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To all the anarchist haters
by oakland resident
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 8:33 AM
To Val D and all those who criticize the "anarchist community"
To Val D and all those who criticize the "anarchist community"

Yes Oakland is the town I was born and raised in and raise my children in.

Yes I collect food stamps along with many other poor people that live here.

Yes I ride the bus with my children and receive food from food banks.

And yes I am accountable within my community. I live, organize, volunteer, and work here and have a deep sense of injustice of the world we live in.

No I am not White, a hipster, or even own a bicycle...

Stop assuming that we are not a part of the community and that we have no right to protest in our own town!

If this is not a crucial time to be in the streets, than when is?

As the speakers have said...Justice DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!


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by another anarchist
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 9:03 AM
You should get a bicycle. Just sayin'. ;D
by Sludge
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 9:25 AM
Some flamers seem to thing that "Anarchist" Means a lot of inane things like:

1) white outsider agitator typically from Berkeley!!!)
2) People of privilege, who are slumming and will never feel the police baton or gunshot

Sorry, Hate Flamers......................... (I thought you wanted Less Government!)

Anarchists, who advocate the idea that PEOPLE can get together and resolve local problems without crying for "Government HELP" which always involves abusing and killing our neighbors! As the knee jerk reactionaries envision ( Most of those folk are from the flyover states).

We have proven that local people initiatives have provided better nutrition through public gardens, better community through many festivals, neighbor contacts and community building all of which make a STRONGER COMMUNITY!

Oddly, the Powers That Be....find a stronger local community to be a threat to be attacked with the tools the have,Toolsloike the Police, Building Departments and so called "Code violations" all of which apply, but are NOT applied to SLUM LORDS!

In short, the System has failed because it makes exceptions for the Rich Landlords and Developers and NONE for the opposite or disadvantaged.

The System requires a major change, Is that change going to come through VOTING? No Way!

by -
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 11:14 AM
I believe the journalism handbook used by most newspapers advocates the term "self-described anarchist" because this is how it is phrased in most accounts.
Collective self-sustainability
Collective self management
Collective self-sufficiency
Economic and political equality

50/50 fair trade is the anarchist way of doing things. Anarchy is about equality on every level that is political, economic and social and everyone protects their community from those who are a threat to this way of life that is the alternative to government. It is about the end of hierarchy in the work place. It is about the end of gods and masters! No more slaves. Everyone is equal and free and participates with out government in the decisions that impact their lives such as trade and conflict resolution. The collective.... burns down the state and takes back the means of production and maintains society through voluntary cooperation. Food is grown anywhere. Property rights do not exist. You can grow where ever the fuck you want. Property no longer exists. The earth is free. Food from this earth wasn't designed to be picked and eaten in exchange for money. The earth doesn't decide that. Humans do and human have to agree in order for it to work and so why are you cooperating? Money is an abstract something we created in our fictitious heads. Food can be grown and eaten with out it. Money is control and under anarchy there is no single 1 dictating what goes on in our lives not even money. Community sub section A. trades with community sub section B. and if sub section C tries to take over subsection A or B or both then A & B unite to destroy C. There are principles to follow but they prove them selves to be pretty legitimate if you care to even look up the principles of anarchism. The only way to maintain a strong anarchist society is to make friends with self-defense. Tyrants with guns who have soldiers ready to die for church, state and capital are the only thing preventing absolute democracy. Religion tells people that they don't have to worry or be so politically active to try and change the world we have to live in because in the end god will receive you and the evil people, don't worry about them so much because god will handle it. FUCK THAT! I THINK I WILL HANDLE IT! How does that sound to you? Religion is control. Government is control. TV is control. Money is control. The police. YOU are controlled and by not stepping out of line you keep everyone else from stepping out of line so you are controlling other people around you as well.

Same goes for those who begin to take more than their fair shake out of greed. Seriously who needs a million dollar income when living on much less is living comfortably and wait a minute??/ that's right what money? that won't be used anymore. What about greed though? Having a bigger slice of the pie in the job that you do in your group is just senseless. "Well what if he works harder than you? That's his fault because no one told him he had to work harder than everybody else. If this was supposed to be equal why do you try to work harder to get more than everybody? You are comfortable so you shouldn't work harder for more food. What if he has kids to feed? That's actually the only exception but even then mutual aid covers all who struggle with children and the disabled. Everybody grows food for there survival anyway so I can hardly imagine how anybody would be left starving with kids. A culture of "grow your own" shall be handed down generation after generation just so no one has to fear running out. It should grow just as wild if not even more than pot grow wildly. We can depend on each other just not institutions like the ones running our lives today.

