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Peace to the cottages! War on the palaces!
by Georg Büchner
Saturday Jul 10th, 2010 6:18 AM
Georg Büchner's classic radical pamphlet from 1834, now translated.
Georg Büchner
The Hessian Courier
First message

Darmstadt, July 1834

This sheet is to tell the Hessian country the truth, but who tells the truth, is hanged, and even the one who reads the truth be punished by perjured judge you. Therefore, those whom have this leaf belongs to observe the following:

1st You must keep the paper carefully out of her house before the police;
2nd they can tell it only to loyal friends;
3rd those who do not trust them, as himself, may only deposit it secretly;
4th the paper would nevertheless found one who has read it, he must confess that he just had to bring the County Council;
5th who has not read the paper, if you can find it in him, of course, is without fault.

Peace to the cottages! War on the palaces!

In 1834, it looks as if the Bible the lie. It looks as if God the farmers and artisans on the 5th day, and made the princes and nobles on the 6th, and as the Lord had said to them: have dominion over every living thing that creeps on the earth, and if the farmers and citizens to worms counted. The life of the aristocracy is a long Sunday, they live in nice houses, they wear petite clothes, they have plump faces and speak a peculiar language, but the people ahead of them as fertilizer on the field. The farmer walks behind the plow and drives him with the oxen at the plow, he takes the grain and makes him the stubble. The life of the farmers is a long working day, strangers devour his fields before his eyes, his body is a callus, his sweat is salt on the tables of the gentry.

In the Grand Duchy of Hesse are 718.373 inhabitants, which provide to the state each year to 6,363,364 guilders, as
1) Direct taxes 2,128,131 fl
2) Indirect taxes 2,478,264 fl
3) 1,547,394 domains fl
4) 46.938 regalia fl
5) fines 98.511 fl
6) Various sources 64.198 fl
6,363,363 fl

This money is the Blutzehnte, which is taken from the body of the people. 700 000 people to sweat, moan and starve for it. On behalf of the state is squeezed, the Presser rely on the government and the government says it was necessary to maintain order in the state. what is it for now, the huge thing: the state? A number of people living in one country and there are regulations or laws exist by which everyone must depend, they say, they form a state. The state, therefore all are, and the folder in the state are the laws by which the good of all will be saved and which should go forth from the good of all. You see - well, what have they done in the Grand Duchy from the state, see what it means to preserve order in the state! 700 000 people pay for six million, ie they are made to farm horses and plow animals, so they live in order. In order to live means to be hungry and bruised.

Who are they who have made this order, and the watch, to get this right? This is the grand-ducal government. The Government is formed by the Grand Duke and his top officials. The other officers are men who are appointed by the government in order to get that order in force. Their number is legion: State and senior civil servants, district administrators and district councils, clergy councils and school councils, financial advisers and Forsträte etc with all their army of secretaries u.s.w. The people are their flock, they are his herdsmen, milkers and torturers, and they have the hides of the farmers in the robbery of the poor is in their home, the tears of the widows and orphans are the wax on their faces, they exhort reign freely and the people to slavery. You give her 6,000,000 fl charges, for the trouble they have to rule you, that is, to be fed by you, and have to steal your human and civil rights. Behold what is the harvest of your sweat.

