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Amanda Lollar commits animal cruelty at Bat World Sanctuary
by Say NO to animal cruelty
Sunday May 1st, 2011 9:47 AM
Videos and photos (see links below) have surfaced of Amanda Lollar performing illegal surgery on conscious bats. The bats can be seen kicking and trying to bite her. In one video she performs an episiotomy on a bat. Lollar accidentally pulls out the bat's vagina and uterus because she cut too much. The bat passes out in shock. She later dies along with her baby. Let authorities know you want Lollar prosecuted for animal cruelty and abuse.
Video of Lollar performing illegal episiotomy surgery on a bat. GRAPHIC!!! Mom and baby die.

Amanda Lollar is a "wildlife rehabilitator" who treats bats in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is not a veterinarian yet she illegally performs surgery. She illegally possesses and uses controlled substances such as Isoflurane. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Veterinary Board. They stated, "she committed animal cruelty and should be reported to the police."

Amanda Lollar purchases, possesses, and administers rabies vaccinations to bats. Only veterinarians may possess and administer rabies vaccinations to animals because they can cause an animal to die if not administered properly. Lollar does not report rabid bats to the Texas Health Department. Instead, she euthanizes them illegally with controlled substances, then dumps their bodies into the regular trash. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Health Department. They stated that "her acts are criminal and should be reported to the police."

Texas Parks & Recreation was contacted about Amanda Lollar's illegal activity as they control her wildlife rehabilitation permit. They stated, "wildlife rehabilitators cannot perform surgery, and they cannot have controlled substances." The USDA was also contacted because Lollar has a USDA exhibitor permit to exhibit her bats. Lollar violated the Animal Welfare Act by "not providing proper veterinary care." Texas Parks & Recreation and the USDA are currently investigating Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.

In another video, Amanda Lollar can be seen using forceps to pull out the teeth of a conscious bat. The bat is clearly kicking and trying to bite Lollar. After Lollar yanks two of his teeth out the bat can be seen bleeding. Lollar uses this video as an example of "proper" dental surgery in her website .

Video of Amanda Lollar pulling out the teeth of a conscious bat. GRAPHIC!!!

A visitor to the sanctuary last year found a one-winged dead bat under Amanda Lollar's desk. It had been dead for at least two days as insects were eating it. It appeared to have died from lack of food and water. When Lollar was shown the dead bat she said the bat "was one of my favorite bats." She obviously cannot care for the bats she has if her favorite bat could go missing for days and not be noticed.

The visitor also noted that Lollar has seven dogs even though she has no kennel permit. They are all debarked. Some of the dogs have medical and dental issues, as well as very long nails. They are never walked. One of the dogs cannot use its rear legs, so she's forced to drag herself around. Lollar's outdoor cats also need veterinary care as they appear to have fleas, worms, and dental issues.

A licensed veterinarian saw the videos and stated, "This is a nightmare! No one but a veterinarian should perform surgery. Report her to the state veterinary board. She should go to jail." A viewer of the episiotomy video stated, "That is horrific! They should arrest her immediately. She pulled out her vagina! She should never be allowed around animals ever again because she has a complete disregard for their feelings of pain."

It should be noted that Lollar used photos from this bat's botched episiotomy in her website and book to show "proper episiotomy procedures." What she claims happened in her book is not what happened in real life as evidenced by the video.

These violations were reported to the police as instructed by the Texas Health Department and Texas Veterinary Board. Make sure the Mineral Wells Police Department thoroughly investigates these acts of animal cruelty and abuse. Please, politely ask the Chief of Police Mike McAllester to take necessary action, policechief [at] Also ask the USDA Robert.M.Gibbens [at] and Texas Parks & Wildlife wpoffice [at] to revoke Lollar's USDA and wildlife rehabilitation permits.

Photos of abuse, illegal surgery and controlled substances are here

Video of Amanda Lollar giving illegal rabies vaccination to a baby bat

Video of a skinny, shaking, dying pallid bat at Bat World Sanctuary

Video of Amanda Lollar holding a rabid bat in her hand without gloves. Afterwards she illegally euthanized it with Isoflurane pictured in the background then she dumped it in the regular trash
§VIDEOS PHOTOS of cruelty here
by u76 Monday May 9th, 2011 1:05 PM
Photos of Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary's animal cruelty here

Videos of the cruelty here

The Video, "AmandaLollarBatWorldSanctuary.mp4"
can be downloaded from:
by Upload Monday May 9th, 2011 1:23 PM
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
Say NO to animal cruelty
§Mary Cummins President of Animal Advocates Dumped by her own Attorney
by HonestyHelps Friday Sep 30th, 2011 10:06 AM
Mary Cummings, President of Animal Advocates, is dumped by her own attorney for making false accusations during her court ordered deposition.

