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Justice 4 Oscar Grant Armada Continues in McCovey Cove
by anon
Wednesday Oct 20th, 2010 5:39 PM
For the second time this month, messaging in support of justice for Oscar Grant appeared out on the water of McCovey cove to counter a boat with pro-Mehserle messaging that has been present during recent games. A flotilla for Justice for Oscar Grant formed as a second boat joined the original one during the first home game of the National League playoffs of the San Francisco Giants yesterday. In addition to the original boat with the "Justice 4 Oscar Grant" banner (, the two banners on the second boat include the messaging, "Oscar Grant Was Murdered" and "Jail Killer Cops."
As this game was the first home game of the series, the cove was packed full of fans excited about the prospect of the Giants going into the world series. Joining the fans were two boats with a clear message that Oscar Grant will not be forgotten, and that police impunity will not be tolerated.

Though the Mehserle boat arrived early and dropped anchor as close as possible to the stadium at the front in the cove, the two boats of the Justice for Oscar Grant flotilla were able to position themselves strategically and were again visible from inside the stadium. Throughout the game, many folks on the water expressed their support for justice for Oscar Grant. Some had not yet realized that there was a pro-Mehserle boat on the water and were excited to see the response. Many expressed disbelief that the 'cop boat' was there in the first place.

The Mehserle banners were not raised on the cop boat until the mid-point of the game. Fox news liked that. ( Note that Fox avoided showing the entire Mehserle banners in their coverage, presumably due to the presence of the Oscar Grant boats in the cove, which would have been in direct view beside and behind the Mehserle boat.

See press Release Below:



by: A-Team for Justice 4 Oscar Grant

It is not without compassion for the pains of the Mehserle family that we
chose to publicize an alternative message regarding the issue of “justice”
as it relates to the murder of Oscar Grant. In response to the positive
light given to Johannes Mehserle both in recent local media news stories
and through the massive banner hung on his brothers' sailboat, we wish to
present a similarly positive light for the victim of Mehserle’s crime,
showing due respect for Oscar Grants family and their loss. As Johannes
Mehserle was reportedly a good son, father, and brother, so was Oscar
Grant, and so were many other victims of fatal police shootings within the
last 3 months in California alone: Manuel Jamines, 37-years-old, of Los
Angeles, Rita Elias, 31 years-old, of Modesto, James Rivera, 16 years-old,
of Stockton, Fred Collins, 48 years-old, of Oakland and Michael Lee, 43
years-old, of San Francisco.

In light of these recent shootings by police officers we agree with
Mehserle’s family that there is nothing terribly exceptional about his
actions on the morning of 1/1/09 as a policeman in the line of duty,
however we do not believe that makes them acceptable. Mehserles actions
are indicative of a culture of police impunity. We want to see an end to
police impunity, especially in cases of violence and murder. Relying on
the courts for justice means relying on a dishonest system that demonizes
some and exonerates others; “justice 4 Mehserle” must take into account
above all justice for Oscar Grant.

Beyond jailing Mehserle, we seek a more comprehensive form of justice
which would demand a disbanding or at the least disarming of BART police,
the firing of officers complicit in the cover up of Oscar Grant’s murder,
repealing or revising the CA Police Bill of Rights, to help put an end to
the injustice that happens at the hands of police officers. In the
meantime, however, we remain under the rule of the current system and seek
justice within its parameters. While demanding the maximum sentencing for
Mehserle’s crime would simply mean another person behind bars, police
officers must be held accountable for violent actions just as civilians

§jail killer cops!
by anon Wednesday Oct 20th, 2010 5:39 PM