But what about greedy people who are irrational and won't listen? Well in some cases like when we're in a drought season and rationing has to take place there are strict rules of consumption but say if someone is stealing with force or behind people backs things can get brutal where when one take more from the groups it is considered hoarding. Stealing from your colony for ones own self indulgence under those circumstances in an anarchist society is considered a crime to humanity. YOU MAY AS WELL GRAB FOOD OUT OF PEOPLES HANDS IN THE MIDDLE OF WHILE THEIR EATING!

The colony would get very upset with you and you might miss the next meal but those are under harsh circumstances.

I think I make my self pretty clear.

Capitalism by government that is greed by force is the worst. People have been raised into thinking this behavior is acceptable so they accept it and anyone who attacks it get automatically shunned. A 180 transformation of everything we know will have to take place and people have to be willing to accept change that is equal, logical, rational & beneficial for all and not just a few like today. Why anyone could be so afraid of that one must wonder? I think it would be much better than that world we have today. Will it be perfect? No but much better. At least there will be no masters and no slaves and nobody will have an excuse to to rob a liquor store or a bank now that everyone can work and grow and live where ever they want and participate in everything that goes on. Id take that world then the one I'm being forced to live in right now. I know that much. People must first know they are getting screwed by the so called "American Dream" that they bought into. The American illusion is more like it. Workers have to fire their boss and take control of the work place. The shop is paid for by the consumers and the endless numbers of people who helped to prop up the business that the boss fired ever since it's making. The public must take back the media from the corporations. A civil uprising must be planned around the conditions that are causing people to already lose confidence in business and government.

We have been raised to embrace gluttony and accept fascism rather than destroy both with a pic axe. Now when people are born they can be made from the start of their upbringing to think tyranny is freedom and freedom is tyranny. No one is more oppressed than those who think they are not. We need to work on self sustainability more than writing long communiques about actions and start taking action. Turning every protest into a war zone is needed. Communiques are needed but sustainable acting is need on an individual level. With out sustainability in the aftermath of war, it will be a clusterfuck of madness rather than order by consensus.

People will not act civilly in a greedy totalitarian uncivilized society such as ours where people are left out of the round table of debate and discussion and are adversely affected as a result of their unwillingness to rebel against greed and state oppression. As long as you need a police force just so a few can have the freedom to step on every ones toes with impunity, there will never be democracy. They live comfortable lives forcing everyone to play by their rules in a game of 'now let's go get over on the next poor bastard so we can continue to live this successful luxurious life'. That's the name of their game; a rat race for you and me. Under capitalism you have unprecedented levels of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, depression, robbery, murder and in the worst case WAR! You will be free of having to stress about whether you'll have a job the next day or perhaps if you'll be forced to fight in a war that was started by your own country and then finally a big crash after all the accumulating debt implodes the nation into dust where money becomes as good as ass paper. All of this is unnecessary. We can do better. Anarchy or perhaps something very similar to it is the alternative.

War, poverty, police repression and all our other social problems stem from the same thing, capitalism. They're all just one of many spokes in the wheel really.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO FUCK PEOPLE OVER TO SURVIVE!" That will be our biggest pay off if we bring this mutherfucker down for good. That's something worth fighting for besides just fighting for your self all the damn time.

You can get more respect living in an anarchist society where power to make important decisions that affect peoples lives is shared equally. You will feel less stressed out, less depressed all the time, just full of relief and total enlightenment because you know now that you were given false freedom and you can tell the difference and which one you like better.

If everybody began eating natural fruits and vegetables from their own garden as opposed to from corporate chains, those corporate chains would go out of business and people would feel better and healthier and look healthier and it would empower them to know they don't need some rich greedy fucking corporations to grow them something to eat. You are now no longer a slave. We have given the power of the food supply to people who don't give a fuck about us and that was our mistake from the beginning. Never give that power to any human being over you or another person.