See the following website and youtube channel for more information and Cummins' attorney's Motion to Withdraw:

§Mary Cummins Sues Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary
by Animal Advocates Saturday Jan 28th, 2012 12:12 PM
Animal activist and rescuer Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates filed suit against Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary and John Does 1-10 for defamation per se and interference with business relations, Case # CV11-08081 in California Federal Court.

The complaint states that Amanda Lollar falsely posted on the Internet that Cummins "has a criminal record," "was convicted" of "theft of property, forged name on credit card," and "hacked into" Lollar's "email address" among other things. The complaint also states that Defendants emailed some of these same false allegations of criminal activity to government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Fish & Game which control Cummins' permits.

Mary Cummins said "While I am a major proponent of freedom of speech, I am appalled that someone would try to destroy my reputation by falsely posting on the Internet that I am a 'convicted criminal.' I have never been charged with or convicted of any crime in my entire life."

The complaint states that defendants also posted on the Internet that Cummins commits "animal cruelty" and "tortures" animals. Mary Cummins said "I am very passionate about providing the absolute best care for animals. I went through the police and humane academy to become a Humane Officer so I could protect animals from abusers. For these people to make such false claims on the Internet is outrageous."
The comments were posted in Yahoo, Facebook, Google Blogs and other websites.

Cummins believes that Amanda Lollar made these defamatory comments in retaliation for Cummins turning Amanda Lollar in to authorities for animal cruelty, neglect, violations of the health code and violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Lollar is being represented by Randy Turner of Bailey & Galyen in a related Texas lawsuit.

Mary Cummins is President of Animal Advocates a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California. Animal Advocates rescues ill, injured and orphaned native wildlife (coyotes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels...bats) for release back to the wild.
§Mary Cummins
by Animal Advocates Saturday Jan 28th, 2012 12:12 PM
Mary Cummins sues Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary

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by amanda gilbert
(Amandagilbert54 [at] Sunday May 1st, 2011 2:06 PM
this is beyond cruelty its pure evil intent this person if you can concider her human did this purely out of cruel intentions the poor bat could not of suffered more than what she did to it makes me feel sick . she has got to be punished to the max for her evil deeds.
by animal lib
(Amandagilbert54 [at] Sunday May 1st, 2011 2:12 PM
evil pure evil this person has to pay for the suffering she caused
by J moffatt
Sunday May 1st, 2011 5:55 PM
I totally agree does she not have a brain to know they feel pain
by Tonya ryan
(Atonyathehun [at] Monday May 2nd, 2011 11:55 AM
Somebody needs to rip this sick broads arms out of her body and beat her about her silly head with them!!!! Good thing I don't live in Texas or I would drive there n do it myself!!!!! And "No", I did not watch any of the videos!!!
by A C
Monday May 2nd, 2011 7:03 PM
The video of her pulling out the vagina and uterus was removed by YouTube. It was reported for being "shocking and disgusting." We will try to get the video back online. In the video she cuts the bat's vagina twice in hopes of widening her vagina. She accidentally cuts deeply into muscle and skin. Amanda then pulls the baby out by its head. After that the umbilicus is visible. She then yanks on it and the bat's vagina and uterus fall out. Amanda even says "Her vagina and uterus just prolapsed." Then the bat passes out due to shock. The baby is born dead yet pink. That means it recently died.
by AC
Monday May 2nd, 2011 8:02 PM
Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary reported her own videos as "disturbing." YouTube removed them. We will be posting them again tomorrow on another server. We will label them as medical videos so they cannot be called "disturbing."
by hg
Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 8:43 AM
by Amanda Lollar
Thursday May 5th, 2011 1:37 PM
To read more about this go here:
by Amanda Lollar
Thursday May 5th, 2011 4:16 PM
Bat World Sanctuary is an open book – we have nothing to hide. Including this site, there are numerous false statements regarding alleged cruelty committed by our organization’s President, Amanda Lollar. Rather than respond to each and every email, we have created a page that we hope will answer your concerns. Visit to read the truth.
by Daisy Duke
Thursday May 5th, 2011 5:17 PM
Mary Cummins attended what was to be a two-week internship at Bat World Sanctuary in June of 2010. Ms. Cummins became disgruntled over the duties involved and left the internship within a few days. She then proceeded to post defamatory and copyrighted information over the Internet regarding Bat World Sanctuary and our Founder and President, Amanda Lollar. She is being sued.

