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Schedule of City Council Candidate Forums
by Robert Norse and Steve Pleich
Monday Sep 13th, 2010 9:25 AM
City Council Candidate Steve Pleich sent me the following list of upcoming City Council Candidate Forums ("Fora" for purists) open to the public. There you can see the truly vacuous horrendous '"law and order" candidates who have filled the ballot for the three Council positions being vacated. The term of Lynn Robinson is up, so she's running again. Cynthia Mathews and Mike Rotkin have served two consecutive terms (in addition to several previous terms), and so are out of the picture for at least two years. To see and hear the depressing situation more fully, hold your nose and check out the following:
9/13 6-8 pm Santa Cruz Next PD PD Community Room

9/15 7pm SC Chamber of Commerce University Inn

9/16 7pm GLBT Louden Nelson

9/17 1pm Police Officers PD Community Room

9/21 7pm Santa Cruz Neighbors PD Community Room

10/6 7pm Transition SC/Water Coalition Louden Nelson

There have been two forums already. The Democratic Women's Club met on Saturday and endorsed Robinson, Bryant, and Terrazas. The Operating Engineers Local 3 met several weeks ago and briefly entertained a question by activist attorney Ed Frey about the Sleeping Ban law.

I replayed the Sleeping Ban question segment of it on streaming Free Radio yesterday. (It's archived about 1/4 of the way into the audio file at )

The candidates include worst-of-the-worst incumbent Lynn Robinson, non-profit grant writer Steve Pleich, transportation official David Terrazas, executive assistant Gus Ceballos, retired firefighter Ron Pomerantz, Planning Commissioner David Foster, animal hospital owner Hilary Bryant & insurance salesman Kevin Moon.

A description of the Operating Engineers Local 3 Forum can be found at, from which I've taken the job descriptions of each of the candidates.

Sorry to have to present such a bleak picture. The City Council line-up is likely to go from bad-to-worse, unless the unlikely election of Steve Pleich takes place.

Pleich and Community TV may be recording some of these sessions for later public airing, but if you really want to hear (and feel) the empty hot air blowing, check them out yourselves.

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by foobarista
Monday Sep 13th, 2010 4:50 PM
Politics in the Park
Sunday, September 19th
12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Come join us for a Sunday afternoon in the park. Meet the candidates in a relaxed setting. Leave the fluorescent lighting and metal chairs behind. We are bringing politics outside to air out the issues. Bring your blanket, picnic, family, friends and neighbors.
We have asked all of the candidates to join us at this community friendly event. Which three candidates will help build a prosperous and safe Santa Cruz? Make an informed decision on November 2nd.
Our goal is for every eligible citizen to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
This is a new way for all of us to get involved and share our open space. With your support we know we can show our local government that we care and want to be involved in the process.
Hope to see you there!

by Robert Norse
Friday Sep 17th, 2010 3:48 PM
TBSC is the group that wants to treat homeless campers as criminals. Check them out next Sunday from in San Lorenzo Park.
by Bernard G.
Sunday Sep 19th, 2010 10:20 AM
"TBSC is the group that wants to treat homeless campers as criminals."

Nice broad brush you've got there, was Palace having a sale. It's not unlike saying that all homeless are lifestyle by choicers, that come from out of town to leach off the services that Santa Cruz provides. And that they can't camp in a spot for more then two days without leaving piles of trash or befouling the bushes. Both statements are bullshit, and you know it.

I'm sure that there are some people in TBSC that think the homeless should be driven from town with fire and steel. There are also others that think that homelessness is a stain on the nation, and that the goal is to get every body off the street and into some kind of housing. That there is a war on homelessness and not a war on the homeless. Others just joined to get to know their neighbors.

But don't let that get in the way of your little rant.
by Neigh Norse
Sunday Sep 19th, 2010 7:11 PM
Obviously, Norse is out of ammo and shooting blanks. He's been politically and causally ineffective for a decade or more. No crime in that; he fought an uphill battle with his agenda, and I respected his passion.

Emphasis on "ed". I now find him insulting, biased, and counter-productive.

So now TBSC is a one-trick pony whose only agenda is anti-homeless? Bullpucky. It's rather than Norse has only one agenda and he can't see beyond it.

-TBSC cleaned up Evergreen Cemetery. Dragged out hundreds of pounds of garbage, syringes, feces, booze bottles, and other detritus. But because they MAY have discomfited a homeless (albeit heroin and alcohol addicted as evidenced by their detritus) person, Norse labels them as anti-homeless?

Hey Norse, if we're labeling that broadly? I think in return you clearly have earned the label of "clueless idiot".

I thank TBSC, as I will ANY group who cleans up wastelands that were once community friendly spots.
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