For the Ministry of the Interior and the administration of justice be paid 1,110,607 florins. For this you have a jumble of laws, collected together from arbitrary regulations of all ages, mostly written in a foreign language. The nonsense of all previous generations has been passed on to you, the pressure under which they succumbed to fortgewälzt on you. The law is the property of a minor class of nobles and scholars, who speaks to her own concoction by the rule. This justice is only a means to keep you in order so that you can flay convenient to get down by laws that do not understand it, in accordance with principles of which you know nothing, judgments, of which understands nothing. Incorruptible, it is because they can pay just expensive enough to need no bribery. But most of their servants of the government with skin and hair are sold. Your calm chairs are on a cash pile of 461.373 guilders (so much less spending on the courts and the criminal charges). The coats, canes and swords of their inviolable servants are covered with the silver of 197.502 guilders (at all costs so much, the police, gendarmerie, etc). The judiciary is in Germany for centuries, the whore of the German princes. Every step you must to her silver paved, and bought with their poverty and humiliation her spells. Remember the stamp paper, think of your bending in the offices, and your mounting guard in front of them. Remember your perquisites for clerks and bailiffs. You must your neighbors sued, to give you steal a potato, but complained again about the theft, which will be celebrated at the public expense, under the name of duty and taxes every day on your property, thus fatten a legion of useless officials from your sweat: complains once that you are left to the mercy of some Fettwänste and that this law is arbitrary, complains that you are the farm horses of the country complains about your lost human rights: where are courts to accept your application, where the judges, the rechtsprächen? - The chains of your fellow citizens Vogelsberger that you dragged Rokkenburg, you will answer.

And finally wants a judge or another official of the few to whom the law and the common good is better than her belly and Mammon, a People's Council and no Volksschinder be, he is buffeted by the highest councils of the Prince himself.

For the Ministry of Finance 1,551,502 fl

For the financial advisers, Obereinnehmer, tax collector, the Untererheber be paid. Therefore, the yield of your fields is calculated and counted your heads. The ground beneath your feet, the morsel between your teeth is taxed. That the men sit together in frock coats and the people are naked and bent over in front of them, they lay their hands on his thighs and shoulders and figure out the how much it can still carry, and if they are merciful, it is only just a beast spares that you do not want this then attack very much.

For the military will pay 914.820 guilders.

For this your sons get a colorful skirt on the body, proceed a rifle or a drum on the back and once each fall may shoot blind, and tell how the gentlemen of the court, and the wayward boys all children of the nobility of honest people, and with they travel about the wide city streets with drums and trumpets. For those 900 000 guilders to your children swear to keep the tyrant and guard their palaces. Using their drums to drown your sigh, they crush you with her butt to the skull, if you dare to think that you're free people. They are the legal murder that protect the legal robbers, thought to Soedeler! Your brothers, your children were there brothers and parricide.

For the B 480 000 guilders.

Therefore, the officers laid on the pad when they have a certain amount of time the state have served faithfully, ie when zealous henchman in the regular drudgery been established that will be called law and order.

For the State Department and the State Council 174.600 guilders.

The biggest villains are probably now everywhere in Germany, the Prince next, at least in the Grand Duchy: If an honest man in the State, he is expelled. but also an honest man could jetzo his stay Minister or, as he would, as things are in Germany, only a puppet to the draws the royal doll and at the princely puppet pulls back a valet or a coachman or his wife and her favorite, or his half-brother - or all together. In Germany it is now, as the prophet Micah writes, chapter 7, verse 3 and 4: "The mighty recommend to their mischief, to do harm, and turn it as they see fit. The best among them is like a thorn, and integrity as a hedge. "You have to pay dearly for the thorns and bushes, because you must also apply to the Grand Ducal court house and pay the 827.772 guilders.

The institutions, the people, of whom I have spoken so far are just tools, are only servants. They do nothing in her name under the appointment to their office, there is a L. the Ludwig does the grace of God and they speak with reverence: "in the name of the Grand Duke." This is their battle cry when they auction off your device, your cattle , expel you throw in the dungeon. On behalf of the Grand Duke, they say, and man, they call it means: sacred, holy, sovereign, royal highness. But tread to the man and child looking through his coat prince. It eats when hungry and sleeps when its eye is dark. See, it crawled so naked and soft in the world as her will and carried out as hard and stiff, like you, and yet it has its foot on your neck, has 700 000 people at his plow, Minister responsible for da what it does, control over property by the tax, which it advertises, your lives by the laws that it does, it has inherited Mr nobles and ladies around, will be called 'court, and his divine power to his children with women who are of the same super-human sexes.