Distasteful as we find this, we felt it necessary to create this page to counteract the defamation and harm Ms Mary Cummins, of Animal Advocates, is causing, and continues to cause, to our organization.

In brief, Ms. Cummins attended what was to be a two-week internship at Bat World Sanctuary in June of 2010. Ms. Cummins became disgruntled over the duties involved and left the internship within a few days. She then proceeded to post defamatory and copyrighted information over the Internet regarding Bat World Sanctuary and our Founder and President, Amanda Lollar. Read more about Amanda Lollar here.

The number of false accusations are too great to list each one, however, they include throwing live bats into a trash can, performing an unnecessary episiotomy on a mother bat, pulling the teeth of a bat without pain medication, finding bed bugs in the guest rooms at Bat World Sanctuary, and mistreatment of the sanctuary’s on-site dogs. Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar filed a lawsuit against Mary Cummins on September 15, 2010. Click here to view a copy of this lawsuit.

Mary Cummins has made false complaints about us to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the USDA, the Texas Veterinary Medical Board, the Texas Department of Health, USFWS, the Mineral Wells Department of Health, the City Manager, the Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, the Chief of Police and we suspect the IRS. Each and every one of the officials who investigated her complaints found them to be without merit, some even called and offered their help in fighting Ms. Cummins. Mary Cummins has also sent numerous false and damaging emails to the large majority of our supporters, who in turn forwarded her emails back to us in support.

An injunction was scheduled on May 4th, 2011, to force Mary Cummins to remove the defamatory statements she has made about Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar from the internet. Approximately three days before the injunction, numerous new pages containing false and damaging statements appeared on dozens of internet sites, including facebook, indybay, twitter, myspace, care2 and more. Copyrighted videos from Amanda Lollar’s most recent book were illegally downloaded and altered in an attempt to display cruelty, then uploaded to youtube. Other recent defamatory items include photos Mary Cummins took without permission while interning at Bat World Sanctuary. Read more about Mary Cummins here.

Our case for the injunction against Mary Cummins was heard in Civil Court in Tarrant County, Texas on May 4th, 2011. Mary Cummins appeared in court, representing herself, and lost her case. Click here to see the injunction ordering Mary Cummins to immediately remove defamatory statements and prohibiting her from repeating her attacks on our organization.

Amanda Lollar has spent the past 20 years bettering the lives of bats worldwide. She has given up her own livelihood to protect these animals, remortgaging her personal property three times in the process. Ms. Lollar has been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, was a finalist in Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year Award, and won the Doris Day Kindred Spirit Award.
by Daisy Duke
Thursday May 5th, 2011 5:18 PM
by Daisy Duke
Thursday May 5th, 2011 5:18 PM
by Vespertilio
Thursday May 5th, 2011 8:01 PM
Within the last few weeks Amanda Lollar admitted that two wardens from Texas Parks & Wildlife, a USDA inspector, animal control, Fish & Wildlife, a representative from the Health Department and the City Manager for Mineral Wells, Texas paid unexpected visits at Bat World Sanctuary. Lollar is currently being investigated by the USDA and Parks and Wildlife for animal cruelty and other related violations.

Videos and photos surfaced over the past two weeks showing Amanda Lollar performing surgery on bats. Lollar is not a licensed veterinarian. In one such video Lollar tries to perform an episiotomy on a bat with no pain relief. After cutting the bat three times she begins to pull the baby out. After mistaking the baby's head for a foot, she accidentally pulled the umbilicus out. Then she accidentally pulled the bat's vagina and uterus out. The bat can be seen convulsing right before passing out. She later died along with her baby. Lollar used photos from this episiotomy in her book to show a "proper episiotomy." She does not mention what really happened to the bat and pup.

In another video Lollar can be seen pulling out the teeth of a bat again with no pain relief. The bat tries to bite Lollar and fights her. She continues to pull out his molars while he bleeds. Lollar again uses this video to proudly show "proper dental extraction" in her book.

