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new Rap for Oscar Grant & ending police brutality

by Revolt (revolutionary_philosopher [at]
New Rap in memory of Oscar Grant & against Police & State oppression
Listen now:
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I wish I could polish it more but the decision is coming soon so I'm putting it out now. REST IN PEACE Oscar Grant & lets RiSe Up against this racist Jim Crow Police State!

Oscar Grant R.I.P. by Revolt (


Black blood fills the concrete crevice
at Fruitvale BART above the terrace
a terrorist guns down a four-year-olds parent
apparently racist without any merit
quick to cover their traces from someone who’d air it
got up in the faces of a camera witness
lifted cell phones like it was physical fitness
it’s a typical pig standard of business
the man was defenseless but I’m not surprised
by skinhead goons wit blood in their eyes
would carry a noose if it would fit their disguise
then tell the jury booth
“It’s for a horseback ride”
Mehserle cried but I’m not convinced
he'd eat his own shit if it would help his defense
and go into grants crib to plant evidence
indict another black man whatever the expense

Oscar Grant brother Rest In Peace
and Every Victim at the hand of the police
the system is sick; we in the belly of the beast
Enough of this shit-
Let’s put Goliath on his knees!

All the Uncle Toms and the media puppets
try to acquit Mehserle in the eyes of the public
open letters from the priests tell us don’t be destructive
Oakland’s economy needs to be clean productive!
when the bullshit goes down we see your true colors
saying when no ones around cops can beat up on brothers
if you shoot one in the back just say he went for the taser,
that way you kill any teenager wit some gold and a pager!


Well I don’t need to know math or celebrate the Sabbath
to say “Fuck 5-0, let’s kick the pork habit!”
cause the poor have had it; this aint an isolated case
the pigs love to profile every kind of race
deporting immigrants with a baton to the face
if it makes it to court you better give 'em some space
for the judge to lick his ass—bestiality wit grace!
It’s a Democratic State with the Slavery intact
you make minimum wage while Bill Gates getting fat
you know we getting played; we aint never been at bat
they holding all the cards & not shuffling the stack
bailing out the banks and putting shrapnel in yo ass
leaking oil from the tanks and outlawing all the grass
keep us in danger- that's their message
while they filling up prisons like pigeons on ledges
this incisions infected; its all part of the plan
as long as there’s oppression we’re all Oscar Grant
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Fuck the police!
Sat, Jul 10, 2010 7:04PM
Mon, Jul 5, 2010 7:56PM
Mon, Jul 5, 2010 5:24PM
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