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America's Cup Costs SF $31 million plus
by Smell a Deal
Saturday Jan 1st, 2011 1:57 PM
The sailing race, America's Cup, will cost San Francsico taxpayers $31 million and must find corporate donors to pay $270 million for this latest palm-greasing racket. If the City has $31 million to spare, why do we have a budget crisis?
The sailing race, America's Cup, will cost San Francsico taxpayers $31 million and must find corporate donors to pay $270 million for this latest palm-greasing racket. If the City has $31 million to spare, why do we have a budget crisis?

See SF Chronicle, 1/1/11 at:

Since there is apparently some construction on the piers involved, will the workingclass of San Francisco, especially of Bay View Hunters Point, finally got all of those jobs, and not just the measly 10% worked out in the latest deal?

Here is some information from Bay Citizen:

As you can see from the second Bay Citizen article, here is the breakdown on costs, including tenant evictions:
Table 1: Estimated New City Costs due to Hosting the 34th
America’s Cup
Port costs and lost revenue
Pier 27 Cruise Terminal Shortfall $6,500,000
Litigation and Settlement, Tenant Evictions 1,500,000
Additional Staffing 290,072
Loss of rent from Port properties used for Event 7,862,195
Total Port Costs & Lost Rent if Piers 26 & 28 used $16,152,267
Other City Departments
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency 6,430,228
Environmental Review (Planning) 3,115,000
Department of Building Inspection (permits,
inspections) 1,723,984
Police 4,000,000
Subtotal: Other City Costs $15,269,212
Grand Total $31,421,479

This is all for 43 days of racing. As to what it puts into the economy, the city budget is $6.55 billion. The Bay Area economy, which is larger than San Francisco, is supposed to get $1 billion out of all this. As you can see from the above articles, there is a lot of condominium development in the project. We already have thousands of empty condominiums in San Francisco. As with all projects, this $31 million taxpayer cost will soon be ridiculously low. This is clearly another palm-greasing project to make the rich richer, and payoff their construction company friends.

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by Timadous
Monday Jan 3rd, 2011 8:09 AM
I guess you can look at the proposal and see what you are looking for.

But if You actually went to the cities that have recently host the America's cup you see waterfronts that were converted from crumbling, disused piers from by gone days into active, attractive waterfronts that were filled with people.

It has been years since Auckland NZ hosted the cup. The central city of Auckland connects directly to the water front. Where once there were old piers with empty corrugated iron sheds disused since the advent of containerization, there now stands a beautiful mixed use area built on the old structures.

I have no idea how many people are employed in union jobs on the revitalized piers but thos jobs didn't disappear when the trophy moved its bounty to Spain.
by N
Monday Jan 3rd, 2011 2:25 PM
Please. I'd love to hear you defend the need for great expense on what is a sport of the wealthy on this site. Go right ahead, Messr. Timadous! Ahh, the fossil fuels used to ship production materials to the bay area. Yes yes, all worth it, eh?
by FedUp !
Tuesday Jan 4th, 2011 6:02 PM
I would imagine that sit-lie/prop L will be especially enforced during this pretentious thing called "America's Cup" since it's the same wealthy crowd that can't bear to see homeless or street people anywhere. It was mainly the wealthy who funded the pro prop L campaign. So to give the impression we don't have any homeless or street people, I suspect they will be rounded up and moved under freeways and under on and off ramps or some place where the poor without a home are not seen by the wealthy "bourgeois elite." I was very disappointed that San Francisco was chosen for this thing. It will have no bearing on the lives of most people in this City and I haven't talked with anyone who gives a damn about it.

But will this event even take place in 2013.... or will it need to be cancelled because of peak oil? Of course it’s the wind that propels the sail boats, but how will people and things connected with this event get to San Francisco to have the damn thing in the first place? By means using oil.

Crash Course: Chapter 17a - Peak Oil by Chris Martenson

by Norman
Saturday Jan 8th, 2011 3:09 AM
Someone did some fancy shmancy accounting to shove this down the City's throat.

The Board of Supervisors budget analyst pointed out that "jobs will becreated" stuff is pretty much BS, because those will not be permanent, full-time jobs. Simply put, "much of the increased employment needs would be met by increased productivity (bartenders and waiters handling more customers than usual), overtime, and temporary jobs," says the Bay Guardian in a great editorial (see link).

Most of the benefits will go to the private businesses! The city's increased tax revenue won't be nearly enough to cover the expenses. Most of the benefitthe sixth-richest person in the world, Ellison...who has gotten a lot of concessions. He will create a new company and even be allowed to build on the waterfront...something no one else has been allowed to do!
by Smell A Deal
Tuesday Jan 11th, 2011 7:12 AM
The story is in SF Weekly at:
First 2 paragraphs:
"Jelly's Dance Cafe, a nightclub that has faced eviction since a fatal July shooting, is suing San Francisco, claiming the city retaliated against its tenant after complaints about leaky bay-side sewage pipes, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court last week."

"If publicized, complaints of the Port of San Francisco's decayed sewage system might have threatened San Francisco's chances to host the 34th America's Cup, according to the lawsuit."