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Democrat Obama Attempts to Murder Elderly Atty Stewart with 10 year Sentence
by Never Forgive Never Forget
Thursday Jul 15th, 2010 7:40 PM
Are you still registered Democrat? On July 15, 2010, in the same courthouse where the Rosenbergs were sentenced to death on false charges and Morton Sobell sentenced to what became 19 years in prison on equally false charges all framed by Democrat Harry Truman , 70 year old people's lawyer with serious health problems, Lynne Stewart was resentenced by fascist Judge Koetel, at the behest of Democrats Obama & Holder, his attorney general, to 10 years in prison, a virtual death sentence for a 70 year old on the false claim that she is a "terrorist," when in fact it is the American government that is the world's terrorist, with no equal. Lynne Stewart did not commit any crime whatsoever. As she says, this is an attempt to silence people's lawyers, just like Nazi Germany did.
For more on Lynne Stewart, see

This is what you get when you vote for the insulting "lesser evil," which does not exist in reality. A person is evil or is not evil, and there is certainly nothing lesser about Barack Obama or the rest of his rotten Democratic Party, just as fascist as the Republican Party. The claim that you were voting for the first black president in the hope for change is ludicrous. We have had black mayors in this country for years and they are all just as reactionary as the white mayors because they represent the same capitalist class.

Change your registration today to socialist Peace & Freedom Party or the Green Party which support Lynne Stewart and oppose thise horrifying frame-up of workingclass lawyers. Socialists and Greens are also, unlike the Democratic Party, for peace, 100% for gay marriage, for socialized medicine, against the death penalty, against any offshore oil drilling, 100% for abortion, for the Palestinian liberation struggle, and much more. If you want anything good to happen, you have to vote for good people. See
by KeShawn
Friday Jul 16th, 2010 11:33 AM
Fight the power and refuse to be sold this bill of goods. Lynne Stewart is guilty of no crime and must be freed. She is a political prisoner.
Even if you take what the government says Lynn Stewart did to be true (i don't), who was murdered because of what she did. Stop the hype. Ms. Stewart is not a murderer and did not commit treason. She my have violated a petty rule fer which her original sentence was already too much, but ten years is ridiculous. A question: Will Mehserle, the murderer of Oscar Grant, get more time than Stewart?
by Jason
Wednesday Jul 28th, 2010 2:25 PM
She was convicted of providing material aide to a known and convicted terrorist and got off light with a 28 month sentence, of which she probably would've only have served about a year or less. The ten year sentence comes from the fact that she committed perjury during her trial, a felony and something not tolerated by the judicial system. Bill Clinton was impeached because he committed perjury, so its not "the gubment" coming down on some old lady, its the courts enforcing a law.

As for her age, big deal. She committed a crime, was given a fair trial and found guilty by a jury of her peers. All this news post is is sensationalist dribble. Is it unfortunate that this woman is potentially going to spend the rest of her life in jail? Yes, but then again, she broke the law and she can't just get off scott free because she's old.

Honestly, I doubt she'll serve the full sentence. She'll probably do a few years, then get released on parole.