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Rally and Meeting to Save KUSF - The meeting, part 1
by DJ Rubble
Friday Jan 21st, 2011 8:02 PM
Hear audio from the first part of the meeting on the USF campus on Thursday in protest of the sudden and unannounced shutdown of the 34 year-old college station Wednesday morning. A $3.75 million dollar sale occurred Tuesday, in a secret deal that nobody at the station knew was even happening. Shocked and outraged station personnel, supporters, students, a media studies professor, and other media made up close to 500 people who rallied outside then packed the Hall. A meeting was held in a packed auditorium demanding explanations and a better resolution from unapologetic school President Reverend Steven A. Privell, who made the deal. The audio speaks for itself.
(35 minutes)
The meeting took place at Presentation Theatre. The balcony needed to be open to accommodate the hundreds of people in attendance. Speakers were intelligent, focused, outraged all at once. Reverend Previtt - after being pressured all day at work - was willing to address the outraged group for over an hour and a half, but presented as totally callous, arrogant, condescending, uncompromising in his “decision”. He just kept repeating lines like “cost-benefit” decisions for students; that he had no obligation to the larger community; kept hiding behind his secretive “non-disclosure agreement", and often chided and mocked speakers for their level of passion. Supervisor Ross Mirkirimi attended.

The deal reportedly was made between 5 parties, including radio conglmerate Entercom. Entercom used to be Viacom. By about 2003, after about 5 years of the Clinton Administration's media deregulation, Viacom and Clear Channel were holding about 42% of radio nationally. That a company like this can manipulate through "non-profits" to take over a dial space on the non-commercial part of the dial just illustrates ethical corruption the FCC presides over. While the FCC still has to approve the deal, it routinely rubber stamps virtually everything the conglomerates and NPR presents, while blocking most others from any avenue to "legal" broadcasting.

Organizing information can be found at, people are encouraged to sign up on their facebook page at the site. Supporters will be packing the Board of Supervisor’s meeting next Tuesday at 1:00PM at City Hall. The well-organized station personnel have already in two days spoken on KPOO and KALX radio shows. The Chronicle and Examiner have both written detailed articles.

Besides political outrage, I’m profoundly upset at the loss of this station, my absolutely favorite music station. I hope there is a way to get it back. Internet radio is an unacceptable alternative to live radio.
§Rally and Meeting to Save KUSF - The meeting, part 2
by DJ Rubble Friday Jan 21st, 2011 8:16 PM
Hear the later part of the over 90 minute meeting protesting the secretive sale and shutdown of the station at Presentation Theatre on the USF campus yestrday evening. (65 minutes)

§Rally and Meeting to Save KUSF
by DJ Rubble Friday Jan 21st, 2011 10:27 PM
Irwin, a KUSF Music Director who I think is also the really good DJ on "Sleeves On Hearts" Friday morning music show, gives a call to action to the fired-up crowd at the end of the over 90 minute meeting confronting the President. They plan to fight to get the station back. Be at the Board of Supervisor's meeeting Tuesday at 1PM, KUSF has a spot to speak and wants all supporters out to create effective public pressure on the administration. (2:13)

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