Because of the backlash against Lollar caused by the gruesome videos and photos, Lollar has tried to quiet the person who took the original videos by getting a temporary injunction to temporarily remove them from the internet. In court documents Lollar claims she owns the proprietary way in which she did the episiotomy and dental extraction. She claims the videos and photos show copyrighted materials.

Similar photos and videos are in her book which is available free online. It should be noted her book is a "how to" book showing people how to care for bats. Lollar does not seem to grasp the fair use act of copyright. If she does not want people to share or use her techniques, perhaps she should not write a "how to" book. Techniques can never be copyrighted, only the exact words used to express them.

Lollar also claimed she did not give permission to the person who took the videos and photos. Extensive emails, documents, video footage and independent eyewitness testimony show otherwise.

In a court hearing in Fort Worth, Texas on May 4, 2011 Lollar claimed she was an "internationally renown bat expert." Upon cross-examination Lollar was questioned about her education and experience. Lollar was asked if she had a PhD, Masters Degree, College Degree or even just a high school diploma. She proudly replied "nope!" When asked where she received her many years of formal training and education she proudly stated she had no training and learned everything through "trial and error."

Lollar was asked if she was a "scientist." She replied "yes." She was asked if she ever had a peer review journal article published as a sole author. She replied "no." On the stand Lollar stated that she had the "largest bat sanctuary in the world" with 200-300 bats. When asked about the Samal Monfort Bat Sanctuary which holds the Guiness World Record for largest bat sanctuary with 1.8M to 2.5M bats, she changed her story. She stated she had the "largest enclosed bat sanctuary for unreleasable bats."

While on the stand Lollar admitted to possessing and using Isoflurane. She obviously didn't realize that it is a controlled substance which can only be possessed and used by a doctor. Lollar uses Isoflurane to sedate bats for surgery and to euthanize them by overdosing them.

In Lollar's book she states "the author routinely vaccinates bats taken in from the wild that will be added to captive study colonies." She not only suggests the dosage but even posted video of herself giving rabies vaccinations to bats. On the stand she stated it was just water. She stated she has no rabies vaccinations and never gives rabies vaccinations. Videos, photos and eyewitness accounts prove otherwise.

This is not the first time Lollar has had people state that her methods were illegal acts of animal cruelty or not sound. In an earlier manual Lollar instructed people just to glue broken bones together. She obviously does not understand basic biology or anatomy. One writer stated "Lollar (1994) gave detailed instructions on gluing wing fractures, but failed to explain how to maintain blood flow across the fracture-line through the glue. She also did not report the number of successful treatments achieved."

In the same manual Lollar recommended using WD-40 to remove tar and oil from bats, "Roofing tar and oil may be removed with WD-40® (Lollar, 1994)." One writer stated "WD-40®, however, is extremely toxic, so every effort must be made to wash it off a bat's fur, presumably with soap and water (Lollar failed to say)."

Lollar also recommended a cruel method to euthanize bats. "Lollar (1994) advocate putting bats in a refrigerator until torpid and then transferring them to a freezer. Stebbings (pers. comm. to Routh, 1991) states that this method is inhumane; a view shared by the American Veterinary Medical Association. As the bat's body temperature approaches freezing, the animal awakes from torpor in an attempt to find a warmer environment (Davis and Reite, 1967; Hock, 1960; Mumford, 1958)."

It's very possible Amanda Lollar could lose her wildlife rehabilitation and USDA permits because of these recent complaints. They are not the first. Freedom of Information Act requests will be sent to receive the result of the investigations. The results will be reported here. The results of her ongoing legal action to quiet the whistle blower will also be posted here.
by Amanda Lollar
Friday May 6th, 2011 12:52 PM
Thank you, Mary, for these additional items of defamation that we are now adding to our existing lawsuit.
by hi
Friday May 6th, 2011 1:25 PM
Amanda Lollar's libelous and defamatory postings are being saved. They will be used in a counter suit against Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary for libel, defamation and harassment. They will also be given to the authorities.
by e to c
Sunday May 8th, 2011 11:18 AM
Contact the person who took the video. They will email you a copy. They just can't post a copy.
by Honesty
Monday May 9th, 2011 3:02 PM
Evidence, exhibits, motions, affidavits from Mary Cummins in the Bat World Sanctuary/Amanda Lollar lawsuit. She proves that Bat World's allegations are unfounded.
by Philip
Monday May 9th, 2011 10:56 PM
I am posting what I posted on a friends wall about this situation:

You are right the state in my mind is evil itself. However, the reason I brought that up, is that is one of the accusations that is being brought against Amanda. They are saying that she was visited. That does not prove guilt - it simply proves that someone reported her. I could do the same (not going to) to Mary and someone would come out and investigate her. That would not prove her guilt.

