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Emergency Meeting on the Mehserle Trial !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type:
Revolution Books
2425 Channing Way (off of Telegraph Avenue)
Location Details:
Revolution Books
2425 Channing Way(in the Sather Gate Parking Mall off of Telegraph Avenue).Wheelchair accessible,donations accepted.

Emergency Meeting on the Mehserle Trial
Join us to discuss the verdict, the response, and where to go from here.

(The video showing of the Green Zone, scheduled for this time, will be rescheduled.)
Added to the calendar on Sun, Jul 11, 2010 11:20AM

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by Mario
Any genuine broad based Emergency meeting needs to be in a neutral setting . Not the RCP Hq .
Rcp. ISO, APSP (Uhuru House ) , various Anarchists , Nation of Islam etc. all have contributed to the struggle for Justice for Oscar Grant . But none have towered over all the others in terms of committment and dedication .NO group should set the agenda .
So any such meeting should be held at a Church , a Union Hall, wherever but not in ANY groups offices .
My (and many others ) two cents
by Anarchist
You say no other group is allowed to organize with their own agenda heading the movement except the union hall or the church. The church or the union? Oh no they don't have their own agenda at all. Unions aren't weak or morally corrupted. They're not bowing down to the corporations anymore than the politicians and policemen in our streets and are trying their best to bring down the government that maintains the statist capitalist status quo.

Religion is not a tool of social control used by the state to dampen down peoples anger at the state. Oh no, pay no attention to all the poor black people in Oakland being pacified by Christ. Just give the church your money. No, the Church of Jesus Christ is here to save and is looking out for your best interest and that's why they are the head of the resistance and want to help you organize your revolution so you can be free. They're not apart of the problem, they're apart of the solution. Yeah that's right!

The unions are interested in banishing the America wage slave system which is why they are so strong and organized and have empowered the American worker. With all the help from our public servants in the media and Christ loving people I'm sure we'll get out of this rut that we're in in no time. We'll be free in a matter of no time. Just obey. Give the church your money. Conform to society. Don't break the rules. Don't break property. Don't disrupt business as usual. Respect authority and the government will grant you your freedom.

Never mind the fact that the church, unions, media, police, fire department, military, corporations, banks and the federal government are all working together to keep you in control. Just conform to get change even though it doesn't come. It will come magically one day. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Our dependence on all these institutions providing everything for us is disgusting. By putting trust into them we give them immense power over our lives that is not only undemocratic but illogical and unnecessary. I can see that the human race has little desire to break free and I mean free in the sense that communities are living cooperatively independent from all private, religious and government institutions. Our time to grow up will come to pass when we are ready for it but so long as we have a bunch of statist, nationalistic fascists, pacifists and dumb asses who think we must be manipulated into accepting a life of subservience to money, god, state and capital, we will never never get the big picture and will forever accept false concepts of freedom

Pacifism Kills!
by Mario
I was only saying that any ''emergency meeting '' shouldn't be held in any organizations office /Hq . I only meant to suggest that maybe a union hall or Church could be rented (or hopefully used gratis ) for a venue .
I certainly don't want any one union's leaders or Clergyman to dominate this struggle .
I simply was proposing those halls as a possible locale .
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