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Want change? then Welcome the America's Cup to San Francisco.
by D. Boyer
Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 11:10 AM
The 34th America's Cup is coming to San Francisco, and up to 10 million people are expected for the races. It is expected that San Francisco will see at least 5 billion in revenue. This event brings the America's Cup back to America.
Want change? then welcome the America's Cup races to San Francisco.

This America's Cup will much different then the rest of them because:
New elements include:

* Groundbreaking new boats – the wing-sailed AC45 and AC72 catamarans – capable of close to 40 knots to enable
unparalleled racing competition and on-the-water excitement
* New course formats to create tight, tactical racing that showcases the speed of the boats and the skill of the sailors
* Enhanced online broadcasting to deliver a personalized viewer experience
* New broadcast formats including magazine programs, reality formats and racing packaged for live television
* A comprehensive sustainability program focused on the world’s oceans
* New race formats in new race venues through the America’s Cup World Series
* A clear path for young athletes through the Youth America’s Cup

Also it will greatly expand access to the race by the viewer, because it is being held in the San Francisco Bay instead of an Ocean. City officials say "Plans call for Piers 30/32 for the team bases, the public Race Village to be staged at Piers 27/29, regatta operations on Pier 23, and the media center at Pier 19."

"About the America’s Cup:
Nearly 160 years old, the America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport. Initially a one on- one competition between teams representing foreign yacht clubs, the America’s Cup has evolved into one of the world’s leading sporting competitions – featuring the best sailors on the world’s fastest boats – the wing-sailed AC45 and AC72 catamarans. The 34th America’s Cup Finals will be held in late 2013 in San Francisco, with the new America’s Cup World Series beginning in 2011. For more information, visit

The fact that this event is being held is a dream come true for many, including this photog, but will politics and or people find ways to disrupt it and make it difficult to see and experience the races? Lets hope not. Because I gotta say this: My dreams matter and count, and I hope left wingers, centrists and right wingers come together and make this event one of the most memorable and accessible. I say that because the Olympic Torch relay disruption disrupted many dreams.
This event will put on display, the beauty of San Francisco, and it's valued and unique diversity, and will show the world that SF is a World Class City with World Class Citizens.
§The race course
by D. Boyer Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 11:10 AM
This America's Cup will bring new course formats and changes. Millions of spectators will get to see it up close.
§Jonny Moseley in da house
by D. Boyer Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 11:10 AM
§Larry Ellison
by D. Boyer Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 11:10 AM
§Both Trophy's together
by D. Boyer Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 11:10 AM
by reality check
Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 3:19 PM
The billionaire Larry Ellison could balance the city's budget with the stroke of a pen. Instead, his team is being subsidized by taxpayers so he will get development rights and future profits for repairing a couple of piers.
by Sludge
Friday Jan 7th, 2011 4:33 AM
Making our Bay the playground of the Uber-Rich sure as hell ain't gonna bring and positive social change despite what the author of this BS piece claims!

Who paid that stooopid shill for that comment?
by I am the author
Friday Jan 7th, 2011 3:02 PM
I am the author of the piece. Stop hiding behind a keyboard. Do NOT chump up my piece with your mindless rants.
There is no one else gonna pull SF out of this mess. The poor aint got no answers, the pols aint got no answers and no one else can bring that kind of money to SF. Even the voters have screwed up this States finances by not allowing the legalization of marijuana and banning same sex marriage. IMHO the voters are the root of this States problems. So now its time to bring in the big boys with money, and they are gonna tread all over this city heavily. Don't like it then get OUT.
The rich have money and they're coming to SF to dump a whole lot of in it. It's gonna happen and trust me their will be people like me that are gonna confront people like you who bring negativity and stupid ideas when it comes to the America's Cup.
The problem with people in SF is the fact that you all find stuff wrong with everything. Sheesh a cop shoots a thug and some Bay area residents have a problem with that? Phooey, you all have gotten goofy.

Larry Ellison could fix the budget with the stroke of a pen? OMG that statement is so stupid. So could have Meg Whitman, but they didn't and won't unless they get to play. Besides who wants to bail out a city full of nut jobs.

Those teams are NOT subsidized by taxpayers, where did you come up with that one. Sponsors like BMW finance those boats. If it weren't for sponsors 0 events would be held anywhere.

And besides Bay area residents should feel lucky those rich people are coming to fix up a dilapidated waterfront. Because the pols couldn't do a thing about it....and neither could activists. As a matter of fact some activists have stunted the growth in the Bayview Hunters point area.
Author, can you please explain your last sentence in your comment above? Curious...
by Googler
Saturday Jan 8th, 2011 2:28 AM
I thought 10 million sounded waaay huge, so I googled and found this article (see link) that says 600,000 are estimated and even that may be overly optimistic. What a relief! 10 million over 6 weeks would be mayhem...and it may be mayhem anyway...
by Francisco Da Costa
Monday Jan 31st, 2011 2:53 AM
This article is so full of BS. The 7.5 mile SF Port Property belongs to the people of California under the Public Trust Act. Of course the author of this article fails to mention that because in the first place the author does not understand less comprehend the Public Trust Act.