I can't say I have seen everything - but I did read the links you posted and do some additional research.

After reading everything, I have yet to see "facts." I see many accusations against a person who claims to love animals by a person who claims to love animals. This reminds me a lot of christianity.

I could go through each and every one of the accusations, but my biggest issue here is you have to have backup what you say. The authors of those post claim many things without backing them up.

One of the things that they claim is that no anesthesia was used. If you watch the video, you will notice that LOCAL anesthesia was in fact used. Of course the mother bat is going to wiggle - it's in labor. I've been present for the labor of both animals and people and it's not a comfortable situation anyway you put it. You cannot knockout the mother or you risk hurting the baby. Only local anesthesia can be used.

I watched the videos. I have to say I saw nothing wrong in them. We have a bat which is going to die, and her baby is going to die. Amanda used LOCAL anastasia and tried to deliver the baby. I grew up on a farm (we had many animals that we did not eat - we were vegan). There were times that we had to help the animals. I helped deliver baby animals many times. A license does not make you qualified - experience does.

I have to disagree that she does not know what she is doing. Watching her in the video delivering that baby bat looked very like the many times I've seen babies born. We didn't have bats, but we had many other animals. I've watched horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, snakes, rats, mice, etc. give birth. I've assisted and assisted those who were helping them. Sometimes the baby is lost - sometimes the mother is lost. It's obviously not what you want. But, you make an effort to save them both.

However, I'm concerned about some of the videos Mary herself has - such as that of the skunk. That's disturbing that she'd even video that instead of helping the poor creature. I guess that bothers me even more because I had a pet skunk that we rescued.

I do not know either of these ladies. I do know that PETA endorses Amanda and recommends her.
by Philip
Monday May 9th, 2011 11:10 PM
Another example would be where she claims Amanda held a bat in her bare hands and then later killed it. What proof is what I want to know. You can claim that - but anyone can claim something. Where is the proof. Who collaborated it? From what I'm seeing this Mary lady seems to need some medicine. She's crazy and to me gives the people who try to help animals a bad name.
by Nancy
Tuesday May 10th, 2011 6:23 AM
This person has also been ordered by the state of Texas to remove all defamatory slander as of May 4th.
Please forward the truth.
This Mary person has also been ordered by the state of Texas to remove all defamatory slander as of May 4th. She has chosen to ignore this and continues to spread rumors that are nothing short of a stalking vendetta according to anyone with common sense. Who behaves like this at her age? Obviously someone with an imbalance and need for attention.
The one being defamed, slandered, stalked and harassed is defending herself, out of court as well as in. Please forward the truth.
by abc
Tuesday May 10th, 2011 9:06 AM
Amanda Lollar submitted a photo of herself holding a possibly rabid bat in her bare hands to the court. It is a public document. Amanda submitted all the photos and videos in question to the court. They are all now public documents.
by julie b
Tuesday May 10th, 2011 5:50 PM
Was this animal properly evaluated before this surgery?!?! Aren't there guidelines or protocols for anesthesia/sedation or at least an analgesic and comfortable restraints on small animal surgery? Was surgical iodine or any sterilizing solution used? Since the animal is flailing around in pain wasn't the person worried about the lack of isolation or draping in regards to the incision area? With that amount of mobility of the animal did she really think that any kind of precise incision would be possible? This is SICK.

And why does the person performing the "surgery" seem more concerned about the camera lighting than the animal and the baby?
by efg
Tuesday May 10th, 2011 6:01 PM
Amanda Lollar just wanted episiotomy photos for her book. She uses photos from this episiotomy in her book to illustrate "proper episiotomy." In her book she even she even says "don't cut too much or she could prolapse." Lollar learning by trial and error again. She wanted the light off because the photos were looking too yellow. She cared about the photos, not the bat.
by BCI
Wednesday May 11th, 2011 5:02 PM
Bat Conservation International is the largest bat conservation group in the world. They just released a comment about the animal cruelty allegations. They confirm that the USDA and Parks & Wildlife are indeed investigating Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.