Relying on government welfare when the economy is doing good does very little to benefit us but when things are bad and there is a bubble burst implosion or what ever, welfare drags down the government even further which is what we want to bring anarchy closer right? It's no wonder they make you feel ashamed to even think about going on welfare. It's for their own survival sake. That's the only thing government is concerned about. Think if 25% more went on welfare right now and refused to work. Now combine that with the unemployment rate already with mass rioting? It would look like a war is happening or at least it would look like one is happening and if that's the thought in peoples minds then that perception will drive investors and lenders away from the states and the crash will happen as a result. Nobody wants to do business in a warzone. You get it?

Exploit those weak spots with no mercy the same way they do to us. The people have to revolt to make it known who's in charge or else we are not to be taken seriously and no negotiating with the state with a dumb list of demands. Making deals so the government can stay is not living with out government. That's living with it. Making those kinds of deals is only going to postpone the next day of the next revolution and why would you do that? Governments never stay the same size. They always grow with time beyond our control which is why they must be pulled out from the root so they don't have the chance anymore. It is unecessary that the human race has to have one revolution after the other. Just have one big fight to end all fights in the future so people can move on with their lives.

Hell, if people only had the rebellions enthusiasm we would have plenty of voluntary cooperation in the streets and neighborhoods. People would be gung-ho about getting into the resistance if they only knew why they should and where to channel it but they don't even know where to go or how it would be benefit to them thanks to the fucking Dr.s of mind fucking manipulation 24/7 on the clock.

Government can go bye bye for as long as the people want it to so long as they learn to grow up and stop acting so immature, so dependent just for the sake of their own convenience. People are slaves to their boss, landlords, mortgage, banks, money and authority and they call them selves independent from mommy and daddy, yeah maybe your biological mommy and daddy, but who's you daddy now!

It doesn't have to be this way.

There is an alternative.

When political fascism breaks down, the only thing left in government will be military fascism; the commander in chief "the dictator" and his military ready to die with out even thinking about it. Marines from Iraq, reported on Democracy Now, have already began training for "domestic terrorists". Once the military takes over and you get caught violating their rules, there will be no Lawyers Guild to defend you so understand what you're getting your self into. There will be nothing to stop them from executing you under a state of emergency. They are trained for the break down of society and you are not.

Is there going to be a revolt/upheaval or a slaughter of the meek when it all breaks down, is what I wonder? The goal is to organize now to avoid the kind of scenario that is not anarchy but "MADMAX" in appearance or organize now to be ready for a massacre. If we win we are not exactly in the clear because there is a strong chance of a survival of the fittest scenario which many people including high school teaches get confused with anarchy. Newbies.

If you still don't know the difference between disorder and anarchy, you can stop attempting to read now because anything you read just bounces right off of your head.

Security Culture unfortunately is something we just have to put up with until our world comes to light. We can no longer depend on police to keep us safe because in an anarchist society communities are like brotherhood and there for must take that responsibility of policing. GUNS! EVERYONE MUST BE ARMED but let it be known that so long as there are tyrants who try to take over to re-establish empire or colonial fascism there will be strong resistance where communities ban together to fight the one community that tries to turn things back.

I think everybody kind of already knows by now what's about to happen to the market. It's unstableness and the frantic attempt by central banksters to bail it out with phantom money has only added to the debt so that when we finally hit bottom we hit it even harder. The more times we bail the system out of trouble the worse the crash and longer we have to wait for our revolt the way I see it and you can only kick the can so many times down the road until you totally devalue your currency so your bailouts are going to have to stop somewhere or else nation lenders are going to stop lending and that's what will lead to the next crashing of the stock market. Printing money from the federal reserve bank of america to pay off debt to the central bank of america and other nations will only add more debt since every dollar printed by the fed has automatic debt attached to it so to buy the idea that debt to the federal reserve will be paid off someday is bogus. Anybody that's ever watched Zeitgeist II already knows.

Obama is a puppet of the ruling class no matter what his mouth tells you with his charming smile. Hitler had the same charming qualities and superior intelligence but was a real son of a bitch to say the least. There are 2 types of dictators in this world. You have the wreckless who are dumber than shit and then you have the intellectual type who have the perfect amount of charm and eloquence but nevertheless a snake is a snake. DON'T BE FOOLED! This one knows how to use words in such a format, you will think things are sounding great and make you believe things are turning around but the minute you step out that door where is this improvement and why do we want an improvement anyway? Maybe non-anarchists don't but I want them to fail.