Woe to you idolaters! - You are like the pagans who worship the crocodile, of which they are torn. Your he puts on a crown, but it is a crown of thorns, which she expresses yourself in the head, you give him a scepter in hand, but it is a rod with which you will be punished, it will set it to your throne, but it is a torture chair for you and your children. The prince is the head of the leeches, the hinwegkriecht on you, the ministers are his teeth and his tail to the officials. The hungry stomachs of all the distinguished gentlemen to whom he distributed the high spots are cupping, it sets the country. The L. which is under its regulations, is the mark of the beast, who worship the idolaters of our time. The prince's coat of carpet on which the gentlemen and ladies of the court nobility and wallow in their lust of each other - with medals and ribbons to cover them with their sores and precious robes they hold their leprous bodies. The daughters of the people are their servants and whores, the sons of the people, their lackeys and soldiers. Go once to Darmstadt, and see how the masters do for your money there, funny, and then tells your starving women and children, that their bread was struck beautifully in foreign bellies, told them about the beautiful clothes, the color in their sweat, and graceful of the bands that are cut from the calluses of their hands, tells of the stately homes that are built from the bones of the people, and then creeps into your smoky huts and bends you at your stony fields, so that your children for once can go if one heir wants to create a princess for another crown prince Council, and look through the glass doors open the tablecloth, which feed the men's and smell the lamp from which it is illuminated with the fat of the peasants. All that you tolerate because you say rogue, 'this government is from God. "This government is not from God but from the Father of lies. These German princes have no legal authority, the German emperor, who was formerly elected by the people free, they have despised for centuries and finally even betrayed. For treason and perjury, and not from the choice of the people the violence is the result of the German princes, and so is its essence and action cursed by God, their wisdom is deceitful, and their righteousness is drudgery. They trampled the land and destroy the person of the poor. Your blasphemes God, if you call one of these princes one anointed of the Lord, that is, God has anointed the devil and put to the German princes on earth. Germany, our dear fatherland, have torn the prince, the Emperor, chose our free ancestors have betrayed the prince and now call these traitors and Menschenquäler loyalty of you! - But the kingdom of darkness is coming to an end. A little while, and Germany, which is now stalling the princes, will rise again as a free state with a popularly elected government again. The Holy Scripture says: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. But what is this prince, the traitor? - This is part of Judas!

For the estates 16.000 guilders.

In 1789, the people in France was tired, more to be the nag of his king. It got up and summoned men to whom it is familiar, and the men got together and said that a king was a human being like any other and that he was only the first servant in the state, he must stand trial before the people and if he used his office manage badly, he could be brought to punishment. Then they declared the rights of man: "No one will inherit before the other with the birth of a right or a title, no one acquires a right to ownership of the other. The supreme power is in the will of all or the majority. This will is the law, he does manifest itself by the estates or the representatives of the people, they are elected by all and everyone can be selected and these elected representatives express the will of their voters, and thus corresponds to the will of the majority of them the will the majority among the people, the king has only the pursuit of measures which they have to make laws. "The king oath to be faithful to the Constitution, but he was guilty of perjury to the people and the people sent him, as becomes a traitor. Then managed the French from the hereditary kingship and elected a new free government, to which every nation has to reason and the Bible right. The men who should oversee the execution of the laws, have been appointed by the Assembly of People's Representatives, they formed the new government. Thus, the government and legislature elected by the people and France was a Free State.