"Regarding these specific claims (of animal cruelty by Amanda Lollar), the regulatory agencies that oversee Bat World Sanctuary’s permits, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the US Department of Agriculture, have been contacted about this situation. Bat Conservation International works closely with both of these authorities on bat related issues. We trust they will conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate actions if warranted."
by anon
Wednesday May 11th, 2011 7:06 PM
AnimalCruelty is Mary Cummins from Animal Advocates in Los Angeles - she is trying to defame a very reputable licensed wildlife rehabilitator because she is losing a lawsuit. See her getting served and much much more - here:
by Battle Royale
Wednesday May 11th, 2011 9:31 PM
Battle of the animal rights activists turned into a back and forth that should be taken somewhere else.
by yes
Wednesday May 11th, 2011 10:01 PM
A person who committed animal cruelty is attacking the reputation of the whistleblower by posting libel. Another person who purports to be a wildlife rescuer who dislikes the whistleblower for personal reasons is also posting libel and supporting the person who committed animal cruelty. What is important here is that Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary committed felony animal cruelty. She needs to lose all permits, never have bats or dogs again and go to jail.
by anun
Thursday May 12th, 2011 11:18 AM

Public documents don't lie.
by Rebecca Dmytryk
Friday May 13th, 2011 7:28 AM
For anyone interested, you can find out the real scoop on Mary Cummins and her decades-long history of attacking, assaulting, defaming, stalking and trying to ruin the lives of many, many people - from Los Angeles Animal Service employees to local wildlife rehabilitators - this is what she does - for whatever reason.... So, if you want it all, go to or the Facebook Page Animal Advocates and the truth.
by Honesty
Friday May 13th, 2011 8:26 AM
Restraining order against Rebecca Dmytryk by California Wildlife Center. Dmytryk was destroying the California Wildlife Center. The board voted her off. Dmytryk got violent, stole money, destroyed peoples' property. They had to get a restraining order on her to remove her from the premises. Read for yourself.

Rebecca Dmytryk sued for bankruptcy fraud. She lost this lawsuit. She committed bankruptcy fraud

Dmytryk lost her wildlife rehabilitation permit years ago. She was just kicked off the oil spill team. She is still very upset and bitter about these things. That is why she attacks rehabbers who have their permits and haven't been kicked off their boards.

She is now supporting Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary. She is supporting an animal abuser. Why would a so-called rescuer support an animal abuser? WildRescue is the name of her organization. Why does it support animal cruelty?
by Still not buying
Wednesday May 18th, 2011 2:22 PM
Sorry but I'm still not buying the supposed proof on this page. The same exact "article" is being repeated all over the place, and that doesn't speak volumes. Worse it's a repeat of a FB by Mary Cummins, and the new stuff is only more speculation from third-party views. That stuff was in the injunction to be removed off cyberspace so why is it being placed all over cyberspace? Who is the source? It is Mary Cummins info and images down to the last pixel that she was told to remove. What's with the goofy picture used of a lady in a bat costume in some places on top of all this? Is the original rant so weak to smart viewers that somebody had to go online and dig up a halloween photo? And why is this Mary lady posting stuff about yet another person she went after right in replys? They don't even show what really happened to make the replyer act in a way that says she just truly wanted to avoid those people and someone got to her real nastily. Why did she want to avoid them? What happened that Mary won't say other than "she's guilty guilty guilty discredit discredit don't listen to her"? It really doesn't all seem clear and I'm still not believing it.
by So does TPWD
Wednesday May 18th, 2011 6:35 PM
The only people supporting the animal abuser are other animal abusers. The abusers friends also use illegal drugs and perform illegal surgeries on bats. Birds of a feather flock together. Notice BCI is not supporting Lollar. They are supporting the USDA and TPWD. They don't want to get their hands dirty in Amanda's mess. Everyone knows that she's been doing illegal surgeries with illegal drugs for years. She even brags about her stone age surgical "procedures" in her books. After she's been bashing BCI for years, why would they help her anyway?
by Confused
Thursday May 19th, 2011 2:05 PM
Okay, I have watched the video several times over and just don't get it (ot maybe I actually do). I've been a vet tech for 17 years and can tell you, this procedure was done correctly. Now I have to ask, why did Mary Cummins help with the episiotomy (done on a bat that clearly needed help) then turn on Amanda Lollar and cry fowl? You can clearly hear Amanda talking to Mary in the video, and Mary answers asking how she can help Amanda. So, if Mary thought it was so terrible what Amanda did, why did she not call the authorities right away, and instead wait until after she was sued by Amanda for defamation? Something smells fishy here, and I think the smell is coming from Cummins.
by 20/20 vision
Friday May 20th, 2011 1:23 PM
I don't see her doing anything either than turning the light off so Amanda can take photos. If you're a vet tech with 17 years experience then I'm a vet with 500 years of experience. How do you know the bat needed help? Were you there? There is no video of what happened before this video. How would you know when she first reported her? You don't. If you think doing this to a bat is okay you should not be a vet tech. This is not proper surgical procedure by any means. Why protect an animal abuser? p.s. It's "foul," not "fowl."
by YOU need glasses!
Saturday May 21st, 2011 8:38 AM
"How do you know the bat needed help? Were you there?"

