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Shooting in the Castro

by D. Boyer (dinaboyer2 [at]
My account of the shooting in the Castro on Pink Saturday that left one man dead.
After watching the film Bear City in the Castro me and my friend's decided to watch people and take pictures of the Pink Saturday celebration. While we were standing around we would notice arguments and conflicts between people, because many people were partying. There was this one argument we all took immediate notice of, and it was an argument between guys wearing black hoodies and a group of Lesbians. One of the girls from the group was arguing with the guys, her comments were "why you gonna go and mess with a lady" she also stated "men aren't supposed to pick on woman especially queer women" then shots rang out.
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop, I counted five, and then suddenly people started dropping. My friends scattered, I did the zig zag thing, and had actually kicked the gun on my way out of the scene.
The perps were wearing black hoodies. The private security there also allowed people to bring in glass bottles, which resulted in the police being bombed with glass bottles. That's when some police jabbed and used Pepper Spray to disperse the crowd.
Me and my friends made it out okay, but this is another warning sign for SF City officials.
§A random victim
by D. Boyer
§One of the other shooting victims
by D. Boyer
§The deceased.
by D. Boyer
Also may have been one of the perpetrators
§Chaos in the Castro
by D. Boyer
This year's Pink Saturday celebration in the Castro was nothing more and nothing less than pure chaos.
by Dina fan
thank you for sharing your first-hand knowledge of what happened and your photos

it must have been pretty scary at the time

too bad someone had to die that night
by I wasn't there.
Wait a second. Is this the same D.Boyer who posted the photos and description of Gay Shame's great action at the LGBT Center?

So why are you using phrases like a cop?

No, really.

The term "perps" is cop talk. Posting a caption underneath a photo of a dead person asking "Maybe one of the perpetrators?" is called fucking over the dead. Perpetrator of what? Catching a bullet?

Someone is dead and you're acting like their body is there for your amusement. You've passed judgement on them before they've even been identified.

I am no fan of people bringing guns to public gatherings and shooting them off, whether they're cops like Johannes Mehserle or random stupid people. But I am also not a fan of someone who has the time to take a photo of a person who is obviously bleeding from their leg, which could be a fatal wound. Put down the camera, grab some plastic and put some pressure on the leg. You might save their life.

This was not eyewitness journalism, this was exploitation.

by D. Boyer
Give me a break author "I wasn't there" How dare you chump up my post. I'll write what I want. Gang bangers are a problem and they are pests. "This was not eyewitness journalism, this was exploitation." I almost got shot by a gang member and if I want to exploit it then so be it...The COPS, are not, and were not doing their jobs that night. The dead guy was a gang member. They, like you and your post, chump up our lives with their crap, and it needs to end. Gang members need to stay away from our events.
Until the police earn my respect I will use the term cop. As an eye witness I chose to not go to the police because they are rife with idiots, so I will use tools at my disposal to speak out against gang members and their pesty like behavior.
by A
It is clear you are siding with the exploiters. The city used to have a bustling working-class. People lived in all districts of the city and there were businesses that catered to them. I am referring to the "late" Fillmore," the "late" Western Addition, and now the dying, "Bayview Hunter's Point," (an area with the highest home owning community). The government, corporate exploitation, a callous military, classism, and racism killed these areas off. People can no longer afford to keep their homes in "our" San Francisco. People have no jobs and resort to illegal ways to earn money, but the police are the most dangerous gang members of all.
by Please remove it all.
I think the individual who shot the pictures and posted them is sick.
If they like to kill people, they're not in the right gangs! They should just sign up for the United Snakes Army, Marines. Air Force or Navy, the choice depending on whether they like to kill up-close or from a distance. That way they could get paid for killing people, rather than getting thrown in prison for it.

But, on a more serious note, the task of the left in dealing with these youths is not to preach non-violence to them, but to get them to turn the violence in a conscious way against the ruling-class and its agents.

by D. Boyer
Stop bullying me. I know this is controversial. But they needed to be shown. I took the pics and posted them because I almost got shot. Why is it sick to want an end to violence at gay parties in the Castro? It isn't. I posted the pics because society never see's the end result to gang violence. When it's me nearly getting hit then yes I'm gonna do my thang. You don't like my posts then don't read them.
The only way to get an end to gang violence is for people to stop hassling the folks who are brave enough to say enough is enough.
Just because the flamers who commented aren't brave enough to take action doesn't mean you have permission to bully me....

by (*)
um, I think she's totally fine in expressing anger at this person who thought it was okay to use deadly force (even if he ended up being shot) and to use photo evidence to illustrate the setting. Lots of people were interested in what happened. The police and courts need to gather evidence to determine who was wrong, but if a witness wants to give a testimonial of what they saw, I don't think they need to wait for cops to give the authoritative version

It would only be inappropriate or gossipy if the family didn't know and it were a true accident
by Michelle De Marco
Dina, Follow your instincts, you are a photographer. You were acting on automatic pilot, as others fled you were documenting a sad real life event. Those pictures are yours to do with as you wish. You were exploiting no one. You were photographing truth. Keep up the great work. My sympathy to the deceased's family.
It was already established by the next day that there was only one shooter. Moreover, Boyer's statements that "then shots rang out.
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop, I counted five, and then suddenly people started dropping." and "I did the zig zag thing, and had actually kicked the [not 'a', but 'the'] gun on my way out of the scene." show that Boyer had no reason to believe that there was more than one shooter. Nevertheless, Boyer refers to 'the perps' (plural) and chose to slander the murder victim by saying that he 'Also may have been one of the perpetrators'!

Then, when called on her cop-like commentary, she complains, 'How dare you chump up my post. I'll write what I want.', 'Stop bullying me.', and 'You don't like my posts then don't read them.' Sorry, Ms. Boyer, but if you can't stand the heat, keep your irresponsible commentary out of the indybay kitchen.
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