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The WikiLeaks Saga

by Evan Shamar
The United States government is up in arms over WikiLeaks deliverance of thousands of classified documents that have given stark and disturbing insight into the foreign policy of the US government and their allies.
Julian Assange is the founder of the whistle blowing agency,WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is responsible for the publication of tens of thousands of classified government and military documents, as well as phone conversations,emails and videos. All of which shed a spotlight directly onto the despotic nature of the US government and their allies abroad.

The contentious documents were smuggled from a military office,disguised on a disc with an image of Lady Gaga. No wonder the disc made it through without being checked,either that, or the man who successfully smuggled the information had an unreadable poker face.

One example of the leaked documents:
Marine troops,with the average soldier being between 18 and 35 years old were ordered to exterminate an entire village in Iraq. The troops, most of whom are under military and media hypnosis drunkenly followed orders,but for the soldiers tangled in the haunting web of awareness,they were forced to carry out the nightmarish agenda, against their will.

Let that sink in.

The US government has been caught red-handed ordering troops to ambush villages where people live,work,kids play and live daily life - and savagely obliterate them as though they were coach-roaches.

Putting things into perspective:
Imagine going to a farmers market in Manhattan on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and being greeted by the outdoor acoustics of bullets indiscriminately smashing into windows,setting off car alarms and piercing through human bodies. As you look behind you [you] see tanks and soldiers on foot, salivating like demonic creatures freshly released from the depths of hell,mercilessly squeezing their triggers as their bodies and weaponry convulse from the promiscuous spraying of copper.

With this tyranny being clearly exposed, there is now undeniable evidence that the US government is engaged in treason.

One with a functional brain would commend Assange,instead the tyrants in Washington are calling for his imprisonment.

Hilary Clinton,secretary of state, has gone on record stating that the leaks must stop. “ The publication of these classified documents puts lives in jeopardy and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve problems.It harms our troops who are fighting to restore liberty” said Clinton in a press conference last Tuesday. She went on to say that future leaks would only intensify an already turbulent situation.

No. It would lay bare the criminality of this rogue and illegitimate administration.

The absurdity continues as members of congress have denounced Assange,calling him a traitor to America. What ignorant fools they are. Assange is Australian,therefore he cannot be a traitor to America. To be a traitor,one has to be of the nationality. This is double speak.

Conveniently, two women have claimed that Assange sexually violated them. One of the women who is probably a fictional character conjured up by the minions in the white house has said that when the condom broke Assange wouldn't stop.

Chew on this:
Other than college football jocks and porn stars who are bored with it,how many men can stop humping at the point of an orgasm? No one knows where Assange was in the midst of their CONSENSUAL sex act. To smear this mans name based on such flimsy charges clearly shows the desperation and lack of integrity of the US government.

The average American journalist should be ashamed,as their cowardice nature has been become transparent in the wake of these leaks. The American media is a whore,whereas the true courage and human essence runs through the veins of Assange and others of his ilk.

The US governments reaction to these leaked documents is principle evidence that we are living in the most uncanny and staggering times in human history.

What a mesmerizing time it is to be alive.

Fuck 2011.

Happy 1984!

Written by Evan Shamar, reporting from Bangkok Thialand / Contributors: David Goodman in New York. Jason Bermas contributed reporting in New york, Alan Cowell in Paris and The Information Clearing House.
Let the Intellectuals lay their way out of this rot. The most important ingredient in a relationship regardless whether it’s private or public is TRUST. Anarchy is when the citizen’s trust is repeatedly violated by elected officials and/or government. Today America is in the final stages of decay from this abuse. The only known cure from decay is a complete restructuring of the governmental body and society. Decay is destroying mankind’s political and social life.
by Leaker
Freenet is a P2P filesharing system that is more secure that bittorrent. To install it go to

Freenet is similar to Napster or Bittorrent, except that it's decentralized and encrypted, and as anonymous as possible.

By requesting these files through Freenet, you will help propagate copies of the wikileaks cablegate site. These files are differently formatted versions of the Wikileaks Cablegate website.

These links will work once you have Freenet installed.,~xae29QGE750IS8Gqo-N2pQtnL0Bskz~qnZxP1Ee8s8,AQACAAE/,4EXFvCoU4WY4j0xLIBgyoUnLyvt1YFTc8e0sAbqZ8d0,AQACAAE/cablegate-201012030601.7z,kHqLVKmXpjFvK-mGo26d9Abg~RdBVRMMaD5nYc-9VFg,AQACAAE/
by Liberty lover
Finally someone has had the guts to reveal what our social systems are really like. A hodgepodge of lies, deceit and insincere comments from wherever which seem to be the only way to hide what we really are, a species full of hatred and mistrust for one another.

Wikiki's founder should be hailed for what he has exposed. What good is it to fight for your country if the politics which bring war to the forefront are interlaced with lies and distortions, a situation which has propably been the catalyst of the war in Iraq, and possibly even Afghanistan, not to mention the conflicts emerging from the wars on 'terror' brewing in Iranian and North Korean locales.

Give me a break from the status quo so that humanity can get away from its evolutionary umbilical cords which the media all too often perpetuates in its efforts to protect the guilt-ridden enclaves of political propaganda. The Pandora Box of 'crooked tongues' is finally open, and now the worms that were crawling in its cradle are finally exposed to the sun... Hopefully, Assange can be the forebearer of truth
by Liberty lover
The leaks have clearly shown that the U.S. is trying to control the World using force, blackmail and duplicity. They have also shown that the U.S. couldn't run a BBQ chicken raffle.

It is time the world got rid of the U.S., treated it as a banana republic, a throwback to the Dark Ages. The only thing it brings to the world is endless war and greed and killing plus the continuous threat of nuclear war.
by Aronold Strussen
The media, not merely in the US but also throughout the English speaking world and Europe, has shown its hostility to WikiLeaks. The reason is obvious. WikiLeaks reveals truth, while the media covers up for the US government and its puppet states.

It's like a scientific experiment. You make the same data input everywhere, and by watching what everyone does with the data, you obtain a map of the way the world government really works.
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