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Billionaires Defend Bank of America
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere
Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
A boisterous group of protesters demonstrated at a Bank of America branch in San Francisco's Mission District today.

They made the case that Bank of America is bad for America. They said that despite ruining the economy with their reckless greed, Bank of America consistently avoids any form of accountability to the American taxpayer. Bank of America pockets billions in profits and bailouts here, but pays $0 in American taxes.

Billionaires for Big Banks were there to defend the bank's honor

What the demonstrators had to say today:

We're tired of BoA stealing money from the people that need it the most! Let's not forget who started this mess in the first place - the banks! They should pay, not our teachers, police men, and firefighters!

Bank of America is Bad for America. Despite ruining the economy with their reckless greed, Bank of America consistently avoids any form of accountability to the American taxpayer. Bank of America pockets billions in profits and bailouts here, but pays $0 in American taxes.

Bank of America is the #1 largest bank and the 5th largest corporation in our country, holding over $2.2 trillion in assets, and yet it pays less in taxes than the average American household. In fact, the federal government gave Bank of America $2.3 billion in 2009 while it made $4.4 billion in profits.

We pay our taxes, why don't they?
Citizens across the country are targeting Bank of America branches and peaceably but firmly demonstrating that they can't get away with such egregious tax-cheating.

If Bank of America alone paid their fair share of taxes, we could ‘uncut’ $1.7 billion in early childhood education (Head Start & Title I)

Well, well well, said the Billionaires... now we know why they call themselves "UNCUT".
§at the B of A
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
§going in?
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
§Billionaire dog in a tuxedo
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
§educators against big bankds
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
§billionaire stops to take a call
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM
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§look no rain!
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§billionaire says it will trickle down
by Jean-Luc Uncoutere Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 2:16 PM

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by Don't support the Democrats!
Saturday Mar 26th, 2011 7:14 PM
Please do remember that it was the U.S. Congress (including the Democrats) that passed the laws that allowed for this outrage to happen. (And of course, it's not just the Bank of America who's a crook, rather, a MAJORITY of large corporations now pay ZERO taxes!).

If the Democrats had wanted to change things, they could have done so during 2009 or most of 2010, when they controlled both houses of Congress, plus the Presidency. But of course they chose to instead do the bidding of their corporate masters and maintain the laws that allow for this insanity to continue!

So let's stop supporting the Democrats, as much as is possible! To start with, we can learn from what the abolitionists did in the 19th century. In the late 1830's they started a "third party", the "Liberty Party", and they ran Presidential candidates in 1840 and 1844. They then merged into the "Free Soil Party", which received 10% of the Presidential vote in 1848, and 5% in 1852.

By then, the abolitionists, along with others who were concerned about slavery, had forced the issue to become a political crisis. In 1854, the pro-slavery forces countered by managing to get Congressmen from both of the two major political parties (the Democrats and the Whigs) to pass the "Kansas-Nebraska Act", which provided for the possibility of slavery in the northern part of the remaining territories, thereby nullifying the "foundational" Missouri compromise. For the North, this was the last straw! Anti-slavery supporters bolted from the traitorous Democrats and Whigs into the newly-formed Republican Party to such an extent that within two years, the Whigs had entirely collapsed as a viable party. So what started out as a "third party" was able to replace one of the two major parties, after a number of years of pushing the issue, and going through several different political party names and structures.

Therefore, when it comes to electoral politics, please stop supporting the Democrats! Rather, support one of the "third parties", as much as you possibly can. (Here in California, that would either be the Green Party, or the Peace and Freedom Party, for most readers of this website!). In particular, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS to either "Green Party", or "Peace and Freedom Party"! Please also remember that with the passage of Proposition 14 last June, there are no longer any state partisan primaries -- so the last possible reason to remain registered as a Democrat (or not in any party) has now been removed. Also, you can get free postage-paid voter registration cards at most libraries and post offices.