Practically speaking all of California must participate in the deliberations. The process was fast tracked and when you do that - you fall through the cracks. In this case the waters are deep - and the drowning will be instant.

Secondly thorough out this article there is no mention made of a sound Environmental Impact Report, a Transportation Report, and many other sound analysis need as part of a through Economic Analysis. The vague reports I have read - are full of half-truths and not backed by one single well renowned expert on sailing with some sense of practical - economics.

Recently, I visited Auckland, New Zealand and that is where recently the America's Cup was held. Millions were poured with NO results. Auckland lost on the economic front. This year Auckland managed to recover some with the World Rugby Cup - but, not enough to recover from the losses and the millions poured when the America's Cup was held. The same happened in Spain. So what prevent something totally out of the way, in these hard economic times happening to San Francisco?

Larry Ellison is not to be trusted. He wants prime waterfront land as long term leases - to make money from Real Estate. This America's Cup - given our poor Economic Conditions and the lack of jobs - has driven thousands away from the Bay Area. These folks can say what they want to say - but they do not have the facts to back them up. Be it on jobs, other investment, most of it is conceptual - with a lot of may be here and may be there.

Now, if the elitists and the filthy rich think for a second that boating and sailing will entice the rest of us to watch the fat cats - they are sadly mistaken. The America's Cup - is a sorry ass race that will hypnotize some but the sane, the down to earth will not waste their time - watch the mostly White Boys sail in the Bay - trying to muster the wind with no destination to go to that makes sense.

These million dollar sailing toys are a waste of money - and only those that have no sense for practical living - waste such inordinate amounts - thinking less of those those that in today's economic who make do with less and mostly live pay check to pay check. Those corporations that back this race the Credit Card companies for example - steal from the poor to sponsor such fancy drab sport for those that have lot of time to waste. No one worth their salt will waste time by the Waterfront - watching some fat cats try to sail in the million dollar sail boats - going in circles like buffoons trying to out do one another - at the expense of sordid - waste.

The SF Port Authority - the 7.5 mile water front area - has been neglected over the years because of very poor leadership and deferred maintenance. Now, you cannot suddenly say that because the many PIERS are in bad shape - some one, other then the SF Port Authority should take the blame.

The author of this article is speaking on a conceptual plan - a conceptual plan is like a dream - you get up and it could be your worst nightmare.

The figures mentioned are guesstimates - 5 billion dollars in revenue - who has done this analysis. I have not found it anywhere - not by the Budget Analyst nor by any sane Economist.

From where are the ten million souls going to come? Our City's population is about 816,000 - a couple of thousand more may come if the weather is fine. But, as I said in this economy even the filthy rich have taken a hit. For sure some will come to watch this over blown race if it happens - most of those watching - folks that have time to spare and waste.

Our City and County of San Francisco will be over $600 million in the hole. Add to that over $150 million is added expenses linked to pensions and other benefits that are part of the benefits we give our City employees - who think they deserve it on a platter.

Big Developers are jumping ship - including the Rogue Developer Lennar that the author alludes to linked to Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island that is now lacking funds from the eminent demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Lennar is over $400 million in the hole. The SF Redevelopment funneled millions in previous years. All this will stop for sure come July, 2011. Lennar is now seeking buyers as part of its ploy linked to Land Banking.

Some fools counted on SF Redevelopment Agency to help in the America's Cup so called fake development of the Water Front - this will not happen.

Thugs such as Goldman Sachs and others have money but they will not invest in the America's Cup - even though former SF Mayor's of Economic Development Directors like Jesse Blout and Michael Cohen have access to Goldman Sachs - flowing funds.

Ross Mirkarimi the hot air constant talking SF Supervisor, the current woman that heads the Mayor's Office of Economic Development in San Francisco, the Interim Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee, and a few others are painting a Rosy Picture about the America's Cup - but, the math does not add up.

The America's Cup sound great on paper but that is not where you make your money - the fact of the matter is that this Economy has hit everyone and with our Nation's TRILLIONS of dollars in debt - we must think twice before using any of our City's funds.

If these filthy rich thugs who call themselves Corporate Chief Executives want to have this race - let them lay down a Billion dollars - and let them set sail and watch themselves with their ilk -the types of Barnie Madoff that took so many folks for a ride and want to entice others to invest in this ill fated and ill planned venture of sorts.

These fools can fool themselves - but you cannot fool all the people all the time. As for sailing - very few enjoy the sport - most look at it with disdain and however much some brag that it will bring in the money - so far it is all talk - mostly hot air and there is absolutely nothing of substance. We must be leery of these jerks that think they can draw us in - set sail in a boat that is taking water in inclement weather.