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San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland Local Election Results For November 2010
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Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2010 6:18 AM
San Francisco
Board of Supervisors Winners: Janet Reilly (41.75%), Carmen Chu (100%), Jane Kim (31.34%), Scott Weiner (41.66%), Tony Kelly (13.37%),

Measure AA - Vehicle Registration Fee
Yes 59.61%

Measure A - Earthquake Retrofit Bond
Yes 64.22%

Measure B - City Retirement and Health Plans
No 57.63%

Measure C - Mayoral Appearances at Board Meetings
Shall the Charter be amended to require the Mayor to appear in person at one regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Supervisors each month to engage in formal policy discussions with the Board?
Yes 60.22%

Measure D - Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections
Shall the City allow non-citizen residents of San Francisco who are 18 years of age or older and have children living in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote for members of the Board of Education?
No 54.17%

Measure E - Election Day Voter Registration
Shall the Charter be amended to establish Election Day voter registration specifically for municipal elections?
No 52.11%

Measure F - Health Service Board Elections
Shall the number of Health Service Board elections be reduced to two elections every five years instead of four elections?
Yes 52.15%

Measure G - Transit Operator Wages
Shall the City eliminate the formula for setting minimum MUNI operator wages and instead set MUNI operator wages through collective bargaining and binding arbitration; add rules for arbitration proceedings regarding MTA’s transit employees; and make other changes to terms of employment for MTA employees?
Yes 63.89%

Measure H - Local Elected Officials on Political Party Committees
Shall the City prohibit elected City officials from serving on San Francisco political party county central committees?
No 58.11%

Measure I - Saturday Voting
Shall the City open polling places on the Saturday before the November 2011 election if donors contribute enough money to pay for the costs?
Yes 59.04%

Measure J - Hotel Tax Clarification and Temporary Increase
Shall the City increase the hotel tax rate from 14% to 16% for the next three years, confirm that anyone collecting rent from a hotel guest must also collect tax on room rental and related charges, and define “permanent resident” so that only an individual could qualify for the “permanent resident” exemption?
No 53.88%

Measure K - Hotel Tax Clarification and Definitions
Shall the City keep the hotel tax rate at 14%, confirm that anyone collecting rent from a hotel guest must also collect tax on room rental and related charges, and define “permanent resident” so that only an individual could qualify for the “permanent resident” exemption?
No 61.87%

Measure L - Sitting or Lying on Sidewalks
Shall the City amend its Police Code to prohibit sitting or lying on a public sidewalk in San Francisco between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., with certain exceptions?
Yes 53.33%

Measure M - Community Policing and Foot Patrols
No 52.05%

Measure N - Real Property Transfer Tax
Yes 58.66%


City Council Winners: Linda Maio (65.58%), Jesse Arreguin (53.37%), Kriss Worthington (49.79%), Gordon Wozniak (60.52%)

"Shall the City of Berkeley adopt policies to revitalize the downtown and help make Berkeley one of the greenest cities in the United States by meeting our climate action goals; concentrating housing, jobs and cultural destinations near transit, shops and amenities; preserving historic resources; enhancing open space; promoting green buildings; and calling for 2 residential buildings and 1 hotel no taller than our existing 180 foot buildings and 2 smaller office buildings up to 120 feet?"

R: Yes 64.21% / No 35.79%

"Measure S would place a tax on medical cannabis sales — up to 2.5 percent for medical cannabis and, if Proposition 19 passes, as much as 10 percent for recreational marijuana. Raising the tax from its current level of $1.20 for every $1,000 of gross receipts to $25 per $1,000 of gross receipts would bring the city approximately $460,000 a year, according to a staff report."

S: Yes 82.36% / No 17.64%

"Measure T would increase the number of locations where marijuana is sold from three to four, and also permit six 30,000-square-foot indoor growing areas in the city’s industrial zone in West Berkeley. These places would not be open to the public, but would be used to grow cannabis, test it, distill it into tinctures or creams, or cook it into food products."
T: Yes 64.39% / No 35.61%


City Council: Patricia Kernighan(66.95%), Libby Schaaf (43.32%), Desley Brooks (65.29%)

Don Perata 35.19%
Jean Quan 24.19%
Rebecca Kaplan 20.91%
Joe Tuman 11.88%

V (increased medical cannabis tax and new non-medical cannabis tax): Yes: 69.81%
W (telephone trunk line and access line taxes): Yes: 56.55%
X ($360 parcel tax): No: 71.93%
BB (suspends police staffing appropriation requirements for collection of 2004 Measure Y parcel tax): Yes: 70.33%
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