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Wisconsin Teachers Take a Stand
by Sharon K. Sobotta (sharonksobotta [at]
Sunday Feb 20th, 2011 1:52 PM
Teachers from across the state of Wisconsin are saying 'no' to Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill, SB11. The bill calls for an end to all collective bargaining Rights for teachers and other state workers. Teachers, students and union workers say they will keep protesting until a change occurs.
Tens of thousands of teachers, students and union workers have been protesting outside of the capital in Madison, Wisconsin since last week. On Saturday morning the more than 50,000 protesters, who are saying 'no' to Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill SB11, covered six city blocks in downtown Madison. The protesters have been joined by an estimated 300 members of the National Tea Party who are supporting SB11. The bill calls for an end to collective bargaining rights for teachers and other state workers in Wisconsin. Fourteen democratic senators walked out of a Senate meeting on Thursday and are expected to stay out of state until Governor Walker agrees to go back to the negotiating tables. Teachers from across the state of Wisconsin called in sick in protest of SB11 on Thursday and Friday, causing dozens of schools to temporarily close. Teachers say they expect to keep protesting until a change occurs. They are willing to put everything on the line to stand up for collective bargaining rights. KPFA's Sharon Sobotta has more.

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by Michael Appleby (California)
Wednesday Mar 16th, 2011 9:20 AM
I want to congratulate you all on your strength and courage. I am a retired teacher in the LA area and I have participated in rallies and protests over union contracts. I think what the Republican party is attempting is ruthless and shameful.

You will be victorious. I drove all the way to Sacramento just to attend a rally supporting you. Recall Gov. Walker!!

The mass rally last weekend was wonderful.

I would like to donate to your cause. Please send me some snailmail address so I can mail you a check. I have already donated to the web site for Indiana workers.

I send you my heartfelt support. I want to help you. When we help another, we help ourselves.

The ruthless, vicious aggression of the Republican party must be stopped. There is no decency left in a group that conducts themselves the way they do. Down with the Repuplican agenda to crush collective bargaining and gutting social services!!!!!!