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Online letter to tell Congress: No more taxpayer $ for more nuclear power!
by Nuclear Information & Research Service (NIRS)
Thursday Mar 17th, 2011 10:27 PM
The given link ( ) goes to an online webpage whereby you can quickly send a letter to your Congressmembers (both U.S. Senators plus your House member) -- by just typing in your zip code. You can also modify the short form letter that NIRS ( ) provides, if you want. Please take action now! Let's "strike while the iron is hot"!

Tell Congress: No more taxpayer $ for more nuclear power

March 16, 2011

The situation at the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan continues to deteriorate. We are now looking at the very real possibility--even likelihood--of multiple reactor meltdowns coupled with multiple failures of irradiated fuel pools. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan at this hour.

We are posting updates as fast as we can obtain reliable information on our website: Please check often for new information.

The lesson of this catastrophe is clear: we must end use of nuclear power.

And that must start with the prevention of any new nuclear reactors. It is outrageous that the Obama Administration continues to say nuclear power will be part of its "clean energy" strategy. How anyone can view the images coming from Japan and continue to claim nuclear power is somehow "clean" is beyond our ability to comprehend.

If ever there was a time for Congress to hear our voice, it is now.

We're asking you--and everyone you know--to act now. We have never needed a larger public outpouring and more outreach than right now. Please use the handy icons on the linked webpage to post that page on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites and e-mail it to your lists, your friends, your colleagues.

Please help us spread the word. Your contributions are urgently needed to enable us to do the kind of outreach so desperately needed right now. We need to be on every progressive blog and website in the country right now with ads that encourage people to act; please help with your contribution now or after you take action.

[Then, on the linked webpage, you can type in your zip code, to send a letter to your Congressmembers!]......