The other kings were amazed at the violence against the French people, they thought they could break all of the first king of the neck, and her corpse ill-treated subjects want to wake up in the Freiheitsruf of the Franks. With much of war and huge stuff they rushed from all sides on France and much of the nobles and chiefs in the country stood up and fought the enemy with this. As the people became angry and stood up in his strength. It crushed the traitors and crushed the mercenaries of the Kings. The young freedom grew in the blood of tyrants and her voice trembled before the throne and shouted the people. But the French themselves sold their freedom for the young glory which Napoleon presented to them, and brought him to the imperial throne. - There could freeze the Almighty the Emperor's army in Russia, and chastised France by the whip of the Cossacks, and gave the French the bellied Bourbons back to kings, so that France repent of idolatry of hereditary kingship and the god serve, free of people and created equal. But so had passed when the time of his sentence, and brave men in Julius 1830 perjured Charles drove the tithe of the land, as yet turned the liberated France again to Halberben kingship and tied to the hypocrites Louis Philippe, a new scourge. In Germany and throughout Europe, but delighted as Charles was the tenth was toppled from the throne, and the oppressed German states were directed to the fight for freedom. Then they consulted the prince, how to escape the wrath of the people and the cunning of them said, Let us make some of our force that we keep the rest. And they came before the people and said, We will give you the freedom to fight for their will. - And, trembling with fear, they threw out some scraps and spoke of her grace. Unfortunately, the people trust them and lay down to rest. - And so Germany was cheated as France.

For what are the constitutions in Germany? Nothing but empty straw, from which the prince, the grains have herausgeklopft for themselves. What are our diets? Nothing can be built as a slow vehicles, which are once or twice probably push the rapacity of the princes and their ministers in the way, but never one from which a stronghold of German freedom. What are our election laws? Nothing as violations of civil and human rights of most Germans. Remember the election law in Luxembourg, according to which no one can be elected who is not wealthy high, honest and well-meaning as he may be, but the Grolmann that you wanted to steal the two million. Think of the Constitution of the Grand Duchy. - According to the articles of it, the Grand Duke is inviolable, sacred and irresponsible. His dignity is hereditary in his family, he has the right to wage war and exclusive control over the military. He calls the Estates, was postponed them or dissolves. Stands may not make a law proposal, but they have to ask for the law and the will of the prince still very much left to give or refuse it. He remains in possession of almost unlimited power, but he can not make any new laws and advertise any new taxes without the consent of the estates. But sometimes he comes not to such approval to meet some of his old laws, which are the work of the Lord God, and therefore it needs no new laws. Such a constitution is a miserable, pitiful thing. What is expected of stands, which are bound to such a constitution? If the elected under no people were traitors and cowards, if they consist of nothing but resolute people friends? What is expected of stands that are able to defend the miserable little Fetz en a miserable condition! - The only resistance that they could afford to, was the refusal of two million guilders, which was the grand duke of the heavily indebted nation can give to pay his debts. Had but also the estates of the Grand Duchy sufficient rights, and if the Grand Duchy, but only the Grand Duchy itself, an embattled constitution, but the glory would soon be over. The vultures of prey in Vienna and Berlin would stretch out their claws and executioner to wipe out the small liberty with the trunk and stump. The whole German people must win their freedom. And this time, dear fellow citizens, is not far off. - The Lord has the beautiful German countryside, which was for many centuries, the most glorious empire on earth, in the hands of foreign and local bully, because the heart of the German people of the freedom and equality of his forefathers and was dropped from the fear of the Lord because their idolatry of the many little master, Klein dukes and kings submit yourselves Tom Thumb had.

The Lord of the rod of the foreign driver Napoleon is broken, break the idols of our local tyrant at the hands of the people. Well shine these idols of gold and precious stones, of medals and decorations, but in her heart, the worm dies not, and their feet are of clay. - God will give strength to smash their feet as soon as you repent you shall know of the error of your change and the truth: "that is only one God and no gods before him, which Majesties Most High and to call holy and irresponsible can that God created all men free and equal in their rights and that no authority is ordained by God for blessing than that which is based on the confidence of the people and is elected by the people explicitly or tacitly, that against the authorities, the violence, but no right over a people, has only, therefore by God, as the devil by God, and that obedience to such a vicious authority only so long is, can be broken up their vicious violence, - that the God that one people through his language to one body united, the mighty, tear it and quartered, or break even in thirty pieces, as the people of murderers and tyrants will be punished here in time and there for ever, for the Scripture says, what has united God is, man not separate, and that the Almighty who can create a paradise in the wilderness, a country can regeneration of the grief and misery into a paradise again, as our teuerwertes Germany, was until his princes tore it and trash. "

