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ZERSETZUNG TORTURE REPORT - Spies, Lies, Threats and Government Cover-up

by Roderick Russell ( [at]
It's the same technique that the STASI used to persecute dissidents in Former Communist East Germany, except that this Human Rights Abuse is happening here today. The STASI called it Zerzetsen "No Touch" torture and its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person's life. Zerzetsen, Zersetzung, D&D or new COINTELPRO -- Call it what you like: it is being used in Canada, UK and USA to persecute critiques of establishment elites.
*** When this article was posted last week, something clearly went wrong with its posting. Here it is again:

The ZERSETZUNG TORTURE REPORT provides a blueprint on the illegal use of the Zerzetsen torture technique. This Report is based on a case study of one family's experiences of Zerzetsen as victims of the MI5/MI6 intelligence agencies in the UK and CSIS in Canada. Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats. The Report can be found at this URL:

Also available at this URL is the document "Aid Memoir" which, on pages 12 to 33, provides addition details on the level of intimidation, harassment and threats. Over 90% of these additional facts can be independently corroborated for verification purposes.

Zerzetsen, which means "Oppression by systematic decomposition", is not the old fashioned bloodier medieval form of torture, but a more modern Orwellian 1984 equivalent that was developed by the former East German Secret Police The STASI to cause severe and prolonged suffering without leaving marks.


As the Report describes, Zerzetsen starts with character assassination and slander. It's about manipulating people or groups of people by typical STASI methods (hearsay, gossip, lies, spreading rumours about someone - the list goes on).

Years of intimidation, harassment, surveillance, telephone tapping, and death threats follow. A classic STASI technique - with both oneself and one's children threatened. The different types of threats are described in the Report.


And then there is OMERTA - a silence; a shut down of all forms of help; a high level cover-up to pervert the course of justice by ensuring that the Zerzetsen crimes are never investigated. Zerzetsen is always a crime of the intelligence services; once they are involved people are scared to help. Police, politicians, and human rights agencies - no exceptions. And then along with the cover-up come the SMEARS.

In typical Stasi-style, the formula used is -- First to Threaten, Then to Cover-Up by Ensuring No Honest Investigation Takes Place, and then to say you are Nuts when you complain about the Cover-Up.


The story began years ago in Vancouver, Canada. After I chose to leave Grosvenor International, I was character assassinated with lies behind my back. The company's head office subsequently moved to San Francisco. A prominent lawyer describing Grosvenor has said "that organization has far too much power". Grosvenor is owned by The Duke of Westminster who, as reported in the Press, has boasted about his intelligence connections and is a close personal friend of Prince Charles.

It does seem that once legitimate Intelligence Gathering Agencies are today morphing into a Stasi-style secret police. Civil Liberties and Rule of Law seem unimportant to them. We need a serious rethink of these agencies before it is too late for democracy. Where intelligence agencies can persecute innocent citizens for establishment elites using secret police tactics developed by the STASI, it must surely be symptomatic of a deep crisis in democracy. Some would call it Neo-Fascism.

Roderick Russell
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by Bonnie Calcagno
I would like to read all your references, however, I will not download material from a site I do not know. I'm sure other people feel like this, too. Can you make the downloaded material available without requiring downloading? Thank you.; My You Tube Channel:
by sam i am (fuckcsismi6 [at]
csis are as dumb as they come ,I live at the DI here in Calgary where csis has retard agenst act out they are my friends.zerzetsen is real but cvsis strill can not beat me after 13 years of mind rape and torture/8abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pl22hsw uk.richard kovac helped csis he lives in bude cornwall uk ask lee walklin about kovac trying to sell me hand guns ,csis blackmailed kovac to do this in Vancouver bc Canada.
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