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Jacoby Creek Action Update
by EF! Humboldt (repost)
Friday Aug 20th, 2010 1:44 PM
As of this 10:00 am today, the logging road is open and the highly destructive clear-cutting of the Redwoods within the Jacoby Creek watershed continues. The brave forest defenders who blocked the road in the early morning two days ago still there, still refusing to come down from the trees. Green Diamond Resource Company has posted 24 hour security at the site and are preventing any food or water from being delivered to the activists. Though the loggers say all the trees in the plans will be cut by the end of the month, their rampant clear-cutting is by no means over. The company has many active clear-cut logging operations year round in the northern Redwoods.
One forest defense activist on the ground was arrested at the scene just after the road was re-opened. He was arrested after repeatedly insisting that the sheriffs and loggers not tamper with the support ropes that extend high into the trees, holding up a platform that one of the defenders is sitting on. The pretext for the arrest was a traffic violation warrant and he was told he would be extradited (transported by police) to SoCal, but he was released in Eureka a few hours later.

The story was broadcasted on KMUD Radio’s local news. We will provide a link to the recorded news archive when it becomes available.

The company has 430,000 acres in the north coast region of California and much more in Oregon and Washington where they also clear-cut and spray herbicides on the forest from helicopters, sometimes poisoning local residents. According to their own documents, they plan to log around 500 acres more in Jacoby Creek in the next 10 years.
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Update: Blockaders Evacuate 8/21/10moreThursday Aug 26th, 2010 11:59 AM