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Queer radicals: Strategies for our movement
by Rubble
Friday Jul 2nd, 2010 10:43 PM
San Francisco Radical Women, a Socialist-Feminist organization held a forum held a panel discussion featuring three queer and transgender activists on Thursday, June 24, in the Tenderloin. The discussion was centered on how to build a militant movement for LGBT liberation, focusing on crucial questions around radicalism in the Queer Movement as it continues to gain visibility and power locally and nationally. (45 minutes)
Listen now:
Jordan Johnson, of Equality New Mexico, talks in depth about issues around movement-based (as opposed to single-issue based) organizing, including particular challenges in connecting and building lasting relationships in a large, rural-based community. Tootles, a local LGBT union organizer, is a member of HAVOQ (Horizontal Alliance of Voraciously Organized Queers). She discussed the broad-based issues and organizations HAVOC works with to achieve multi-issued successes. Anita O’Shea (AKA DJ Durt) is a member of Radical Women and BACORR, the Bay Area Coalition For Our Reproductive Rights, speaks about her Socialist-Feminist approaches to activism, under the assumption that capitalism itself is the overriding barrier to furthering LGBT rights and liberation.