Libyan contradiction and unity, and class struggle from the past to the present.

The Oil Monopolies of Britain (BP) France, and U.S.A. found oil in Libya in 1959, and they installed a puppet king Ibris to make sure the flow of oil came to them without having expenses of paying the Libyan people for it.

Ten years later under the influence of Gamal Abdul Nasser of Eygpt, Gadaffi and the liberation front nationalized the oil fields of Libya, and booted the Euro-Centric Oil Monopolies out of Libya.

He and the Libyan Govt. then began giving the people of Libya the royalties from the selling of the oil. They built in free medicine for all, and free education for all, and work for all. They also joined with the African Union, and gave generously to their unity and struggle for a independent united Africa owned and controlled by the African People.

From the very start of this siding with socialized means of production, the French, British, and American Imperialists sought to regime change Libya. With the nationalization of Libyan oil they have had C.I.A. and special forces, Mi6 British subverters, and french foreign intelligence on the ground training their so-called rebels now supported by Imperialism through the U.S. Contolled NATO inside and around Libya, and started their decades long campaign to demonize Gadaffi.

The million Libyan People demonstration for Gadaffi and the Libyan government, and against NATO, missles and bombs, held in Tripoli recently, proves the Libyan people are most majority opposed to the former Imperialist countries destruction.

They are remembing that the Euro-Centric Empires have for centuries conquored the Aftican people, and enslaved them, while plundering the resources of Africa leaving the people, plants, and animals with polluted air, land, water, ruins, genocidal mass starvation and poverty.

Ceasefire says every country in Africa and the anti-fascist covenants such as the Charter of the UN, which says that the UN was formed by the anti-fascist fighters of the second world war, to make war just a long distant memory for the comming generations.

The Security Council now controlled by the Imperialist Camp is breaking its own Charter (10-5 vote against Libya), and its true meaning by making this unjust war and illegal aggression against a paid up member of the UN, which has not done any harm to any nation.

The Imperialists ought to listen to the majority of the people of Africa, and quit their chauvinist behaviour towards the livability of Libya.

Workers of the world, unite!! Dismantle NATO. Imperialist Camp get out of Africa!!
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