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Santa Cruz Levee Drummer Arrested

by You don't know Jack!!!
Inter office memo for those concerned...
From: Robert Norse
To: Drummer Dave
Cc: Steve Pleich ; Wes Modes ; Whitney Wilde ; Brent Adams ; Beggerbacker Becky Johnson ; Rick (!) Crofoot ; Joe Schultz ; J.M. Brown ; SC Patch ; Tom Noddy
Sent: Thu, January 6, 2011 3:42:29 AM
Subject: RE: Drum Circle Blitzed, One Man Arrested .

Dave: I've posted this on indybay, but more details would be appreciated. How long were you with the Drum Circle yesterday before the police arrived? I was there from 3pm to 6 pm What was the content of the dialogue between Harms and those in the circle?He Said something about a curfew on the levee and that we were in violation of it. How many cops were involved? 3 cops. What was the reaction of the folks in the circle (did they leave immediately?)? At first it was just see what happens but when bob noxious started leaving i knew it was being blown up so to speak. What law was cited as authority?A After Dark Law. What was the supposed problem?The typical santa cruz POLICE ASSHOLE mentality >They DON'T Dig Drumming of any kind at any time Day or Night Period. Are there plans to reform the circle next week?Well because Of what the cops think they did ,which was break us up at that moment and disperse us from playing.
That Dont mean Jack! Cause were comin back! Next week same time! Same Channel! Same Station!Same Place! Those Assholes in Blue..... Just Lurkin And JERKIN around on People has gotta stop!! Has India Joze been providing soup? Did anyone take any photos or video? --R To Dark to see if a Camera was flashing off shots But James was Screwed down into a COP Car and driven away to Say the least! Harms Reply was he dont got id he gets arrested. and said have a goodnight! And walked away Like He Owned The PONDEROSA!
And The next TV Show DOWNTOWN OFFICER Harms Is Gonna Star In is : MISTER ROGERS.

I Think He is On A Ego trip!
He was proud of what he DiD!
He just Fucked Up the Drum Circle!
But He Will Not Be Excused for that!
We Are Drummer'S
Officer Harms
Consequently........ Does Not Know Jack!
In january 2008 I visited drum circle, i was homeless and hungry, and food not bombs was serving food. I was suprised to see how much the police wanted to end drum circle period, by walking through, and threatening to write tickets and confiscate drums from any one who continued to drum. the next wednesday the trash orchrestra, who are very, very good, i like their marching beat, show up again to ease the tension the police created. the result the the police drove their car up to the drum circle in a threatening manner and began to arrest Mary who was drumming next to me. next the police drove their car into my new burley bike trailor i slaved at a job to buy and bent my trailor axil. conclusion, My santa cruz experience showed me that city hall and the business hot shots who run city hall hate, hate, hate homeless, the poor, and drumm circle. My guess they hate drumm circle because drumm circle is friendly to the homeless, and the poor, and to people who are different than the accepted ordinary person.
by squeaky 1
fyi in case the police,or city damages your drumm, or other personel things at drumm circles. so the police drove their car into my new burley bike trailor bending my tailor axil after they arrested kind hearted, sweet mary at drumm circle january 2008, next you can file a civil lawsuit again'st the cop, and or file a claim again'st the city for damages. I chose not to go after the cop, for I was a stranger, loner, and homeless. i left him alone, and he, the cop left me alone, i seen the cop many times and he would just drive on by. however, i wanted the city to pay to have my trailor repaired which carried my tent, tarp, sleeping bag, etc. to stay alive. first inpresssion i got from city hall is they hate you. you file the the claim, then they tell you they have 45 days to respond while you struggle to make it with your damaged goods. they do not vollunteer any information. i found out from robert norse, hats off to and god bless you robert norse for standing up for all us folks who have nobody to stand up for us, agains't those mean people in city hall, robert told me that you have to go to the library reference area to see if your claim is going to be heard by the city council that week. fast forward, i left santa cruz in march 2008, and sought lawyer advice elsewhere, i was told that santa cruz city hall wanted me to sue them, forcing me to come back to santa cruz file the small claims court paper work, and monay costs then then on my court date the city lawyer would claim to be sick cancelling my court date, forcing me to go through the process all over. in other words, i was told they, santa cruz city hall, is going to fuck you.
by squeaky 1
just wanting my point clear. if the cops damage your stuff, you can file a lawsuit agains't the cop responsible, but if you are a homeless, loner, stranger like i was when the cop damaged my means of survival, you are a target of a pissed off cop, so i did not file a suit. lets face it homeless means your always outside and not to hard to find. being a target means false arrests, the cops losing every thing you own, and maybe a beating to go with it. when i said filing a claim with the city of santa cruz for damages caused by a city worker( the cops) it does not cost you monay to do so, you fill out i believe it was a one page form at city hall. i said first impression they hate you, i mean i felt their hatred toward me squeaky 1. they found out quick i was homeless, and if you did not know, city hall santa cruz really hates homeless people, alot, and i tried to stay quiet and out of peoples way. latter a lawyer told me the city of santa cruz wants to fuck you being me, squeaky 1. they city hall santa cruz no matter how wrong they are, as in my case or in many other peoples case, will never make it right! they preferr to lavish themselvels on trips, for instance, to their sister city in japan with five star hotels, room service, cocktail parties, excetra, excetra.
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