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Nakba day obituary
by anonymous
Sunday May 8th, 2011 8:41 AM
Nakba day obituary

Yesterday was Independence Day in Israel. Palestinians, however, commemorated the "Nakaba" (disaster) -- all the villages and cities that were demolished and the 750.000 refugees who fled or were evicted from their houses during Israel war of independence. Recently, the Israeli parliament passed a law barring institutions who receive government founding to commemorate in any way the Nakaba. Meaning that even Palestinian schools in Israel cannot teach the subject to kids. This post was done by the Anarchists and distributed and posted on walls in Israel on Independence Day. Its designed as an obituary and reads "To the Palestinian people here and in the diaspora, we join you in your mourning of the Nakba, for the killings, the transfer and the denial. In the return of the refugees we will be consoled."