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Animal Rights Activist and actress Elissa Sursara gearing up for own TV show
by Dean Marsden
Friday Apr 8th, 2011 6:17 AM
23-year-old actress and popular animal rights activist Elissa Sursara hopes to draw her impressive 2 million photo viewers to the message of animal liberation with her upcoming tv show 'Diary of an ARA (Animal Rights Activist)' next year.
Friendly activist Elissa Sursara may be hitting the small screen next year with a modern take on animal rights activism as the star of a documentary style reality show, Diary of an ARA (Animal Rights Activist). The show, which will focus on Elissa's life as a nomadic animal rights campaigner, will feature the turbulent and often emotional scenes of animal abuse encountered by the popular activist and upcoming actress, but promises a look into the personal life of the young star.

According to reports, Diary of an ARA will document the way animal rights activism affects daily life and relationships. The series will also educate and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, brandishing animal tested products and promoting environmentally friendly companies, brands and recreational activities.

The first episode is rumoured to feature a SeaWorld protest, as well as provide information about her rumoured arrest in January, 2011, for stealing neglected animals from a Queensland, Australia property.