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The younger generation is caught in a bind - understanding Quality of Life issues in SF.
by Francisco Da Costa
Saturday Apr 16th, 2011 5:02 PM
I always challenge the youth, more College and University students to use the education they imbibe and contribute what they have learned to Society at Large. It was not uncommon for us some years ago - to rent a van and bring the students from say SF State University to our Town Hall meetings. Then, take them home pass 10:30 am having arrived at the Town Hall at 7 pm. On occasion we broke bread and got to know one another - better. However, what really was of interest was permitting the students; to speak up, volunteer in the community - and get to understand the subtle guerrilla tactics - to tackle and defeat the pompous Big Developers that thought they had us by the balls. Today, they have been defeated and rightly so. Unfortunately, not everyone can use TWITTER and FACEBOOK as a tool - but, surely that is one way to do it. If we try to inform our youth - such tools, can deliver.
Plans are afoot right by State University to evict thousands of renters who live in the Parkmerced Complex.

For years - over one thousand and five hundred homes provide a roof to Seniors, families, students - others. A Hedge Company is now working with the City and County of San Francisco and large Property Managers - to demolish the rental homes ( very unique to San Francisco) and replace them with mostly inferior homes - or rental units - for sure smaller - and in an environment that is deplete with high density, commotion, and noise.

For sure the students do not like such a setting.

The paradox is that the students have yet to gather their thoughts about this project that will adversely impact them.

The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be made available to the State University,the Students, various Student bodies - to better address Social Planning and of course the drastic plan to demolish - so many rental units. The fake draft EIR - is just that - F A K E .

Much, to the surprise of the students - the students are beginning to comprehend that what happen in 2004 to the Bayview Hunters Point when large areas were graded and Asbestos and other contaminants spewed all over - adversely impacting our children, our women, our Seniors, and of course those with compromised immune systems, is going to happen to the students and those that surround the students - all over Parkmerced - a huge housing complex.

If large numbers of these rental homes are demolished - most of them have Asbestos - and the impact on the residents will be immense. Of course the students will suffer - and where there is now happiness - confusion will reign.

Add to this our Senior and children and you will have pandemonium.

There are some very EVIL people - trying to use the Infrastructure Financing District - to substitute the SF Redevelopment Agency plans.

Come July, 2011 that is in a few months - the SF Redevelopment Agency will be laid to rest. But, surprise, surprise - the Pacific Heights Mafia, and other like minded bodies - are all out to demolish the Parkmerced Rental Homes - to substitute them with high density buildings. These EVIL folks want to use the Infrastructure Financing District as a model - and we must fight them tooth and nail. The model favors the Rich and propagates discrimination to those segments of the population within Parkmerced - that must be helped and offered concrete - support.

Our City has failed in this instance - and we must UNITE to bring a force that will topple the crooks and make them flee - much, like we did with Lennar. We can nip this nonsense in the bud.

The Parkmerced Rental Homes have backyards - with beautiful gardens, and all this and more make the area look good - and what is more address Quality of Life issues.

The University Students from the SF State University have been kept out of the deliberation.

It is time the students - invite the SF Planning Department to visit them - and explain to them why - the SF Planning Department, the Mayor of San Francisco, be it an interim Mayor, Ed Lee, the Mayor's Office of Housing, and other vested interest are plotting behind the back of the students, the Seniors, others that are astute - and I know will fight the minions - tooth and nail - if given the opportunity.

In all the deliberations - no one is talking about Cumulative Pollution.

The Transportation Document pushed by Supervisor Sean Elsbernd is defective and he would do well to address the students at least - since he represents the District 7.
The State of California may have jurisdiction over the SF State University - but, the students and many more live, shop, spend money in Supervisor Sean Elsbernd's District 7.

He could be reach at by telephone at: 415.554.6516 and by fax at: 415.554.6546. Call the sucker and rock the boat.

The Senior population has had it with the City and County of San Francisco.

With lack of sound housing, disruption of the MUNI - our local transportation system, Safety Issues where "thugs" attack the Seniors, the 19th Avenue Traffic, and a lot of health issues with dangerous particulates floating - from the millions of vehicles that ply on the neighboring streets and the main traffic lanes.

There have been no meaningful calming projects - less collection of Empirical Data - and very less of meaningful outreach that could result in sound communication.

Over the years - the City and County of San Francisco has neglected to maintain the sewer and the clean water pipes - and this must be done on a war footing.

Again, the Seniors are totally left out of the equation - and the best thing to do is sue the Developer, those in the SF City and County that are imposing this hardship on the thousands of innocent people who live in the area.

As I said the fake EIR is not worth the reading - and no where has concrete consideration been given - especially to the Seniors at large.

I witnessed the hearing in Room 250 at City Hall before the SF Board of Supervisors - and was glad to hear the Seniors voice their opinion - and some of the comments were excellent - to the point, and very astute.

Kudos, to those that spoke that last time - I listened to the Parkmerced Housing hearings and admire the tenacity of the people that live in the area.

We, the people must always remember to do right by the Seniors, our women who nurture our children, those that are mentally and physically challenged.

Let not this City and County of San Francisco take the people for granted.

This after all - is the City named after St. Francis of Assisi - a friar who had compassion for all human beings, the birds and the animals too.

San Francisco you can do better - and to the crooks I say - do not foster GREED. If you do - you will drown in the CESSPOOL of your own making.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
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