Were you? Were any of you? Have you experience like vets who've cooperated with this woman for over a decade and swear by her bat-specific experience? This is all online banter, and the proof the USDA needed has already been set in stone upon Cummins' proverbial grave in court dates to come.

Also, "everyone supporting her abuses animals, so if you don't see the emperor's new clothes, you are a fool!!" is so overgenerallized and desperate that you're pathetic to even make that statement. You know everyone supporting her? What a grand sweeping statement you make when you've not a leg to stand upon. Bottom line is get over yourself.
by anon
Saturday May 21st, 2011 12:51 PM
Mary Cummins proof of defamation
by Don't understand
Saturday May 21st, 2011 4:56 PM
You sued someone to get an injunction to remove supposed "defamation" and images from the internet. You claimed the photos and text harm your reputation. Why then would you repost them? You just defamed yourself by reposting an image that says you committed animal cruelty. Plus, I see no evidence to show who posted the image or text on the right. And, the truth is never defamation. That text looks truthful to me and that bat looks really bad.
by Typhoid Mary
Sunday May 22nd, 2011 7:14 AM
Recent conduct by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, based near Beverly Hills, California, has gotten what she has long deserved - a serious legal battle which involves her malicious attempts to defame Amanda Lollar of Batt World Santcuary in Texas. Please see court documents and a link to Mary's background and history at the links provided below.

Blog of Mary Cummin's long history of cyber stalking, malicious conduct, improper handling and care of wildlife, animal cruelty, questionable management of a nonprofit corporation and misuse of nonprofit funds, and the recent legal battle:

Also on Facebook:

See Mary Cummins being served here:

See here for proof of how Mary Used her own image to defame Amanda Lollar:

Mary's Contempt of Court:

Read the entire lawsuit:
by Typhoid Mary
Sunday May 22nd, 2011 7:14 AM
by Typhoid Mary
Sunday May 22nd, 2011 7:14 AM
by That bat looks awful
Monday May 23rd, 2011 2:43 AM
The history of this bat and some others is that they're rescues. This one was subjected to disgusting acts of cruelty completely permitted by law for the scientist who performed frighteningly disturbing experiments on the animals until someone stepped in. Bat world took the bats that would be handed over even though the college wouldn't surrender all of them.

Her lips have cancers, among other things done to her, and she will never mentally be the same, but she is in the care of loving keepers and is with other bats in a comfortable environment. It is because of bat world she's free from the experiments now.

That's why she looks bad. Amanda and her crew can't change the way she looks only make her comfortable for her remaining years.
by BCI
Monday May 23rd, 2011 6:15 AM
***UPDATE: We recently learned that authorities from several agencies, including Texas Parks & Wildlife and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as two independent veterinarians and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, have investigated the situation at Bat World Sanctuary and found nothing to support these allegations.
by anon
Monday May 23rd, 2011 6:24 AM
I was at batworld and saw this bat and know how well cared for it was. Mary Cummins was sneaking around and taking lots and lots of photographs behind batworld's back while she was there. She drug this poor old bat out of her little comfortable bed while it was sleeping, held her upright like a pop-sickle and used a flash camera top take the picture. That is also why the bat looks so stressed out and scared.
by Typhoid Mmmary
Monday May 23rd, 2011 8:38 AM
The latest actions by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, based in Los Angeles, California has gotten her into deep trouble. A lawsuit was filed against her by Amanda Lollar and Bat World for, once again, a breach of contract. The suit also includes defamation and copyright infringement. Please see supporting documentation below as well as links that include Mary's history as a cyber bully and cyber stalker.

