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Photos From SF Protest Against FBI Attacks Against Anti-War Protesters
by Z
Tuesday Sep 28th, 2010 8:00 PM
On Tuesday Sept 28th at 5pm, several dozen protesters gathered near 7th St and Mission St in San Francisco to protest FBI raids against anti-war activists in several US cities
"On Friday, September 24, FBI agents raided houses across the midwest, including the north-side house of Chicago activists Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner, as well as that of Hatem Abudayyeh of the Arab-American Action Network. The FBI ostensibly investigated alleged financial ties with unnamed international terrorists; the FBI has issued subpoenas to force testimony before a grand jury to about a dozen activists across the midwest.

Antiwar activists, mindful of the COINTELPRO intimidation tactics that the FBI has implemented in the past against radical activists, view the raids as little more than crass intimidation. Within a day, activists organized a solidarity vigil, a press conference to raise public opinion of the matter, and after an impromptu meeting have quickly organized a rally at FBI offices in Chicago, in concert with similar rallies in 18 other cities. "
by Z Tuesday Sep 28th, 2010 8:00 PM
by Z Tuesday Sep 28th, 2010 8:00 PM
by Z Tuesday Sep 28th, 2010 8:00 PM
by Z Tuesday Sep 28th, 2010 8:00 PM

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by So much for Obama's change!!
Wednesday Sep 29th, 2010 12:52 PM
Am concerned that the U.S. government is once again going after the peacemakers with more threats, harrassment and intimidation. Guess that is the price for being ethical and expressing dissent against the military-industrial complex. Thought that anti-war activists would at least get a break from the hardcore FBI surveillence that was endured during the years under GW Bush regime.

Is this the change we were promised by the current Obama regime??

All set to vote Green Party in 2012, am sick of the Democrat/Republican duopoly!! This sort of nonsense from Obama shows why we need to include third parties in the debates and electoral process. What other choice is there when both Democrats and Republicans are willing players for the military-industrial complex?!!

Green Party prepares for 2012;

"The conversation has already begun on the GPUS National Committee delegate email list, with names tossed around such as Barbara Ehrenreich, Margaret Flowers, Van Jones, and of course Cynthia McKinney. What I find interesting is the variety in “goals” that Greens expect from a Presidential candidate, and the variety of “types” of candidates that people think might accomplish those goals,

So what are the goals of running a national Green Party candidate for President? Winning the White House seems to rank low thanks to the reality of the duopoly in US Politics. So what, then? Five Percent might be brought up, because if a presidential candidate gets five percent of the national vote that political party is eligible for millions of dollars in support of the next presidential nominating convention, but more than that, the percent received by the candidate can impact ballot access in a number of states, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin just to name a few.

Another major goal often brought up is “party building”. A national candidate for President can travel the land raising money and recruiting volunteers for local chapters everywhere. Nader did it. Cobb did it. And McKinney did it as well, bringing new people into the Green Party fold, some of whom are now candidates for federal office or have taken leadership positions within the party.

So who might be a good Green Party candidate for President? Lets explore the topic by “type” of candidate."

visit Green Party 2012 here;
by DLi
Thursday Sep 30th, 2010 5:04 AM
In its final stage of impending collapse, in 2008 US Imperialism launched a last-ditch effort to try "Saving Private Capital" by heavily donating to the Obama campaign, with the explicit quid-pro-quo that Bushed officials like War Sec'y Robert Gates and Wall Street coddlers like Treasury Sec'y Geitner et al were to be retained, to continue the Evil Empire's delusional Full Spectrum Dominance policies. All Obama had to do was to use his 'charismatic' smile and rhetorical skills to sell to the American people that "Change" was in the air. Of course, what actually happened was that, while Wall Street banksters and war profiteers got Trillions of Bailout, the unwitting USA voters got the Chump Change of a few token billions in unemployment extensions and homeowners' "relief". Nothing else in the Evil Empire's "soak the poor" program changed. Therein lies the farcical "Hope" of the Obama swindle... :(