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The Raging Grannies Have A Special Delivery For Chevron CEO John Watson
by Mike G
Friday Jan 21st, 2011 4:29 PM
The Change Chevron team and the Raging Grannies got together to congratulate Chevron CEO John Watson for steering his company into the Corporate Hall of Shame after only one year with the company.

On Wednesday, Rainforest Action Network's Change Chevron team asked folks to call Chevron CEO John Watson and “congratulate” him, as it had just been announced that Chevron had been inducted into Corporate Accountability International’s “Corporate Hall of Shame.”

Hundreds of folks made the call, only to discover that the phone number for Watson’s office was quickly diverted to a pre-recorded message asking them to call a different number. I guess too many calls came in even despite the bait and switch, because when people called that new number, they were told Chevron was no longer accepting comments from the public by phone, and they’d have to send an email to the company.

Incredibly, the folks who sent an email to the address supplied received an auto-response from Chevron telling them that that mailbox would no longer be monitored by anyone at the company, and they’d have to use a webform.

I guess Watson couldn’t take the heat, and decided to hide behind a never-ending labyrinth of bureaucracy. But that’s okay, we’re pretty sure he got our message all the same. Yesterday we teamed up with the Raging Grannies — an amazing group of activists – and headed down to Lafayette, CA to deliver a “Corporate Hall of Shame” certificate to Watson at his home.

The Raging Grannies came up with a great little ditty to sing to Watson. Of course no one would come to the gate of Watson’s home, so they had to sing it to him through the call box.