Because the German Empire was rotten and lazy, and the Germans had fallen away from God and has the freedom to let God the rich go to pieces in order to rejuvenate a Free State. He has for some time "the satanic angels' power given that they were beating Germany with his fists, he has given the" mighty and princes who rule in the darkness, the evil spirits in high places "(Eph. 6:00), violence, that they tortured the citizens and farmers and their blood sucked and their mischief carried on with all who love justice and freedom more than injustice and slavery. - But their measure is full!

Behold subscribed by God monster, King Ludwig of Bavaria, the blasphemer, the honest men forced to kneel in front of his image, and those who bear witness to the truth, can be ordered through perjured judge to prison, the pig, which in all the vices puddles Italy rolled by, the wolf, which can be Verwilligen for his Baal-court for five million more annually by perjured Estates, and then asks, "Is that a magistrate ordered by God for the blessing?"

Ha! you had authority from God?
God bestows blessings from;
You flay you rob, kerkerst one,
You is not from God, tyrant!

I tell you, he and his fellow princes cup is full. God, who has beaten Germany for his sins by these princes, it will heal. "He's the hedges and the thorns will tear down and burn on a pile." (Isaiah 27:4)

As little as the hump yet groweth what God has marked this King Ludwig, as little of the atrocities are these princes can still grow. My cup is full. The Lord will smash their strongholds in Germany and will then live and power, blessing of freedom bloom again. To a large body of field, the prince made the German soil, as Ezekiel in the 37th Chapter describes: led "The Lord took me to a vast field that was full of bones, and, behold, they were very dried up." But how is the Lord's word to the parched bones: "Behold, I will give you leads and meat can be over you to grow and cover you with skin, and will give you breath, that her back will live, and shall know that I am the Lord. "And the Lord's word will prove true in Germany, as the prophet speaks:" Behold It roared and moved, and the bones came together again, any one of his bones. - Since breath came into them and they were alive again and turned down again on her feet, and their was a very large army. "

As the Prophet writeth, it was so far in Germany, your bones are dried, because the order in which you live is nothing but drudgery. 6 million paid leave in the Grand Duchy a handful of people whose arbitrariness your life and property, and the other in the torn Germany likewise. You're nothing, you have nothing! You are without rights. Ye must give what your insatiable demand Presser, and wear what they impose on you. So far gazes a tyrant - and Germany, which some thirty - withered land and people. But how writeth the Prophet, it will be available soon in Germany: the day of resurrection will not delay. In the funeral box will move and will rush to the renewed and will be a great company.

Lift your eyes and count the handful of your compressor, which are strong only through the blood that they suck you and through your arms, which lends them their willpower. Maybe your are 10.000 in the Grand Duchy and your are 700 000 and therefore the number of people relate to his pressers in the rest of Germany. True, they threaten with the tools and the horsemen of the Kings, but I say unto you, raises his sword against the people who shall perish by the sword of the people. Germany is now a field of corpses, soon there will be a paradise. The German people are one body you are a member of this body. It does not matter where the apparent body begins to twitch. When the Lord gives his characters with the men, by which he leads the people out of servitude to freedom, then you lift up and the whole body will stand up with you.

Ye bücktet long years in the thorn fields of slavery, then it is sweating a summer in the vineyards of freedom, and will be free to the thousandth generation.

Your wühltet a long life on the earth, then it digs your grave a tyrant. Your bautet the fortresses, then she rushes her, builds, and the Freedom House. Then you can get your children to be baptized with the water of life freely. and until the Lord calls you by his messengers and signs, watches and prepares you in spirit and pray her and teach your children to pray: "Lord, break the rod of our driver and let your kingdom come to us, a kingdom of justice. Amen. "
by A man with a van
Monday Dec 4th, 2017 2:47 AM
Dan would be dissapointed.
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