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Pamphlet Guide to Revolution in Egypt: How to Protest Intelligently

by Long Live Egypt
Here are nine translated pages from a 26-page pamphlet that has been passed around amongst demonstrators in Egypt. Creators of the pamphlet asked that protesters do not use Facebook and Twitter.
If you can find a full 26-page copy, in Arabic or English, please attach it here as a comment.
§How to Protest Intelligently - Important Information and Tactics
by Long Live Egypt
How to Protest

Important information
and tactics

Please distribute through email
printing, and photocopies ONLY!
How to Protest Intelligently - Important Information and Tactics

Twitter and facebook are being monitored. Be careful not
to let this fall Into the hands of the police or state security.
§The Demands of the Egyptian People
by Long Live Egypt
The Demands of the Egyptian People

1. The downfall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak
and his ministers.

2. The cessation of the Emergency Law

3. Freedom

4. Justice

5. The formation of a new, non-military
government with the interests of the Egyptian
people at heart.

6. The constructive administration of all Egypt's resources.
§The Strategic Goals of Civil Disobedience
by Long Live Egypt
The Strategic Goals of Civil Disobedience

1. To take over important
government buildings.

2. To attempt to win over members
of the policy and army to the side
of the people.

3. To protect our brothers and
sisters In revolution
§Steps for Carrying Out the Plan
by Long Live Egypt
Steps for Carrying Out the Plan

1. Assemble with your friends and neighbors
In residential streets far away from where
the security forces are.

2. Shout slogans In the name of Egypt and the
people's freedom (positive slogans).

3. Encourage other residents to join In
(again with positive language)

4. Go out Into the major streets in very large
groups In order to form the biggest possible assembly
and toward important government buildings -
while shouting positive slogans - in order
to take them over.
§Necessary Clothing and Accessories
by Long Live Egypt
Necessary Clothing and Accessories

Sweatshirt or leather jacket with a hood.
This helps shield your face from tear gas.

The lid of a pot: you can use
this shield when the State Security
beats you or shoots rubber

Thick rubber gloves in order
to protect your hands from
the heat of tear gas containers.

Protective glasses
(Can be bought at any
metalworking or paint shop)

Scarf to protect your
mouth and lungs
from tear gas

A rose so we can show that
we can do as we ought to and
join together in the most
peaceful way possible

Spray paint so that if the authorities
attack us, we can spray paint the
visors of their helmets and the
windshields of the armored trucks,
blocking their vision and hindering
their movement

Shoes that make it easy to run
and move quickly
§How to Use the Accessories
by Long Live Egypt

How to Use the Accessories

Shield and Spray

Block the truncheon with your shield
as you're spraying them in the face.
§How to Use the Accessories - Disabling Armored Vehicles
by Long Live Egypt
How to Use the Accessories

2 . Other uses for spray paint:
on the windshields of armored trucks and
on mounted surveillance cameras

3 . You can also stick a wet towel
in the vehicle's exhaust to stop it

4 . You can also throw plastic bags filled with
liquid soap under the wheels of the armored trucks
to disrupt their balance as they're moving.
§Examples of Signs - Encouraging Police to Join the Revolution
by Long Live Egypt
Examples of Signs

The Police and the People
Stand Together
Against Oppression!
§How to Publish and Disseminate This Information
by Long Live Egypt
How to Publish and Disseminate This Information

1. We ask you not to use Twitter or Facebook or
other websites because they are all monitored
by the Ministry of the Interior.

2. Distribute by email or printing or photocopying
especially if you own an office or store.

3. Do not betray your fellow citizens and ensure
that this not fall into the hands of anyone
who works for the police.

Now that you know, please pass it on!

Long live Egypt!
§Full 26-Page Pamphlet in Arabic PDF - Needs Translation to English
by Long Live Egypt
It's already online on a number of other websites with this exact same filename.

If anyone can provide a translation here, it would be appreciated.
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