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Spread Wikileaks Cablegate on Freenet
by Freenet User
Saturday Dec 4th, 2010 12:56 AM
In the wake of the Wikileaks takedown, it's clear we need safer ways to propagate knowledge.
Freenet is a P2P network similar to Bittorrent or Napster (the old Napster), except it's secure and anonymous.

Now is a good time to learn to use Freenet to create safer networks for sensitive information. I've put up three copies of Cablegate into Freenet, at the URLs below. They will work once you have Freenet installed.

To get Freenet, go to

Once it's running, your computer becomes a node that helps distribute content to the rest of Freenet. Download these files, and you will receive it slowly. The parts of the file are migrating to you, bouncing through dozens of other computers. Each part is encrypted, and no computer knows where the part is headed -- it just travels in your general direction. No single node knows the entire file, the sender, and the recipient.

Then, once you get the files, keep the node up, to support the existence of Freenet.,~xae29QGE750IS8Gqo-N2pQtnL0Bskz~qnZxP1Ee8s8,AQACAAE/,4EXFvCoU4WY4j0xLIBgyoUnLyvt1YFTc8e0sAbqZ8d0,AQACAAE/cablegate-201012030601.7z,kHqLVKmXpjFvK-mGo26d9Abg~RdBVRMMaD5nYc-9VFg,AQACAAE/

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by dagga
Wednesday Dec 8th, 2010 3:04 PM
to reference theses links ?
by individual
Saturday Dec 11th, 2010 12:24 PM,wn3nd1uSUZBNMZS4NX18IhrDYE6Er0TtBAVMH6I52FQ,AQACAAE/Cablegate/4/index-2.html
by Tor user
Sunday Dec 12th, 2010 6:28 AM
Great! Can you give any other instruction to us that are behind in our knowledge and want to contribute?
What about copy and pasting full cables on blogs?
Put it out so the internet would have to be shut down to censor it all.