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Warning from Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Situation in Japan Worsens
by Clinton concerned about US nukes on faults
Wednesday Mar 16th, 2011 4:09 PM
While NHK in Japanese is focusing on immediate survival advice for people evacuated from their homes in northeast Japan, western news sources including CNN are covering the nuclear situation with interviews with Hilary Clinton and Gregory Jaczko of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Al Jazeera English reports on situation in Tokyo.
Hilary Clinton in interview on CNN: US citizens who live near nuclear plants especially near earthquake faults deserve thorough science based answers.
We are in unchartered territory with no book with answers. We have to rethink what with weather problems and intensified earthquake activity over last few years. We have to look very carefully at all our pre-existing assumptions.

Gregory Jaczko of NRC live press conference:

There are very high radiation levels near some parts of the reactor site. We think it prudent to have US citizens to evacuate between 50 miles within site. In the US with a spent fuel pool, we would be looking to about an evacuation of about 50 miles.

Wolf Blitzer asks Jaczko: We have 35 plants of similar design in US what about them?

Jaczko: We think we have a robust program in event of similar situation. We will take a look at lessons learned in Japan however.

Jackzo at press conference: we believe there is no water in fuel pool in NO. 4. I would hope that's not accurate but there are ongoing efforts.
Concerned about ignition of fuel pool.

Jim Walsh, MIT scientist on CNN:

US believes no water covering spent fuel rods in one reactor. Dire warning from NRC: Americans told to evacuate to 50 miles larger than Japanese radius of evacuation
American officials arrived today and things were not what they expected to see.
IAEA says worrisome is #3 reactor this is new info and is NOT good.But
power co. says may be able to get power and start running pumps to get water into the reactors. Line of electricity in at 4, 5, 6, could cool the pool.
Now doing it manually. periodically over and over.

Al Jazeera English:
Many governments have urged their citizens to leave Tokyo and earthquake-affected areas amid concerns Japan's capital could be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation if the situation worsens.

Great Britain said Britons in Tokyo should leave because of the "evolving situation at the Fukushima nuclear facility". Australia, France and Germany have also advised their citizens to leave Tokyo.

The US said Americans living within 80 km [50 miles] of the plant should leave the area or take shelter indoors.
Tokyo reported slightly elevated radiation levels on Tuesday, but officials said the increase was too small to threaten the 39 million people in and around the capital.

Businesses have issued similar travel advisories telling people to consider moving away from disaster areas if they have no reason to be there.
Meanwhile US forces in Japan have been told to stay at least 80 km [50 miles] from the crippled Fukushima complex without special authorization

Ruth Robertson reporting for indybay