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SFPD exploits the overkill of Idriss Stelley 9 years ago to "train " its officers !
by Education Not Incarceration
Saturday Jan 15th, 2011 9:19 PM
the KRON 4 report on how SFPD is using multimedia reenactments to train officers on use-of-force
Holy Mother of No Gods !!!! SFPD exploits the overkill of my ONLY child Idriss Stelley to "train " its officers....

the KRON 4 report on how SFPD is using multimedia reenactments to train officers on use-of-force
Holy Mother of No Gods !!!! SFPD exploits the overkill of my ONLY child Idriss Stelley to "train " its officers....


On January 15 2011, at 7:01pm

Police accountability activist Rebecca Ruiz wrote:

Good Evening, KRON,

I am writing regarding the KRON 4 report on how SFPD is using multimedia reenactments to train officers on use-of-force techniques.

As you know, SFPD was reenacting the shooting of Idriss Stelley, a 23-year-old man who was holding a two inch whittling tool in an empty movie theater.
The SFPD was engaged in a cover-up of Stelley's shooting and have yet to tell friends and family what really happened that day.

The reenactment of police murdering this young man has caused serious pain to his friends and family.

I'm shocked that KRON chose to show such controversial footage on your program and then post it to youtube without at least consulting with the victim's family.

Stelley's grieving mother, Mesha Irizarry, became an important figure in the movement against police violence and continues to speak out against cops abusing power and assaulting San Francisco residents-
--including the disabled and homeless.

She is well known to the SFPD and I am afraid that officers are using KRON to torment Ms. Irizarry,
especially because she has been very vocal about the recent shooting of a mentally ill man in a wheelchair by the SFPD just last week.

What the shooting last week and the murder of Idriss Stelley shows us
is that the SFPD is not interested in learning how to quell conflicts without their weapons

so it makes it even more outrageous that they are exploiting Stelley's murder to mascarade as individuals that use force responsibly.

KRON should be embarrassed to be used by the SFPD in this way.
I am requesting that KRON make a public apology to the friends and family of Idriss Shelley for causing them to relive such a shattering and traumatic event.\

Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter


ATTENTION MUST BE PAID, by Berkeley based Activist Cynthia Morse
January 15, 2011 at 12:21am

by Cynthia Morse on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 11:07pm

KRON 4 News (San Francisco) sent two reporters to pal around with SFPD use-of-force trainers recently.

To somehow teach this skill, SFPD reenacted, and filmed, their killing of my friend's son not that many years ago.

This was the basis of the TV report, complete with jocular repartee between reporters and SFPD personnel. The report was posted on YouTube. Today my friend saw it.

Questions, beside the obvious WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

What does this reenactment "teach?"

Idriss was in an empty movie theater, rows away from the many SFPD who had gathered when he began experiencing a paranaoic breakdown.

A 2-inch, inwardly-curved carving instrument for stripping bamboo--many theater rows away--was the deadly force they were dealing with when they shot him, many many times.

He was 23 years old.

One possibility occurs to me:

His mother has since been at the forefront of preventing police violence in the San Francisco area.

She is well-known to SFPD.

SFPD knew their reenactment would be broadcast.

This needs attention. A LOT of attention.

KRON 4 News contact info: <4listens [at]>, Viewer Hotline: 415-561-8186

Cynthia Morse

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Does anyone have the KRON link available, or did it not make it to the internet?
by Education Not Incarceration
Saturday Jan 22nd, 2011 7:32 PM
I first saw the video posted on SFPD Officer Maria Oropeza facebook homepage.

She is the current director of the SFPD Academy Citizens training, succeeding Officer Rosiue Melandez who head the training for 29 yrs and retired.

I wrote to Oropeza and she was surprised I was not thrilled, kept asking why, shouldn't I be happy that officers see the video to learn how to act under stress.... and would I meet her for coffee.
I like my coffee less acidic.

I wrote to attorneys Matt Gonzalez and to John Burris to discuss with them whether or not I would have a case.
No response.

I will not spend energy on this,
too much at stake with our other clients in need of services.

But thought it was worth a try,
since it can be done to other Grieving Families

A small victory :
Gordon Simpson, AfriKan Americam, Idriss Stelley Foundation client,
falsely arrested and horribly mauled by a K9 officer in Hayward,
after 5 yrs, just won his case in Federal court in SF,
and was awarded $50,000.
A fart in the ocean after 5 years of ruined health
(the infected bite, poorly treated at emergency, led to systemic, disabling and permanent blood complications),
ruined careeer
(he was a sucessful contractor and is now unable to continue due to muscle damage and chronic pain)
and broken marriage due to incurred stress.

But Brother Gordon is happy that he was fianlly exonerated,
and that his all white jury, after 4 days of deliberations,
could not refuse to deliver a positive verdict in his favor.
by McKinley
Tuesday Aug 30th, 2016 11:01 AM
I saw information on the photo indicating that Idriss was on Balboa's football field. That is not accurate. Balboa's football colors were never red and silver... He played for the George Washington High School Eagles. Just wanted to make sure that that was clear... He was my friend and I met him at George Washington High School.