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Animal Rights Fugitive Moves to Third on Most Wanted Terrorists List
by Voice of the Voiceless
Monday May 2nd, 2011 10:57 PM
With the (alleged) death of Bin Laden, the FBI has reordered its “Most Wanted Terrorists” list, moving animal liberation fugitive Andres San Diego to number three.

From Voice of the Voiceless

Andres San Diego moves to number three on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list

With the (alleged) death of Bin Laden, the FBI has reordered its “Most Wanted Terrorists” list, moving animal liberation fugitive Andres San Diego to number three.

San Diego was indicted in 2004 for the bombings of two targets related to the campaign against Huntington Life Sciences: Chiron (Emeryville, CA) and Shaklee (Pleasonton, CA). He was last seen in 2003, after he evaded an FBI surveillance tail in downtown San Francisco.

Andreas San Diego first became a suspect immediately after the Shaklee bombing, when he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation less than a mile from the site of the explosion. He has been a fugitive for nearly eight years.

Adding San Diego to the “most wanted terrorists” list is among the more bold moves by the federal government as it works to sell the public on animal rights activists and the A.L.F. as “terrorists”. This despite a 30+ year history of activity in which no humans have been harmed. The bombing Andreas are accused of took place at unoccupied office buildings, and no one was injured.

The FBI’s wanted poster has this to say about Andreas San Diego:

“Daniel Andreas San Diego is wanted for his alleged involvement in the bombing of two office buildings in the San Francisco, California, area. On August 28, 2003, two bombs exploded approximately one hour apart at the Chiron Corporation in Emeryville. Then, on September 26, 2003, one bomb strapped with nails exploded at the Shaklee Corporation in Pleasanton. San Diego was indicted in the United States District Court, Northern District of California, in July of 2004.”

Followed, of course, by “SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS” (my wanted poster contained the same notation, despite my never having possessed, held, or even seen, a gun).

It is impossible to know where Andres San Diego is hiding, but please ask yourself what you would do if he showed up at your door tonight, asking for help. San Diego faces a potential life sentence if arrested, and is out there somewhere right now literally running for his life.

- Peter Young

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by .
Monday May 2nd, 2011 11:07 PM
hey Peter - were those events or actions in Santa Cruz about 2 or 3 years ago where a house and a car in the driveway of two professors at the university were burned considered ALF actions? They never caught the people and I never heard if a communique was sent out. Perhaps it was an angry ex-student who didn't like their grade, for all I know. If it was ALF though, this would violate your statement above, that nobody has been hurt during an action, because the professor hurt his foot jumping out the window early in the morning.
by Just Saying
Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 10:04 AM
He'll never be "caught."

Won't go into details of why that is a strong suspicion, but there you have it. Things may not be what they seem.
by your a conspiracy nut!
Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 5:33 PM
That is a real inflamatory thing to say that Daniel is an undercover agent and this is a "false flag" operation. It is especially inflamatory when you offer no proof, that it is only a 'strong suspicion' you have and that you won't go into why you think that way. I mean shit, where do people like you get off! To say stuff like that is basically just spreading rumors and fear. Give me a break!
by huh?
Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 8:28 PM
If you're not Andreas San Diego, even if he IS who the FBI says he is, then how on earth is doubting the FBI's story spreading fear?

You SHOULD harbor doubts about the FBI and the things it says. If not, then you're not really thinking for yourself. Do you really believe the FBI is incapable of or unwilling to do false flag ops? Do you think they don't use undercover agents?

And if you are afraid of anything, it should be how the FBI used Chiron as a pretext to raid above ground NorCal animal activists' houses and drag them into grand juries. Similar to how they later went after SHAC and the AETA4.

Sorry I can't go into details. It would compromise too many identities. Remember the FBI and other cops read this site all the time. Just know that there are some who doubt the FBI take on this. If you choose to disregard that and take the FBI at face value, so be it. Who knows for sure? Only Andreas San Diego and a small handful of others aware of his current whereabouts. Maybe your faith in the FBI will be shown to be perfectly well placed. Either way, doubting the FBI story here places Andreas San Diego in no greater harm (if he is on the run as they say), and neither does it do any harm to you or anyone else. But it does expose people to the idea that things may not be as they seem. Do with that as you will.
by Vandals would be more accurate!
Monday May 9th, 2011 3:47 PM
To be a terrorist, one must inspire terror by one's own actions. NOT because the FBI concocts mythological stories and hypes up scary propaganda to inspire terror in the public.

It would be more accurate to refer to the ELF and ALF activists as simply "vandals", because their primary activity is damaging corporate property without EVER harming ANY humans and/or animals in the process.

Actual terrorists attack real human civilians, causing severe casualites and deaths in the process. NEVER has an ELF or ALF activist participated or planned any such attacks against humans, they ONLY attack NON-LIVING buildings or other such material, so they cannot be called terrorists if the FBI wishes to maintain any of their remaining credibility.

Very few members of the public feel REAL terror when thinking of an ALF or ELF activist springing some puppies out of their cages in a testing lab.

The problem for the FBI is that if they were to use the most accurate description for the ELF/ALF as "vandals", they would be using a word that does not inspire very much fear and terror in the public. It may even be questioned why the FBI is WASTING TAXPAYER RESOURCES on chasing around vandals when REAL murderers, rapists, drug cartel kidnappers and child molesters are running amok in the U.S. committing actual violence against HUMANS!!

Since the primary objective of the FBI is in protecting profits of wealthy animal testing corporations, they need to use the more extreme terminology of "terrorist" when refering to the ALF/ELF. Otherwise we the people would wonder why the FBI is using OUR taxpayer resources to chase after people who free puppies!!

The FBI is supposed to protect people from violence and criminal activity, NOT to protect corporations from mild vandalism. If the corporations want to engage in cruel and destructive behavior that inspires ALF/ELF activists to commit vandalism, then they should hire their own PRIVATE SECURITY out of THEIR OWN DEEP CORPORATE POCKETS!!