Sorry to go all Glenn Beck on you but hey at least I'm on the right side of history and if are to take anarchy seriously these are the war game scenarios we need to be thinking about. Only if there is enough disorder will the state be crippled and so I make my point. Government is not going to give up power even if a simple majority were to tell them to go to hell like they usually do. You want freedom? Go out out and get it. Freedom cannot be granted. Only privileges can be given to you. Those who you allow to provide for you can and will taketh away if they want to. And all rights you think you have now are really just privileges that are revocable. It can only be stolen or surrendered. You have to fight for it and fight to defend it end of story. It's like your personal property. When you own it, nobody tells you what you can do with it. It would be like someone putting terms and conditions of having my guitar and what to do with my guitar. I can shove it up your ass. How would you like that? That is mine and you don't get to tell me what to do with my guitar my personal property not to be confused with private property/corporate property or bank what ever.

The revolution will not happen with out class war battles being waged in the streets. There has to be a steady momentum of events that just keep on escalating and that class warfare shit hasn't started yet which means, we've got a long way to go. We've already learned how to bow down and kiss ass everyday. "Yes master." We have to get used to disobeying. We have to get used to seeing militant action in the streets. We have to make the world hear us loud and clear so they will know we refuse to go on living a life of subservience like dogs. Respect for authority and private property is gonna have to be broken before there can be any kind of real revolution or takeover.

We are not close to anarchy so long as the state still stands. So long as there is 1 military commander or 1 business manager; this system of hierarchy is here to stay. Decooperation is needed. Stop cooperating with the enemy and you'll get somewhere.

Street Rebellions if done on a regularly basis can cause the market to become more unstable. The capitalist economy is nothing but a casino gambling venue. Everything you consume is being dictated right now by that machine and you feed it everyday by being a liberal progressive consumer conformist who speaks in favor pacifism rather than dropping the banner and picking up the rock right beside you.

The role of a boss and the role of a wage slave will be destroyed when we decide not Obama or any fake person. If things begin to look like the government can no longer control what going on, investors will lose confidence. They have before and that can send the market crashing. Lets make it impossible to do commerce and make it seem like a civil war is going on. Nobody will want to do business here. Predatory corporate capitalism won't function anymore because it is solely based on the confidence of buyers and sellers to do business.

Anarchy is Possible! We just have to jam things up EVERY CHANCE WE GET!

Know the difference between anarchy and chaos.

Don't be a noob!
by .
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 5:31 PM
good ideas , ''american dream'' is definitlely shifting, they cannot hold the imagery. people are smarter than that, at least some are.
by tl;dr
Monday Jul 5th, 2010 10:38 PM
holy shit. paragraph breaks.
Can it be fix?
by Kinda true
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 12:25 AM
Anarchy in Spain lasted for 3 years starting in 1936 and ended when Gen. Francisco Franco and his military ruthless killed thousand of anarchists destroying all the remained. Before the military came in and fucked everything up the workers lived free of boss oppression and managed their society just fine collectively with out a police force. It took an armed uprising to achieve the greatest social revolution ever recorded in history. An anarchist revolt and those liberals fought with guns. Yeah imagine that. Time to grow up get serious and get fuckin strapt!
by konsider
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 1:49 AM
Who are "the anarchists"? Many people like to fit us into general categories. Whatever. I am in solidarity with all those who want actual justice and not the verdict fraud inevitably coming. And definitely a fraud is coming because they've already taken first degree murder off the table. What's a decent human being to do? If some people want to focus on "the anarchists", and fear people possibly breaking some windows than they're not paying attention.

Also I want to point out that I know anarchists who don't plan on doing any kind of action that might entail arrest, and know people who are not anarchists who intend to revolt full throttle the day the verdict comes in, and vice versa. Fear of "the anarchists" is a bunch of delusionary hype with no connection to reality.
by unfortunately
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 6:18 AM
World Wars... 50%?
by I am white
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 9:50 AM
yes some of the anarchists present January 7th were white, (not all of them). In fact the white anarchists who showed up that night
were the only white people there that night.

My question to the rest of the white paste crackers out there is where were you?

How many black brothers and sisters have to get shot in the back before you put your ass on the line in the streets
to demand justice!?

How many white racist pigs are gonna shoot black people in black neighborhoods before you get off your ass.

We end racial divides when everyone is willing to risk their ass on the streets to stop racist pigs from shooting
people of color face down. When everyone is willing to risk everything to stop it.

