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Non-Violence and the Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Event Type:
Tom Gallagher
Location Details:
Unitarian Universalist Center, MLK Room, 1187 Franklin Street, corner of Geary Blvd.

Middle East expert, Dr. Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco will discuss the possibilities of on-going democratic movements in the face of the struggles in the Middle East and North Africa. The current creation of a "no-fly" zone in Libya and the current bombardment by France, the United States and Great Britain will be a part of the presentation. There will be a discussion following the presentation with questions and answers The event is free, open to the public and wheelchair accessible. Snacks and beverages will be served.
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by here we go again
How dare these privileged upper middle class intellectuals preach "non-violence" to an impoverished nation of oppressed people.

Have you no conscience at all? You try living in the Middle East for a year or 2 and maybe you'll understand why rebels use violence. This "trash the violent revolution campaign" through calls for calm and non-violence is nothing but a thorn in every freedom fighters side. If you really cared you would be showing some true solidarity by condoning the use of force against all military tyrants. This is a fucking leaderless revolt for freedom on part of the people of the Middle East and now the U.S. is using the word "liberation" again to invade Libya like they did Iraq when we all know the U.S. GOVERNMENT doesn't give a fuck about freedom anywhere and only wants oil. People are fighting for freedom and have a very valid reason to fight so why now with this non-violence crap? I want to know how on earth this proposal for non-violent resistance is going to open up a free and democratic society with out buying those in power more time to be in power? People in power don't get a change of heart just because a few concerned citizens sit in the middle of traffic and hold signs that read "NO TO GENOCIDE, MILITARISM AND WAR." They get a change of heart or step down because they fear the wrath of the revolution or get beat. To hell with all this peace loving hippie garbage. In case you haven't noticed, Tom Gallagher, you really know how to make ones blood boil.

You don't feel the overwhelming emotional pain and suffering others have to go through in the Middle East because you're not living in a war zone for one and for 2, your privileged bourgeoisie mentality won't allow you to. Someone who is poor and angry and gets harassment from the police on a regular basis for being black walking down the street on the other hand might be able to relate with rebels fighting for freedom. 911 is an every day occurrence in the Middle East. Some situations a violent revolution is necessary. I can find people people who would agree with me that it is necessary to use in order to bring down any regime for all regimes that are in power are already in violation of ones human right to govern them selves accordingly.

The thing that most people don't understand right away is that ALL regimes have been in automatic violation of everyone's human right to self-determination the minute those regimes came to power. All tyrants refusing to relinquish their authority from the CEO to the banker to the military general all the way down to the cop living next door are getting in the way of ones human right to self determination. The very existence of authority is an automatic refusal to allow others to live free. In all honesty, there is no freedom under any regime so long as there is one. Time to wake up.

Some nations are run by individuals while others are ruled by American multi-nationals. America is a "corporatocracy" which makes it's democratic political system and free mass media look like a joke. A lot of the American people know the political system is a joke underneath the surface, but nevertheless, won't stop coming to the states ballot box every 4 years. People who still think it all depends on which president you elect really have not grasped who the real movers and shakers are. Punchline- the whole world needs regime change -instantly; please not in the sense of replacing one government with another.

All this talk of peace while massacres, rapes and injustices are taking place make me want to pick up a gun and shoot a tyrant in the head. WHY, when so many of us know that voting isnlt going to make a difference? WHY, when we know American intervention is always all about lining the pockets of banksters, military contractors and energy companies? WHY, when we know all this torture, death and mutilation of innocents makes a complete joke of our political system? Our political system is only ours on the surface. What lies underneath is an entirely different story. Our reaction to the system sucks. Everyday I wake up I pray for the end of this prevailing pacifism for all it has done to give one more day to every dictator living on the planet. there are billions of us and a few million tyrants and the best billions of people can do is sit while less than 1% of the population protests and only 1 percent of the mainstream protesters are willing to fight it out. No wonder people are being slaughtered. Most sheep just run like sheep. This is why I'm so angry and when things finally start picking up when people take to the streets in battle and I have to read and hear about these "calls to peace" I GET FUCKING FURIOUS! Right in the middle of a spirited revolt when people are energized is the worst time. We look to Egypt for hope and you shit all over it with your calls for peaceful resistance in the Middle East. You shit all over my hopes and dreams of an insurrection for my freedom>:-(

Now about Obama the U.S. puppet and military involvement in Libya.

Same shit different country
Same imperialist agenda running every American president
Same bullshit reaction from the America public at large

Political parties weren't meant to change the government. Political parties are a distraction from the hidden hands like Exxon, Lockheed, Bechtel, Halliburton, Homeland Security, big banks, Wall St, etc. No party will change the norm of U.S. foreign policy. American foreign policy isn't going to change under Obama and isn't going to change in the long run. It's gonna take a lot more than non-violent action to strike fear into the heart of the BIG DOGS.
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