Let's remember how the abolitionists were able to make use of the poltical party system. When it comes to electoral politics, please instead support one of the progressive "third parties". So to start with, please change your voter registration status to "Green Party" or "Peace and Freedom Party" -- it's a powerful way to "register a vote" against the corrupted Democrats!
by Rev.Carmen Mason-Borwne
Tuesday Mar 29th, 2011 12:00 PM
First, I am encouraged and inspired by the courage and action taken by American people in protest to the greed and power tactics by BOA in particular and others big banks.
Second: We the people do have power if used thoughtfully, Honestly, and collectively.
I propose that in protest to BOA that we set a day or week when BOA customers withdraw all their funds on that day and deposit into a different bank Community Credit Union or keep your money locked up at home. We are not getting any interest anyway. We have a freedom and choice where to bank. Get our family members , business , friends . churches to divest our collective interest until if ever they change. They clearly don't need us it they have the super wealthy to feed the greed.

Even if 2% of people do this, it will get their attention! Then schedule a protest gathering outside of BOA and maybe the White House of real, regular, hard working people, to stand up to the BOA and demand they behave and practice in ethical, honest, fair, good business practices. Call out our elected representatives to tell them to put the "bite of accountability" to the banks, or create a peoples Cash-Out of Banks Party (to rival the Tea Party) and Divest our money and political interest in mass when the bill comes due on election day.
-Rev. Carmen Mason-Browne PC(USA)
by darcie
Wednesday Mar 30th, 2011 4:23 PM
i already closed my old account. move your money!
and check this out:
by A Cry in the Wilderness
Sunday Apr 17th, 2011 3:30 PM
You're not being very inspirational to the youth by organizing such a small number of people just to hold signs that Bank of America is never going to listen to. You are not enticing or energizing anybody but your selves. You need civil disobedience, Non compliance. Defiance, Resistance. Rebellion and you need the numbers to make it work before you decide to go out there to do your stuff. How are we going to cross these imaginary boundaries prevent us from taking action? I can see the banker elites just laughing their asses off. "What a joke they are" is what they think when they see us.

Instead of being so spontaneous, why don't you set a goal to gather 1000 + to form a human chain around one bank blocking the entrance and when the corporate police arrive to try and break your chain, RESIST RESIST RESIST! You'll have every camera on you wanting to know why you are doing this and why target the bankers? Why not start a new beginning of the anti-globalization movement starting with banks by putting your bodies on the line just to show how much you really care if you even do care. Now that's a great fucking cause and I will join you but never to hold signs to be laughed at. HELL NO!

Most people in America are fed up with the banks and are looking for a way to vent their frustration and look at your protest with a yawn and then go back to being slaves for they see no hope in joining a cause that's not winnable with such tactics of obedience. It makes me feel hopeless to change the world when I see you holding those signs. I feel like there's no hope and that you're making other out there just like me feel exactly the same. Block traffic to stop the war made me feel hopeful to get attention but then organizers dropped the ball as soon as Obama rolled in.

ORGANIZE/STRATEGIZE/REVOLUTIONIZE your mind and you'll have a bigger following. Show the world that not even the Grannies are afraid to stand their ground in the face of violent police repression. How will the police look if they start attack grannies standing their ground. The world is up in arms and flames right now and we are the only ones not participating in the insurrection.

You will move the masses and bring hope if you change your tactics. Play dead on the side walk or go limp. Do anything but make it easy for them to haul you away. Be the change that you want to see like you did on Feb. 15th and March 19th 2003 to protest Bush Jr. War on Iraq.

Forget about Obama. As a matter of fact, FUCK OBAMA!

Try be an inspiration to the disillusioned youth out here who lack the protest organizing skills. Make a huge banner that say's OVERTHROW THE CORPORATACRACY! When you leave this world, will you be satisfied with everything you have done or regret not taking it a step further? You have organizing skills. Use it.

Be the change you want to see in America. No more fooling around.
by A Cry in the Wilderness
Sunday Apr 17th, 2011 3:49 PM
Wipe those smiles off your faces. "When you smile, it makes you look like you're not serious about what you stand for. Everyone else is fucking pissed and you guys are all standing around having a ball while people are being thrown out onto the fucking streets.

God help us!
by ...JR......
Wednesday Apr 20th, 2011 4:40 PM
So looks like 4 of people show up and do some street theater to support a US Uncut action and lighten the mood a bit, and you are gonna tell those few to go organize 1,000 or you won't join? Give me a break. Address the organizers (US Uncut) or better JOIN the ORGANIZERS and change the action to something you feel would be more effective.