Yes white anarchists were there at some of the bart board meetings making noise.

Yes some of the white anarchists were clogging bart a month ago in boug. downtown san francisco demanding justice for Oscar Grant

Yes white anarchists will be out there the day of the verditct in solidarity with the black community ready to do what ever it takes
to stop white racists pigs from shooting black brothers and sisters.

My question to all the other crackers out there is where will you be??

by BolSHEvik
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 12:31 PM
Actually from an ideological stand point, Anarchists ARE haters of a community that is for reforms to improve the system. In particular, the Oakland community and its neighborhood leaders (emphasis on leaders) are not interested in "f*cking shit up" because obviously the cops will "f*ck them up". The practice of Anarchist theory does not coincide with what the community wants. The community believes Anarchism is terrorism because it is presented to them as "deviant" "reactionary" and at times "violent".

Anarchism is an inconsistant theory; basically to relinquinsh all ties to a state or system by just spontaneious revolution, or protesting/smashing private property is very limiting. Emma Goldman was an Anarchist feminst; she tied in the oppression of women to dismantling the state. Todays Anarchists need to develop strategies and tactics to properly disseminate the real meaning of Anarchism - NOT by threatening to "f*ck shit up". Be responsible!
by you too
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 3:12 PM
When everyone can get their head out of their ass and see beyond the non-profit "leaders" trying to discredit the anarchists we can actually mobilize!
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 4:06 PM
Most anarchists understand that before you can implement your new society......there has to be a civil war.

The rules that govern the land and those who enforce those rules are holding up a capitalist society that is inherently violent on just about ever degree imaginable and there for getting in the way of the radical social change THAT WE NEED! We cannot have an anarchists society until we bring down the state and no government is going to relinquish it's power with out a fight. All these church leaders and people calling for calm are all a fraud. RELIGION IS BEING USED TO PACIFY YOU! From the looks of it we've got a long ways to go before there can be great change. People have to stop listening to their leaders who wait for riots to happen before speaking up about justice. YOUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BROKEN! YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS ARE ABOVE THE LAW. YOU POLITICIANS ARE ABOVE THE LAW! NO JUSTICE NO FUCKING PEACE. WE DON'T NEED NO FUCKT UP POLICE!

I see a lot of potential for revolution not just over Oscar Grant III but all victims of police violence through out the country and even the world and all victims of this violent system that has gone global to oppress us all.

“There is no way to be committed to nonviolence in the middle of the most violent society that history's ever created.”—Bernardine Dohrn ...
by WTF
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 6:15 PM
It seems that more and more posts on Indybay are either a case for or against anarchy. This is NOT about anarchy or any other ideology, this is about getting justice for Oscar Grant! If the anarchists, or whoever, are trying to misappropriate or hijack this cause to further their own agenda, then maybe they should just stay home the day of the verdict.
by non nonprophetter
Tuesday Jul 6th, 2010 8:25 PM
This is clarification that as Oakland Citizens we have the right to protest after the verdict along with everyone else! It's not clamoring onto someone elses agenda (like the non-profit groups that are getting $ to "SILENCE THE VIOLENCE"

We all have the right to demand and see out justice for Oscar. It's no single persons issue or even just a "Black" isssue although its been made to seem like certain groups have exclusivity over it.
Get with the program and you don't have the right to tell us to stay home. I smell BACON!!!
by Ready2112
Tuesday Oct 19th, 2010 8:59 AM
This article/scenario is right on the mark. The missing component is when! I believe that a reboot of the system is inevitable! We as a society, as a country and as a democracy have reached the law of diminishing returns. The system can no longer sustain the drain on the system! In order for a society to prosper, the individuals have to contribute. We have over 50% of the population in America that are on the take! The basic premise of the human animal is survival of the fittest. That is no longer the case. The author makes a point about Marshall Law and the Police. Believe me when I tell you, that scenario will be short lived because pointing a gun at your fellow Americans is more difficult to do that at the enemy. No matter how much training/brain washing that you receive. The fact also remains that the very people implementing Marshall Law also have families at home who will need to be protected. The reboot is near, we just don’t know what the catalyst will be to start the demise! Don’t get caught up in “Hope”. The Christians had a lot of hope when they were thrown to the lions in the coliseum. It didn’t work out so well for them either.