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Non-Violent Revolt Against The Rich

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Event Type:
Critical Mass
Pete Feltman
734 Chester St
Location Details:
Financial District of San Francisco. I have a parade permit from the SFPD to march around the financial district

This is a nonviolent revolt against the inequality of our society and a revolt for true equality, real freedom and sustainable civilization.

Added to the calendar on Fri, Feb 11, 2011 11:00PM

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Anybody who shows up to this event deserves to have their pictures taken and posted up all over the internet for everyone in the world to laugh at and poke fun of. Your call for "permitted revolt" makes a complete mockery out of all historic resistance to authority.

Anybody who shows up to this should not be taken seriously and deserves to be laughed at with uncontrollable laughter. You and anyone who follows you are an embarrassment to any revolutionary activist working for radical social change through revolution. I abhor this false call to action/ false revolt.

You need to know the meaning of the word revolt before you have the freedom to use it in a sentence. IGNORANCE! To call any act of protest being sanctioned by the state an act of revolution/rebellion is an utter smack in the face to all rebels THROUGH OUT HISTORY who have put their bodies on the line since a government came into existence.

In order for a revolt to take place, people have to be defiant. That means people have to disobey ALL authority and I don't see any anti-authoritarian call to action here. You're not breaking the law by requesting a permit to march. " request to revolt" hahahahahaha. You are not an oxymoron.

Revolt comes from the word revolution which means rebellion and the last time I checked, there is absolutely nothing rebellious about negotiating with the people in power. Now if you were to call it" Permitted March and Rally" that would make sense but don't pretend you're going to change the world with something as ineffective as holding a sign dressed up in a costume while walking in a single file line with a police escort.

This is not the type of activity to get all riled up about. The elites are not shaking with terror for what you are about to do.

Not only does your call to "permitted revolt" display laziness with the English language but carelessly endangers the lives of people who are fresh and new to the protest movement. Angry mentally ill people might take your call for a revolt seriously and might act out in a destructive way with no one supporting them in solidarity leaving that person wide open for a beat down in the middle of the financial district by SFPD.

So long as there is a government still standing, no one will ever have the right or permission from their government to revolt. I suggest you use the word properly rather than carelessly before you ruin another powerful word. Your call for "Permitted Revolt" should have been deleted the minute it showed up. Why they even allowed this is beyond me. For the betterment of humanity, I would recommend using a more appropriate title next time before another perfectly good word losses it's meaning.

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