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Make KPFA "Free Speech Radio"- Cover The Oscar Grant Rally For Justice Live On October 23,
by Voices For Justice Radio
Thursday Oct 21st, 2010 11:02 AM
KPFA should cover the ILWU Local 10 initiated Justice For Oscar Grant rally on October 23 noon at the Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland. If you agree contact the management and union official at KPFA and call for them to cover this historic rally live.
Make KPFA "Free Speech Radio"- Cover The Oscar Grant Rally For Justice Live On October 23, 2010

A historic ILWU initiated labor community rally to fight for justice for Oscar Grant will take place on October 23, 2010 12:00 noon
at the Frank Ogawa Plaza. At today's Morning Show with Aimee Allison, ILWU Executive Board member Clarence Thomas
called on KPFA to broadcast the rally on KPFA this coming Saturday October 23, 2010 starting at 12:00 noon.
ILWU Jack Heyman and Clarence Thomas On 10/21 KPFA Morning Show About 10/23 ILWU initiated Rally For Justice

ILWU Local 10 Executive Board Members Jack Heyman and Clarence Thomas on KPFA Morning Show 01:19:00 or at 8:19 AM into the program

The organizing committee for the rally has also called on KPFA to broadcast the rally live on Saturday noon to 4:00 PM
on KPFA and make it available nationally for Pacifica affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Washington D.C.

Resolution: M/S/C unanimously 9/21/10 at Oscar Grant Rally Organizing Committee
Oscar Grant Rally Organizing Committee calls on KPFA management and the station board
and Pacifica to broadcast the Oct.23 Oscar Grant Rally live, nationwide.

Efforts are now being made to get KPFA to broadcast the historic rally live and get it out regionally,
nationally and internationally.
If you support this proposal, please contact KPFA Management and the CWA Local union official to let them know
this labor supported rally should be heard live on Free Speech radio KPFA.

Call and Email
Interim Manager Ahmad Anderson 510-849-2590x205 ahmad [at]
Assistant Manager Amelia Gonzalez Amelia Gonzales, Interim Assistant GM 510-848-6767 ext 255/ext 209 iagm [at]
Mark Mericle, co-Director News Department and Vice President CWA 9415 510-848-4425 , ext 699 news [at] or MMericle [at]

Initiated By Voices For Justice Radio

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by Konsider
Friday Oct 22nd, 2010 1:37 AM
Well, if KPFA wont do it, lets get Berkeley Liberation Radio (BLR).

You know, I am constantly reading articles on Indybay regarding KPFA, but never see anything about BLR. Why?

It's no wonder that their listenership is so low. Pirate radio is actually grounded in the community, but when the community snubs it's nose and ignores it, entailing it's continuation is put on the backs of a miniscule, handful of people-- who, although, fortunately are some extremely dedicated, spirited activists-- it's likely a project that could crash at any point, and probably, eventually will soon. But the community to which they reach out could care less.

When BLR started, the FCC lashed out and nearly crushed it. It''s amazing the repression didn't altogether succeed, given that so many of those professing to be radicals, were too busy content with KPFA. That's because KPFA is already established, and most of the listeners like the fact that they don't really have to do anything-- they can feel good that they give some money once in awhile.