Proof that Mary attempted to defame Amanda Lollar:

About the lawsuit and Amanda Lollar:

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates being served:

Links about Mary Cummins that you don't want to miss:

Is Mary Cummins using Animal Advocates funds to fight the lawsuit?

by Typhoid Mmmary
Monday May 23rd, 2011 8:38 AM
by Typhoid Mmmary
Monday May 23rd, 2011 8:38 AM
by Typhoid Mmmary
Monday May 23rd, 2011 8:38 AM
A look back into Mary's history as a cyberstalker
by honesty
Monday May 23rd, 2011 8:55 AM
Rebecca Dmytryk is a stalker. She is currently stalking Mary Cummins. Dmytryk has a history of violence, stealing money, harassing people, going bankrupt and committing bankruptcy fraud, see documents below for proof. Why is she stalking, harassing, libeling and defaming Cummins? Extreme jealousy. Dmytryk lost her wildlife rehabilitation permit years ago. She is only allowed to transport just like any member of the public can transport. She was also kicked off her board of directors. She became violent and they had to get a restraining order on her. She was recently kicked off the oil spill team.

Restraining order against Rebecca Dmytryk by California Wildlife Center

Rebecca Dmytryk sued for bankruptcy fraud. She lost this lawsuit. She committed bankruptcy fraud
by Ralph
Monday May 23rd, 2011 12:50 PM
Wow, that Mary chick is a real nutter. Anyone with half a brain can see what's going on here. My advice is to not use your real name or she'll come after you just like she's doing to that poor Rebbecca person, who no doubt that Mary chick is lying about too. You can see that Mary patrols this page and pounces on any post that exposes her. Can't wait to see what she puts after mine.
by ok
Tuesday May 24th, 2011 8:40 PM
The results of information act requests have been posted online. Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary have had complaints for years. Evidence is at the link below.

Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary is now libeling and defaming the person who made the complaints. She is libeling them months after she made the complaints because she wants authorities to think that the complaint is unwarranted. The investigations have not been completed.
by Honesty
Saturday May 28th, 2011 8:27 AM
Lawyer Randy Turner threatened to sue Indybay if they did not remove this article. ACLU of Texas told him they will not remove the article. It's amazing the lengths Randy Turner will go to remove the truth from the internet. His client was already found guilty of violating regulations. There are many complaints about Bat World. Read the letter for yourself. Thank you, ACLU!
by Honesty
Tuesday Jun 7th, 2011 7:34 PM
So...what you're trying to say with that post is that the damages done to Bat World are permanent, and that Mary's accountable for permanent damages over a lengthy period of time when she loses? Okay just making sure I understood properly how thoroughly she fucked herself by being an interenet troll. After years of this with people from so many walks of life, her compulsion to punish others for her own self loathing is finally coming back to her.

"People should have the right to call others liars on the internet" - Mary Cummins

You're a liar. Thanks for saying we all have the right to tell you so.
by HonestAbe
Wednesday Jun 8th, 2011 9:16 AM
You are libeling and causing permanent damage to Cummins. It's a two way street, remember that.
by Truth Prevails
Saturday Aug 27th, 2011 12:33 PM
The truth comes out in the court ordered deposition of Mary Cummins:
by Honesty
Tuesday Sep 13th, 2011 3:28 PM
The videos are severely edited. They are not evidence for the court. Facts of the case here
by Honesty
Friday Feb 24th, 2012 9:30 AM
Amanda Lollar's 1994 manual recommended freezing bats to death. That is illegal. The AVMA stated that is animal cruelty. Amanda Lollar did not realize that if a bat gets too cold, it will awaken from torpor and try to escape. She was also freezing bats that don't hibernate but migrate, i.e. Mexican free-tail bats. Because she did not go past the tenth grade and has no animal education or training she did not realize she was committing animal cruelty.

Amanda Lollar recommended gluing broken bones together. She did not realize that blood would not be able to pass through the glue. She recommended using WD-40 to remove residue off bats' fur. Again, she didn't realize that it's highly toxic. Here is her manual. On page two it states that it can be reproduced fully or in part. Posting this manual is not a violation of any copyright. She does not sell this manual.
by Mick
Saturday Sep 16th, 2017 8:28 AM
The Horror of animal cruelty...
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